Does Wi-Fi Calling Work With Straight Talk Wireless?

I’m using Wi-Fi calling with Straight Talk Wireless.

Wi-Fi calling lets your phone make and receive phone calls using your internet Wi-Fi connection rather than the cellular network. With Wi-Fi calling you’ll be able to talk on your phone when you have a Wi-Fi connection even when you have a week cellular connection or no cellular connection at all. It’s a really cool feature.

In my video below I demonstrate making and receiving a call using Wi-Fi calling on my iPhone X using Straight Talk’s AT&T network. Once you have enabled Wi-Fi calling in your phone’s settings, you can force your phone to use Wi-Fi calling by putting your phone into Airplane Mode and then turing on Wi-Fi. Your phone should show you a Wi-Fi calling indicatior. On my iPhone X, the carrier name in the left corner of the status bar changes from TFW to TFW Wi-Fi.

Before you can use Wi-Fi calling, you’ll need to turn it on in your phone’s settings. How you do this depends on what phone you are using. On my iPhone I the setting is Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi calling. Toggle Wi-Fi calling on.

On my Samsung Galaxy S7, the option is under Settings > Advanced Calling. On my Google Nexus 5X the option is under Phone > Settings > Calling > Wi-Fi calling. If your using a different Android phone it may be different. When you enable Wi-Fi calling on your phone you’ll be asked to provide an E911 address so that if you need to dial 911, emergency responders will know where to go.

I want to point out that Straight Talk doesn’t list Wi-Fi calling as a supported feature on If it works for you, great. Straight Talk doesn’t list all od the features they support on their site but if Wi-Fi calling doesn’t work for you I don’t think Straight Talk customer service will help you get Wi-Fi calling working.

There are are other things I want to point out. First, I’m using Wi-Fi calling with my iPhone on Straight Talk’s AT&T towers. Straight Talk offers service on the AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint networks. I currently do not have any Straight Talk phones active on the other three networks so I don’t know if Wi-Fi calling works on those networks.

Second, to use Wi-Fi calling, your phone needs to be compatible with Wi-Fi calling on the network you are on. My iPhone X is compatible with Wi-Fi calling on the AT&T network. I tried to use Wi-Fi calling on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and my Google Nexus 5x and it did not work. My S7 is the Verizon model. The phone doesn’t appear to be compatible with Wi-Fi calling with AT&T. The same for my Google Nexus 5X. The S7 is compatible with Wi-Fi calling using Verizon. The 5X is compatible with Wi-Fi calling using Project Fi (T-Mobile).

I’ll update this article trhoughout 2018 as I am able to try more combinations of iPhone and Android with Straight Talk’s AT&, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint towers.

What about you? Are you using Wi-Fi Calling with Straight Talk? Leave a reply below and share. Don’t forget to include what phone you are using and which towers.


  1. Sherri | | Reply

    I have an IPhone 8 I brought from AT&T. When I turn my wi-fi calling on I get an error message We can’t turn on wi-fi calling. Contact your carrier. I just activated my ST account yesterday. I have no service in my house. With AT&T I had to use wi-fi calling. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Straight Talk doesn’t officially support Wi-Fi calling. It works for me on their ATT network with my iPhone X. I’d go to an area with both ATT service and Wi-Fi and try resetting the network settings. when the phone restarts, try turning on Wi-Fi calling again. If that doesn’t work, try installing the latest iOS updates. I was able to turn mine on, but it took days or weeks before I noticed it working.

  2. Bob | | Reply

    I have straight talk with Verizon. WiFi calling does not work and the option is not there. When I had regular Verizon WiFi calling did work.
    Thank you.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Yes. It only seems to work with Straight Talk AT&T.

  3. Dave | | Reply

    Wi-Fi calling doesn’t work in North Carolina on my iPhone SE with Straight Talk. I got the same message saying “No Network Connection. Connect to a Wi-fi network or disable airplane mode to place a call.” Bummer.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Are you using Straight Talk AT&T? Periodically check it because mine just started working after a while.

  4. Laura | | Reply

    I am using a unlocked and rooted Verizon Samsung S8 on StraightTalk and Wifi Calling is now available but ST verification shows my phone is not eligible. Also, I have the Advanced Calling settings cannot be activated. On my S5 I used to be able to call and use LTE at the same time, now when on a call LTE turns off. This is very frustrating! ST has been completely helpless with these issues.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      It seems they only support WiFi calling on one or two model phones that they sell that use the T-Mobile network. To be fair though, Straight Talk may not be the issue here. It don’t think Verizon nor AT&T give any of the prepaid wireless companies that use their network the option to use WiFi calling or other advanced features. And as far as I know it wasn’t only until recently that Verizon lifted the 5Mbps max download speed and let prepaid companies have voice and data at the same time. Verizon prepaid plans are more expensive but they let people use WiFi calling and advanced features.

  5. Lisa | | Reply

    Any updates on Straight Talk & WiFi calling on iPhone SE? Can’t believe I just purchased iPhone SE (downgraded from iPhone 6) from Straight Talk and switched service from Verizon to save money and can’t make calls via WiFi. I’m just screwed!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      unfortunately no. Did you try to sign up like I showed in the video. I use Straight Talk’s ATT network and it still doesn’t work for me. I assume you are using Straight Talk’s Verizon network with that iPhone SE. If ATT has better coverage where you use your phone, you could transfer your service to their att network and eliminate the need for Wi-Fi calling. Verizon Wireless Prepaid does support wi-fi calling. Your iPhone 6 should work with Verizon prepaid but your Straight Talk iPhone SE is probabally activation locked and you won’t be able to use it with Verizon prepaid.

      Prepaid wireless can be a real value for many people but before switching from postpaid you really need to make sure you choose a carrier and planthat support the features you need. It may still be possible to return the phone to straight talk for a refund. Verizon wireles prepaid sells the iPhone SE for $199.

      BTW, while the iPhone SE has a smaller screen, the iPhone SE is in many ways better than the iPhone 6. It shares many internals with the iPhone 6s. The camera on your iPhone SE is way better than the iPhone 6.

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