Using Your Verizon iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, or iPhone 5 with Straight Talk Wireless


I have been getting a lot of questions about using the Verizon iPhone 5s, 5c, and 5 with Straight Talk. I am in the process of writing another article for the Verizon iPhone 4s and iPhone 4. It’s not ready

iOS 8 Released


Update #4 I tested both sending and receiving MMS picture messages which are working. Here are my speed test results that I promised. you can see that my download speeds vary. In general, they look don’t seem any worse than

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Preorders Started Today


The iPhone 6 pre-orders went live today. I considered ordering a the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus, but I didn’t. It costs a whopping $948. Ouch.  Apple does not  have a Ship-To-Store option yet for the iPhone 6.  I live in

Help Using a Verizon iPhone 5 with Straight Talk Wireless


A reader, Gaby commented, Hi I have a Verizon wireless iPhone 5 that I have been trying to activate with straight talk unfortunately I bought the kit at wal-mart to use with another phone then somehow it was not compatible

Apple Announces iOS 8 Available September 17


In addition to new iPhones and the Apple Watch, Apple announced that iOS 8 will be available on September 17. In addition to all all the cool new features, many of us will wonder what problems those of use with