How To Change Your iPhone’s Carrier from TFW 15.7 back to TFW 15.6 for Straight Talk and Net10 Customers

I found a way to restore Carrier TFW 15.6 to my iPhone. I don’t have the speed issue so I can’t say doing this will fix the problem. I also cannot promise doing this won’t cause you further problems. I can only tell you I did this to my iPhone 5. My carrier now shows TFW 15.6. My iPhone asks me to update. I presume to TFW 15.7 again. I still see the 3G when I MMS or go to voice mail, places I used to see a 4G. My phone shows LTE the rest of the time. I don’t notice or measure any difference in my speeds with or without 15.7. Try this at your own risk.

NOTE: This currently only works for iOS 7.0.x, not iOS 7.1. I am looking to see if I can find a way to do it.  If or when I find a way, I’ll update this post. Please don’t leave a comment asking about it. 

I recommend running a few speed tests before and after. Also after installing the profile, do a reset all settings on your iPhone.

Please leave a comment and let me know how it went.


Download Carrier Update TFW 15.6 to your Mac or PC

NOTE: It seems Internet Explorer changes ATT_TFW_US_iPhone.ipcc to You will need to remane the file back to ATT_TFW_US_iPhone.ipcc.

Modify iTunes

By default, you cannot install a carrier update file with iTunes. You need to enable the feature from your computers Terminal or Command Prompt.  See the appropriate instructions for your Mac or Windows PC below.


Mac Users

  • Open a Terminal Window
  • spot-term
  • Copy / Paste the line below in the Terminal and press enter
  • Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 9.24.20 PM

defaults write carrier-testing -bool true

Windows (32 Bit) Users

    • Open a Command Prompt
    • Copy and paste the first line below on to the Command Prompt and press enter
    • Copy and paste the second line below on to the Command Prompt and press enter

cd "C:\Program Files\iTunes"
iTunes.exe /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

Windows (64 Bit) Users

    • Open a Command Prompt
    • Copy and paste the first line below on to the Command Prompt and press enter
    • Copy and paste the second line below on to the Command Prompt and press enter

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes"
iTunes.exe /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

Install TFW 15.6

  • Launch iTunes
  • Hold the Option (ALT) (Mac)
  • Hold the Shift key (Windows)
  • Click the Check for Update button
  • Select and install ATT_TFW_US_iPhone.ipcc



After I installed TFW 15.6, I needed to go to Settings->General->Reset->Reset All Settings before the 3G indicator would change back to 4G.


272 comments on “How To Change Your iPhone’s Carrier from TFW 15.7 back to TFW 15.6 for Straight Talk and Net10 Customers
  1. ryan says:

    anyone know if this carrier bundle will work on ios8? or have the bundles changed?

    • Bob Thompson says:

      I haven’t tried it with iOS 8. With iOS 7.1, apple removed the functionality that let you update the carrier bundle.

      what problem are you having?


      • Ryan says:

        when I originally asked the question I was on 7 but I went and updated to 8.

        With 7.x I had to use ifile to get it on and then edit the version so that it didn’t get overwritten and after reseting network settings I would have 4g.Now with 8 I used ifile and the version shows as 15.6 but I don’t get the 4g indicator only 3g. Im thinking it because theres no commcenter patch for 8.
        The funny thing that’s different is although its saying 3g I get 5mb where in 7.x with 3g I had much slower speed.

        • Bob Thompson says:

          Hi Ryan,
          I didn’t realize you were jailbroken. You might find if your do a Reset Network Settings, you’ll see the 4G. I doubt you’ll see a speed improvement. A number of people saw the same 3G with 15.6 until doing the reset. I think the text for the indicator was just cached somewhere.

          I don’t keep up with jailbreaks, is there an untethered jailbreak for iOS 8 already?

  2. Sekai says:

    No I know wht common patch is but can it be my Itunes because I tried not to long ago and I was waiting like 25 to 30 mins then I disconnected my phone and it said error ??

  3. Sekai says:

    I tried 3 times and it was taking more than seconds any idea I’m on ios 7.0.4 JAILBROKEn ? It just keep saying updating carrier settings

  4. Sekai says:

    How long does it take and do I keep the phone on or dfu mode ???

  5. john says:

    I used crav’s instructions and it worked perfectly on an AT&T iPhone 4s running a straight talk sim. but I just put the .ipcc file in my dropbox and opened it in ifile from there. im jailbroken with pangu on iOS 7.1.2, btw. thanks, man.

  6. Crav says:

    15.7 and 16.0 are atrociously slow for Net10 users in my area.

    I successfully got 15.6 on my iPhone 4S 7.1.2
    .5Mbps before, then 5Mbps after the change from 16.0 to 15.6
    It required JAILBREAKING (which is currently possible on 7.1.1 & 7.1.2 using Pangu, download iFile from Cydia.

    1) Download .ipcc to Mac/PC
    2) Duplicate file, then change .ipcc to .zip
    3) Open iFile, tap globe to open ‘Web Server’ which is a IP (like
    4) Open a browser and go to the IP address listed above
    5) On Browser to /mobile/Documents
    6) On browser Upload the zip file
    7) On iPhone, open iFile and navigate to /mobile/Documents (or where you uploaded to)
    8) Tap the .zip
    9) Tap ‘Unarchiver’, Wait, then ‘Done’
    10) Tap ‘Payload’, Tap ‘Edit’, Tap ‘YOUR BUNDLE’, Tap the clipboard then copy
    11) Navigate to these 2 places then Tap’Edit’, Tap the clipboard and paste, tap ‘overwrite all’
    /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone
    /var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone
    12) Reboot and Profit

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Crav,
      First, thanks for taking the time to share this. I have a lot of Straight Talk readers with the same problem.

      I was wondering whether or not this would work. I asked Joe,( to look at 15.6 and 15.7 he told me they where identical with the exception of the 4G indicator being changed to 3G. If they really are the same, I wonder what is causing the issue.




      • Brian T says:

        Thanks Crav and Bob,

        I’m sure AT&T has their hand in the 15.6 and 15.7 update. In fact, I WAS successfully able to jailbreak 7.1.2 but I really dislike jailbroken devices (as they are prone to more malware than already)(Apple devices have malware, its just you don’t know and Apple – doesn’t consider it malware/spyware). How might I know this? I work as a malware analyst and in cyber security / network analysis.

        It appears that AT&T convinced Apple in iOS 7.0.2 that they could essentially pull a magicians trick to make all the BYOP users happy. In this case, they could finally get the devices all on the same APN and carrier settings with a QR code to easy URL profile update (created by the Apple Configuration Manager BTW) – making customer service and satisfaction for the average user much better. Additionally, this would also ensure that users see TFW instead of HOME vs T-Mobile and help with branding. Additionally, it would ensure that TFW users who did not have an LTE device could be forced off of the HSPA networks that are only permitted for use by their own postpaid subscribers. This is why you see 3G on both AT&T (TFW aka HOME) and T-Mobile now TFW and your speeds have been slowed. StraightTalk only promises Unlimited Data, they didn’t say it had to be quick silly! They do promise LTE however and have arranged this as an MVMO from their carriers, but you are throttled (usually early) and furthermore, if you read the terms – when your phone call (a data packet session that I can see on the network after it leaves its analog form in a radio wave) travels through the MVMO network carrier (AT&T or T-Mobile), you are rerouted through different network equipment and or ‘specialized network paths’ (in geek terms we call these a VLAN) where your data packets then are either ‘throttled’ or generally take a longer route and use a different RIP (routing information protocol) table to get to wherever your making your call or data session.

        Long story made short, ‘what the right hand gives – the left hand takes away’ – everyone who uses TracFone Wireless has been fooled over the past year and as long as we remain subscribers (or crawl back to AT&T as Bob has mentioned) we will be in the same situation. My suggestion for ALL Straight Talk or Net10 users is to DOWNGRADE your carrier to 15.6 so that you may get access to use the HSPA aka 3G+ better known as early 4G or jailbreak your iPhone (or with Android root the device) so that you may downgrade your carrier and get access to the HSPA networks again. They do exist, as postpaid customers of AT&T/T-Mobile still have devices from a year or two ago (before LTE) and expect to use those methods of radio packet communications.

        So, with that said – I now have an iPhone 4S 32GB GSM model that’s carrier unlocked with iOS 7.0.2 again and it has carrier 15.7 – Still no 4G and data is clearly within 3G specifications. Time to give Straight Talk the switch. I hope this information helps everyone out and thank you Bob for keeping this blog and allowing us to share our experiences and help each other. Take care all and happy mobile usage! :-D

        • Bob Thompson says:

          Hi Brian,
          Thank you for your well written comment. I appreciate it when people take the time to share information with other readers. I am not sure I agree with everything you said, but I wanted to respond.

          I agree with your assessment on jailbreaks. It’s one of the reason’s I’ve held off on writing a guide about it. You simply don’t know what other exploits you are opening yourself up to. It’s ironic because the key feature of the iPhone is ease of use. If you have hack your phone to set up your APN or fix and issue with the like the TFW 15.6 / 15.7 carrier bundle, then why not just use an Android phone. Don’t get me wrong, I like Android, and I have been tweaking computers all my life, but I just don’t want have to tweak my phone.

          I think you may have mixed up the APN Profile and the Carrier Bundle. The QR code on BYOP package takes you to a website where you can download an APN profile. That APN profile can set your data APN but not your MMS APN settings. Apple disabled that feature because the wireless companies did not want users changing those settings. And, as far as I know, iOS doesn’t include a QR code reader, so do they expect people to download an app to read that code.

          With 7.0.2, Straight Talk and ATT release a carrier update and bundle for Straight Talk att SIMs. Wit this update, you phone could detect it was using a Straight Talk att SIM and would program the APN settings for the tfdata APN, even though many customers still use the wap.tracfone and att.mvno APNs. The TFW 15.6 carrier bundle made like good for a lot of people.

          The TFW 15.7 carrier bundle was step backwards for many people. I know for a fact that they removed the 4G indicator and replaced it with a 3G indicator. But I don’t know that they changed the bundle to disable HPSA+ connections. I unpacked both 15.6 and 15.7 and diffed the files. The only change I found was the version number and the 3G / 4G indicator. I asked Joe from iTweakiOS if he could tell me what was different about the two carrier bundles. He said only the 3G / 4G indicator. Straight Talk Wireless, Slow Data, and the TFW 15.6, TFW 15.7, and TFW 16.0 Mystery. This doesn’t mean he is correct, and you might be right. You can’t rely on the 3G or 4G indicator to know if you have a HSPA+ connection. I wonder if there is a 3rd party app that can report what type of data connection you have. I have been meaning to look. The other strange things about this profile issue are that not all iPhone 4s users are affected and customers with the problem are reporting data speeds slower than 2G!.
          It’s possible that Straight Talk and / or ATT did this on purpose. It’s possible they changed something in the profile accidently. It’s also possible that all these iOS, carrier bundle, and networks have not been tested together properly. It’s hard to say, and no one from any of those companies are sharing with me. Case in point, I had a Straight Talk T-Mobile SIM. I got 4G LTE on my Nexus 5. was faster than the Straight Talk ATT SIM, but the SIM in my iPhone 5. The carrier bundle changed to Carrier 16.0 or whatever, and I got a 3G indicator with terrible data speeds. I don’t understand why Straight Talk doesn’t fix that.

          All this is a pain in the butt for iPhone 4s users. I’ve tried H20 wireless with my iPhone 5s. It get’s 4G or HSPA+, but you can’t set the APN setting so you won’t get picture messaging. They phone uses the ATT carrier bundle and the Cellular Data Network settings are hidden. I have a red pocket SIM somewhere on my desk, I have been meaning to review that to see how well it works. AT&T pay N Go is an option. As is Cricket Wireless (which is owned by ATT).

          I enjoyed your comment. If you switch, please let us know what you try and how well it works.


      • Cravit8 says:

        I now cannot recall the effects of the 15.7 update, but 15.6 performed the best for the 3 iPhones I performed this on using Net10. This was tested using the iOS app and was not a subjective feel of speed.

        I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your blog and for that I’m greatly appreciative. I hold your same opinions on the bear of jailbreaking a device designed for ease of use, but I think a jailbroken iPhone trumps most rooted and rommed androids.

        Brian T. had some useful information, though I also disagreed with some of the opinions which I think could be based on mixing APN profiles into talk about the carrier settings.

        Switching to Straight Talk from Net10 does not seem like a fix. I firmly believe using the method or similar I described to replace the 15.7+ carrier bundle with 15.6 is the ONLY method for getting 3G+ speeds.

        • Bob Thompson says:

          Hi Cravit8,
          You might be right about the speeds. I myself have found so much variation in speed test results from run to run. Did I mention switching to Net10? Did Brian mention it? I use both Net10 and Straight Talk. It’s essentially the same company and service. I agree with you about that.

    • Jay says:

      Thanks Crav and Bob! I’m bib!!!

  7. LILLY says:

    When i open and hold ALT it does not do anything any other options ? I’m using mac

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Lily,
      Your iPhone needs to be using iOS 7.0.x for this to work. It does not work on 7.1.x. Did you correctly activate carrier testing mode by typing in the commandss in terminal?

      • Rolph says:

        i currently have a factory unlocked iphone 5 with IOS 7.1, my question to you is, if a buy a ST 4G LTE SIM card will i have this problem getting only 3G speeds?, and if the NET10 4G LTE sim card has the same issue?

        • Bob Thompson says:

          Hi Rolph,
          If you have a GSM model iPhone 5, the Straight Talk ATT SIM, and the ATT network supports LTE in your area, you should get LTE. If you have a Verizon model iPhone 5, you won’t get LTE. If you have a Verizon model iPhone 5s or 5c, you might get LTE (some reader say they are getting LTE with these phones)

          All the iPhone 5 phones in my family using the Straight Talk ATT SIM get LTE.

          If you use an iPhone with ATT, sometimes you will see a 4G indicator in the status bar. It means you have an HPSA+ connection. ATT “branded” this as 4G. Straight Talk changed that 4G logo back to 3G so even if you have the same HSPA+ connection you’ll see a 3G

          Hope that helps. Oh, and net10 works the same way.

  8. Thi Han says:

    Do you know where I can get tmobile IPCC file?

    • Bob Thompson says:

      For tmobile or straight talk tmobile?
      If you are running ios 7.1 or higher you can’t install a different ipcc anymore
      Are you using a jailbroken iphone?

  9. Mitch says:

    This worked for me the first time no problem, I just had to keep saying no to the pop-up carrier setting update available, then I did a iTunes update after my cell rebooted the carrier updated itself to TFW 16.0 and I have tried downgrading over and over and no deal, still 3g , my iTunes version is, if you please find a solution to this please contact me… Thanks

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Mitch,
      Are running iOS 7.0.x or iOS 7.1? There currently isn’t a way to move back to TFW 15.6 on iOS 7.1.
      Keep an eye on the web site for updates or follow us on Twitter. follow us

      • Mitch says:

        I use 7.01 , yes I can’t seem to stop updating after everything works perfect. I must have a brain tumor! Lol if we ever get this downgrade to work on 7.01 I’m never updating again! In the mean time I’ll just creep along at 3G … Did you ever hear why the original 4G to 3G carrier update Bull happened? P.s I will follow you on twitter if I ever get a account, I’m not big on the whole Facebook Twitter thing.

        • Bob Thompson says:

          LOL, neither am I. I add the social media to help the site in search rankings.
          We know why AT&T originally changed the indicator from 3G to 4G
          We don’t know why Straight Talk changed it back.
          We also don’t know some people’s phones get slower and other don’t
          and we don’t know if it due to some actual change in the carrier file, or a weird side effect.


  10. Jooey says:

    when i hit the shift key and try to look for my download the document att_tfw… etc etc it dosnt show up on itunes but i have de document dounloaded on my pc.. what can i do

    • Bob Thompson says:

      if you are on windows make sure Internet explorer didn’t download it as a zip file. Also on windows, I think there is a file type selector on the dialog box. make sure you choose all files or ipcc.

      oh, and this doesn’t seem to work on iOS 7.1. We need to figure out how to hack the ipcc file to install on the later OS.


      • joey says:

        thankz bob work perfectly, now im helping a friend of mine.. the problem wassent interbet explorer bcuz i whas using chrome, te problem whats when the box on itunes open, i had to put it on configuration carrier on the phone something like that dont remember and i had it on other , fix the problem, work perfectrly no more than 5 min ;) DONE BACK TO 4G

        • Bob Thompson says:

          Hi Joey,
          That is great news. Can you share with up waht version of iTunes you are using? I am not sure if this will work on the latest version of iTunes on Windows, so think twice before updating.

          If you use social media, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. In addition to keeping up with latest updates at smartphonematters you would be helping us improve our search rank and be able to use all the features ofthose sites. click here

  11. Ephier Estevez says:

    Hey guys, I just updated to ios 7.1. yesterday on my iphone 5c and my carrier updated also to TFW 16.0 I tried the guide that’s posted here, but nothing changed. Does anyone know how to roll back from TFW 16.0 on ios 7.1? The 3G indicator is back on instead of 4G, and that really urks me. Thanks

  12. Martin Boucher says:

    Hi Bob,

    Will this procedure give me back the ability to share my connection with my IPad? When I updated to 15.7, the tethering feature disappeared from my IPhone 4S.



    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Martin,
      I dont know. If your phone used to display HOME in the status bar, you’d need to go back to AT&T 15.5 or AT&T 15.6. I think the tethering option disappeared with TFW 15.6. tethering is agains Straight Talk’s terms of service, i read somewhere that they actively monitor for tethering.

      It least it worked for you. I got tethering to work for about 30 seconds with my iPad. It never worked after that.


    • McKurd says:

      Can you please show how u share your connection?


  13. jake Yuras says:

    Thank you so much!

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. If you use social media, please consider following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. In addition to keeping up with latest updates at smartphonematters you would be helping us launch social media efforts. click here

  14. David says:

    I have an iPhone 5 on Net10 and it says LTE at the top of my screen.
    Do I not have 4G?

  15. Chaimdasap says:

    Hi bob I tried your advice as the same thing happened to me, but when I tried opening the file with iTunes (I did the thing with command prompt like you said) it said “unknown error. cannot be completed” please get back to me if possible

    • Bob Thompson says:

      I assume you are running windows. Did you hold the SHIFT key when you clicked check for update. Did you download the file using internet explorer and if so did you make sure you the file has a .ipcc extension?

  16. Akshith says:

    I recently switched to straight talk from an AT&T GoPhone plan. Can anyone explain why my carrier says AT&T even though I am using my straight talk sim? I have had this for 2 days now.

  17. Bonnie says:

    Thank you so much. I had just set up my new 4s and had it working flawlessly and I updated the carrier settings. I was furious when I lost 4g due to living on a rural farm with poor service. I have doubled my signal now that I have 4G service. Thanks for saving me a stroke lol.

  18. Jim says:

    Ok, I did the following:
    1 ran the two command lines in windows 64
    2. open iTunes 11.1.4
    3. shift left click on the update button and found the file and itunes said updating carrier settings.

    I had my phone plugged in checking settings/general/about showed carrier 15.5
    did a home+power and checked again with same result
    just powered off/on and still same result.
    how do I get the carrier update on to the phone? what did I not do correctly?

    Thank you your time and work is appreciated.

  19. Larryf says:

    Hi this worked very well for me once I followed all the directions and used the proper update button. I tried several times using the wrong screen and checking iTunes for updates. Once I went to the iphone home screen(where you back it up and sync options are, just like it shows) and changed to ipcc file type in the window that opens while you hold the shift key. I am using windows 8 and it installed in a flash. After reset it came back to 4g on my 4s and lte on the 5. Thanks and hope this helps the people who had problems

  20. Meghan Norton says:

    I was trying to follow your instructions, I downloaded the ATT_TFW_US_iPhone.ipcc, but it says that “Safari can’t open the file. Safari can’t hopen the file att_tfw_us_iPhone.ipcc because no available application can open it.” I’m getting really frustrated because I just want my 4G back, not stupid 3G. 3G is sooo slow. Any help??

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Megan,
      You can’t open the file with Safari, you just need to download it. You need it install the file using iTunes. The file should be in your downloads folder. check for it there.

  21. Darkninja3000 says:

    It works! Thank you

  22. darkninja3000 says:

    ok was messing around with carrier settings because I was trying to mess around with getting myself unthrottled by straight talk, I was going to update and downgrade again, but when I updated, I installed the downgraded carrier, even reset network setting and all, but its still on 3G >_< did this suddenly get patched or something? (SN: I still have LTE)

  23. Jason says:

    Where are you getting the carrier settings files from?

  24. Ken says:

    When I click on the “Check for Update” holding down Shift key only shows .ipsw files. I don’t see any .ipcc files even though I renamed it.

  25. Jen says:

    I just ported my number over to ST from AT&T. I use an iPhone 5 and the AT&T compatible nano SIM that came with the BYOP package. I’ve tried forcing the carrier update using these instructions, but nada. My phone still indicates “HOME” as the network with 3G service.

    This is incredibly frustrating. Any suggestions on getting the carrier to update? I am currently using a profile in order to have data access. Without the profile, I have no data service.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Go into Settings General Reset and do a Reset All Settings. Check your carrier in Setting General About. If it’s TFW 15.6 you should be good. If it’s att 15.5 or att 15.x, try installing the profile again. Sometimes the install gets corrupted.

      If your carrier is Att 15.x,bayou phone may prompt you to update the carrier. You’ll get tfw 15.7. You can check smartphonematers to see read about the issues with 15.7 and whether you want to revert to 15.6


  26. moe says:

    man you are awesome :) it worked perfectly bro with a big difference.

    it changed
    ping : 126ms went up to 1787ms
    download: 3.29 mbps went up to 4.00
    this is soooo good you made my day

  27. Brad says:


    Great instructions, I’m back on 4G after following your guide. Data speeds aren’t too different but they did increase about 1 Mbps download which was expected. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  28. Chantal says:

    Thank you! Worked perfect I am back to 15.6. I followed your other guide early Dec and everything worked including to be able to send/receive mms to iphone or android (without swapping sims) when I updated to TFW. NOW since the carrier update and back to 15.6 I can not do any MMS or group messaging. Any suggestions? THANKS!

  29. T says:

    The steps worked perfectly for me, I reset all of my settings, and my phone shows that the carrier is 15.6, yet I STILL don’t have any 3g! (I live in the middle of nowhere. I’ve been on S talk for about 2 months and up until the carrier update I got perfectly fine 3g speeds.)Any other suggestions? I don’t get any data whatsoever since the update, which sucks since I’m paying so much money for unlimited everything.

  30. John says:

    I applied your instructions for reverting to version 15.6 on my iPhone 4s. There was a dramatic increase in data speed. The “3G” changed to “4G”. Speed testing showed an increase in download speed from 0.9 – 1.2 Mbps before to download speeds of 5.4- 6+ Mbps afterwards! Quite dramatic.

  31. zeeshan says:

    Thx alot
    havent noticed much of a speed difference
    but just feels better to see the 4g sign then the 3g
    also a quick question if you could email me this
    i have a verizon 5 on straight talk
    i notice everyone else also getting lte
    is that not possible with the verizon 5
    plz let me know if you know a fix to that
    thank you

    • Bob Thompson says:

      If you are using a Verizon iphone 5 on Straight Talk with the att or tmobile sim you will get 4G HSPA speeds but not LTE. Your phone only supports the LTE radio frequencies used by Verizon, not ATT and TMobile.

      Supposedly, the iphone 5s will support LTE with the ATT sim. Apple added support for more radio frequencies in the 5s.

      If you are using an iphone 5 that you bought directly from straight talk, it’s using the Verizon network and only get 3G speeds because Verizon does not let Straight Talk use their 4G LTE network. I assume this is not the case for you because you would not have ended up with TFW 15.7 if that was the case.


  32. carlos says:

    i keep getting ‘unknown’ and no such file or directory with both links. Is there an alternative way?

  33. carlos says:

    i tried the copy and paste but i just keep getting ‘unknown0016cbb1976c:’ with a squiggly line at the end.

  34. kidsampson says:

    Followed instructions and the file updated in a matter of seconds through iTunes. Everything is working and restored on my jailbroken 4S, and I definitely see speed increases. My download increased by nearly 2 Mbps and my upload speed doubled. Thanks! No additional configuration was even required for text or picture messaging.

  35. Gil says:

    Thank you bro!!! i got $G again, my mms and everything its working fine…

  36. Bea says:

    I did all the steps… seems to have worked as the Carrier indicates TFW 15.6. However, I still have the TFW 3G on the upper left corner of my screen. What did I do wrong?

  37. Joey says:

    Hi Bob,
    I’m pretty experienced when it comes to iPhones but I’ve never had to revert a carrier update until now. I update to 15.7 from 15.6 (was bad decision everything worked great until 15.7 update) then 4G reverted to 3G and data is slow. So I followed you guide word for word and did everything right but Everytime I hold shift update the ipcc file does not show up..I did the command prompt code an tried on 32bit and 64bit laptop..
    I recently found out that iTunes 11 and up does not offer manual carrier updating is this my problem?? And I can’t jus use an older version of iTunes because they do not support ios 7.0.4.

    Right now I backed up and restored to att 15.5 and it says HOME 4G but mms does not work and APN settings are all correct with new sim and tf data.

    I would really like 15.6 back a lot of people have been successful doing this I don’t know what I did wrong. I don’t imagine you would want to email me your thoughts?
    Also I am jailbroken untethered 7.0.4 iPhone 4S if this helps.
    I even tried using iFile, com center patch, and doing it straight through the phone no luck. Var/mobile/library/carrier bundle or somethin like that.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Joey,
      I had iTunes 11 on my mac and PC and it worked for me. 11.0, I think. I have 7.0.4 as well. If you used internet explorer to download the ipcc file make sure it didn’t change the file extension to .zip.

      You should be able to downgrade iTunes. I am not using the latest. Let me now if the .zip was the issue. Try downloading the ipcc with Firefox or chrom if you have one of those browsers.

  38. Victor says:

    Hello Bob,
    I know that you give a link to the ipcc file, but how did you personally find the *.ipcc file on the Apple website? Is there a site that you can browse for other *.ipcc files? Thank you in advance

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi victor,
      There isn’t a website that lists all the old .ipcc files or anything like that. I found the link to that file by connecting my phone to my home wifi network, then I ran a network trace, went settings general about. I captured the trace until I my iphone prompted me to update. I looked at the trace and found that the iphone loads an XML file from I found the link in that file. Do I know how to have at good time or what.


      • Victor says:

        Wow that is pretty amazing. Great job on the tutorials. Keep up the good work! Although it doesn’t have much to do with your site, a tutorial on network trace would be awesome.

        • Bob Thompson says:

          Hi victor,
          Maybe I will. I occasionally get some technical people come to the site looking for help but most readers hear are just consumers looking to fix their phones. Might be interesting to see how many people read and article like that.

  39. Larry says:

    Your instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Thanks.

    I made several speed tests before reverting to 15.6 and then after doing so. Oddly, I got pretty consistently HIGHER speeds before reverting. Yup, despite the phone displaying 4G now, the speed test results are slower. Thoughts?

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hey Larry,
      Did you feel like your phone was faster on 15.6, got slower on 15.7, and then even slower after reverting to TFW 15.6?
      It’s hard for me to say. I didn’t really notice a speed difference myself. My speed vary a lot based on the time of the day and my location around town. Even a few blocks makes a difference. I had one other reader say that his phone got slow with 15.7, and going back to 15.6 didn’t fix it.

      If you haven’t done so. Try:
      a hard reset (hold home and lock buttons)
      Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings
      Settings->General->Reset->Reset All Settings

      Do a speed test between each step. If you think your phone is still slow. Consider doing an iPhone Restore in iTunes.
      Back up first, restore the phone, install TFW 15.6, test data, and then restore from your backup.
      That’s what I would do.

  40. kianga says:

    Hi Bob,

    I’m totally computer illiterate i have downloaded the file but not sure how to change the name to ippc. In addition when you say put the lines at a command prompt……..I have a Windows where is the command prompt? Am I selecting the start icon and putting it in there? Is it possible for you to make a video of how to change it back or take pictures of each step if possible.

    Thanks………… please help desperately in need…this new change over is also affecting the speed of my phone when i’m at home with wifi on…………this 15.7 really sucks.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      I won’t have time to update the guide or make a video right now, or use kik.
      Use google to search for how to rename a file in windows.
      use google to search for how to run the windows command prompt

      I seriously doubt the 15.7 carrier update has any effect on your Wi-Fi speed. You may have other problem. Try a hard reset on your phone. hold the home and lock buttons until the phone restarts.

  41. McKurd says:


    You are doing a great job by instructing folks how to fix this issue… Its really appreciated.


  42. Jay B. says:

    Hi Bob,

    Thank you for the instructions, they worked perfectly!
    I now have my 4G indicator back and my data speeds are up to 6Mb dl / 1 MB ul. Now if only my phone would stop glitching out every time I open the Camera!!

    Happy New Year!!

  43. Hersh says:

    Thanks for this! I am a new ST user (iPhone 4s, locked by AT&T) and I updated the carrier settings last week after being prompted, which I will not do again. Like most others my 4G switched to 3G after installing TFW 15.7, and I lost data speed.

    I downloaded the file you provided for TFW 15.6, using iTunes 11.1.3 (8) 64-bit on my Mac as the application to open the file, and then checked for an update on iTunes and found the correct file to update with. After resetting all settings it came back on as 4G. My downloading speeds jumped about a bit from 3.96mbps to 4.96mbps, and uploading went from .58 to close to 1mbps. Stoked!!

    On a side note, I requested an unlock request from AT&T because I was out of my contract and they provided that via email. All I need to do is restore on iTunes and it will be unlocked… if I restore and backup do you/or anyone know if I will run into any issues with ST service? Currently my phone is locked, and working fine, but the option to have it unlocked is very enticing, but not worth doing if I will encounter more reprogramming issues. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Hersh,

      I am happy to hear you were able to follow my guide and revert to TFW 15.6. Your phone will occasionally prompt you to install the carrier update again. Check occasionally to see when TFW 15.8 comes out and whether it is safe to install.

      I am also glad to hear you requested the unlock. If your phone is working with Straight Talk there is always the chance that something will go wrong when you make changes or restore it. But, I would complete the unlock now anyway to make sure it went through. You iPhone is simply worth more money unlocked should you ever decide to sell, trade, or give it to someone. After you do the restore on iTunes you may automatically get updated to TFW 15.7 again. That isn’t a big issue, because you know how to revert to TFW 15.6. It’s your choice, obviously.

      You will back up your phone. Do the iPhone reset to factory settings and then reload your backup. You should see a message afterwards that your iPhone is unlocked. I have done it many times without an issue. On the off chance you have a problem you can come back and ask for help.

      You didn’t mention if you use MMS picture messaging. IF yours isn’t working. it is a easier to set up on an unlocked phone. Your data might be a little faster afterwards not becuse the phone is unlocked, but just because of the restore.

  44. Bob Thompson says:

    You download the ipcc file
    type the commands into the command prompt or terminal
    use itunes to install the file

    Did you download the ipcc file yet?

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Ok we made some progress. You downloaded the file. Find it on your computer. If the file name ends with .zip rename it to .ipcc

      Can you do that?

    • Bob Thompson says:

      I don’t provide individual phone or online support. I don’t use kik. I’d like to help you.
      I am not sure why you are having trouble following the web page.

      Did you download the file? Do you see the file on your computer? Does the file are end with .ipcc or .zip?
      Can you answer the three questions above.

  45. D says:


    I’m getting mixed results for speed tests, but at the very least it’s definitely faster!! Thank u so much for the work!! You are doing amazing work for us and we GREATLY appreciate it!!!! Thanks again!

  46. Bob Thompson says:

    Just tell me what isn’t clear. I’d like to improve the guide.

    • Jim says:

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks. I have downloaded the file did the two command line for windows and then ran iTunes using the left shift key and the first time It prompted me for a library. I tried it again and nothing. I am using iTunes v11.1.4 If this version will not work where can I find an older version I can install it on my netbook and try it there. Is there any other way to change the carrier other then using iTunes I am stuck on carrier 15.5 on straighttalk using unlocked 5s. I want to update the carrier but can’t seem to get a carrier notice update.

      Thank you for your great work and time. it is appreciated.

      • Bob Thompson says:

        Hi Jim,
        You mentioned you are using Carrier 15.5. Do you mean “Carrier 15.5″, “AT&T 15.5″, or “TFW 15.5″ ? You should only be using “TFW 15.6″ or “TFW 15.7″ with the Straight Talk AT&T network compatible SIM. If you are using the Straight Talk T-Mobile network compatible SIM or the Straight Talk Verizon compatible network then you don’t want to install this.

        My windows PC is a mess, so I haven’t had time to fix it and it make trying out stuff on windows difficult. Some people report needing an older version of iTunes, I dont know a reliable source. You can do a Google search for it, look somneone running an older version of iTunes, or check the download folder on your PC. I always download apps and install them, so sometimes the older versions are lying around.

        Where did you get your iPhone 5s? Did you buy it from Apple or Net10?


        • Jim says:

          Hi bob,
          Thanks for the reply. I have this all figured out now. I had the wrong sim in the phone I hate that tiny print. I put the at&t 4g lte sim in the phone and now I am on 15.7 and speeds are fast, mms seems to be working on first test. I see in the status bar at the top lte and signal is full. Back to the straight talk I had before I changed to the 5s.

  47. McKurd says:

    Mission Accomplished … Thank you!

  48. Robert says:

    Do this work for iPhone 4….??

  49. LucasB says:

    This all worked for me, and it seems to have improved my iPhone 4S data speed with my Straight Talk AT&T sim.

    Last week I purchased an unlocked iPhone 4S and started using it with an AT&T Straight Talk sim. I installed the v15.7 tfw initially, and I only ever saw 3G as my data type, even though I knew I was in an AT&T 4G territory.

    Before running the procedure above I ran three Speedtests (using the OOKLA app on my iPhone). My download speeds didn’t change much (always between 5-6 mbps) but my upload speeds increased from 1.38 (range of 1.27 – 1.57) to 2.53 (range of 1.3 to 3.08). The range was high in my followup test with one outlier of 1.3 (the rest were 2.8 and above). Even so, I think I’m legitimately getting better upload speeds.

    Just FYI the Speedtest host does not appear to be an issue: all four of the followup tests were through the same host ( in Denver). Two of the three initial tests were with that same host, while one was with Comcast in Denver.

    Thanks so much Bob Thompson for providing all this information on setting up iPhones on Straight Talk. I’m happy to be paying a reasonable amount but getting good coverage, and wouldn’t have been possible without sites like yours.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi LucasB,
      Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed comment and share your results. Reader comments improve and help all of us learn about new problems, new potential fixes, and the effectiveness of fixes like this.

      I’m using carrier TFW 15.6 too. I can’t say I have noticed speed improvements, but I know it works well and so I figured why take a chance since I was traveling.


  50. Devin says:

    My iTunes has the .ipcc file greyed out and I cannot select it. Has anyone ran into this problem before?

  51. Josh says:

    Thanks for this. Glad to see it wasn’t just me. 3G speed instead of 4G HSPA+ while on phone. Never get 4G HSPA after update, only 3G or LTE. Thanks Guys for the surely unintentional crippling. of my $850 device. Going to try it as soon as I get near a computer.
    AIO/ATT GoPhone looking more attractive everyday. /end rant

  52. Taylor says:

    Thanks, My 4s Works like a champ now!

  53. Ben Dickson says:

    I’m sorry, I forgot to mention I haven’t sync’d it to iTunes yet.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Ben,
      If you follow the link in the post, it will take you to the guide that shows how to revert from TFW 15.7 to TFW 15.6. Was that unclear? Let me know. I want to make sure people can find the guide.

  54. JUAN TORRES says:

    Thank you works for me

  55. tracy says:

    its not working for me!!!! Please help. what I am I doing wrong? I did it a million times and no luck. I have windows 64. I don’t know how to do it!

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Tracy,
      I’d like to help you. Can you describe a little more clearly what the problem is. For example, it would be helpful if you told me that you are having a problem installing the file or you installed it on your phone but it didn’t go back to 15.6.


      • tracy says:

        ok so this is what I did. I saved the file that is in the link, I renamed it before saving, and it saved successfully. Then I went ahead and opened the command prompt box. I copied the fist line, pushed enter, then I copied the second line, and pushed enter. After that, I opened iTunes, held the shift key, and clicked on the check for updates thing. I chose the file I downloaded, it said updating carrier for like 1 second, then… that’s it. I reset my phone, nothing happened! I did everything again, turned my phone off and on and still nothing. what am I doing wrong?

  56. eid says:

    not work on me, did all reset

  57. EJ says:

    Worked like a charm and the 4G indicator is back. Although I don’t have actual speed measurements, I’ve noticed page loads are definitely faster after reverting to the TFW 15.6 carrier settings. Thank you so much for posting this information. Your a genius!

  58. G says:

    Bob,I can’t even begin to figure out how you figured this out but I thank you so very much. The carrier update was a huge downer. Here I was thinking the update push was going to make things better for my iphone 4s,when I think what they were trying to do is force more phones onto 3g instead of 4g for whatever reason. A reboot put the 4g icon back,I figured I would try that before I resorted to a reset.Thank You,Thank You,Thank you

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi G,
      I am glad you were able to revert to TFW 15.6. By any chance, did you measure your before and after speeds with Speedtest? If so, could you share the any results. I did not have an issue with my data speeds with TFW 15.7 but many did. We are trying to track in the comments if reverting to 15.6 is improving data speeds.


  59. Josh says:

    I followed all of your steps and when I reset all of my settings it showed up as 4G. But my speed tests were the exact same both of the times, it just shows up as 4g again. They were 0.05 download and 0.05 upload

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Josh,
      sorry to hear that. No one really knows what is causing the problem. or why reverting works for some people. If I were you I’d remove any APN profiles installed and do a Reset Network Settings.

      Can you look in Settings General About and verify your carrier is TDW 15.6?


  60. nimz says:

    to be honest i tried testing speeds at the 4G level with ST/TFW with downloads of about 2-4Mbps i live in sioux falls which is a HSPA+ ATT network only (no 4G LTE) and after updating carrier settings with the 3G display, the speeds were about the same at 2-4 download and 1-2 upload… i tried the above measures to revert back to 4G with success but no real measurable difference in speeds!. Same 4/2 up/download speeds. Cant complain of this plan… i am streaming spotify for my workouts, car rides, doing all sorts of browsing! perfect plan for $45. ATT and Verizon can go suck it!

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Nimz,
      Thanks for sharing. This seems to be the case for many.
      If you didn’t really see,your data slow down you won’t see a speed change by reverting to TFW 15.6.
      And I agree all problems aside, A $45 a month data plan is a good thing!

  61. Steve says:

    I saved the folder as ipcc file and I can select it from iTunes, but IT cannot find the files to install, what am I doing wrong?

  62. Sophie says:

    Thank you so much it went back to 4G and speeds are way better from 1.5mbps to 3

  63. Tierra says:

    How do I Open an ipcc file? My computer keeps saying “to open this file, windows needs to know what program you want to use to open it” soooo confusing.

  64. Dave says:

    Made the change back to 15.6 for the 4G indicator. I ran speed tests before and after. Interestingly my 3G speeds were faster. Download and upload for 3G were 4.86 and 1.09 while 4G was 3.84 and 0.38. Perhaps I’ll update back to 15.7. Thanks for posting the info.

  65. This guy says:

    Does it work?

  66. Cody says:

    Thank you so much, I have gone from 3G to 4G on my iPhone 4s. Bob, the install went perfect as planned.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Great news. Did you run before / after speed tests? Did it get faster?

      • Cody says:

        I have pinged Tampa, FL with a ping of 366 while using 3G my DL was 1.18Mbps and UL was 1.58Mbps. After rolling back the software to 4G, aagain pinged Tampa, FL with 210 my DL was 3.66Mbps and UL was 1.60Mbps.

        Again, Thank you!

  67. David says:

    Where can I download older carrier updates .ipcc files like att 15.5?

  68. jody says:

    Over Doubled my download speed! kicked up the upload a bit.. :) Thanks for the info…

  69. Jovan says:

    Sorry I fixed it. I did a all reset and erase all reset still no different is there something I’m doing wrong ??

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Jovan,
      I don’t have any other solutions for slow data. I can’t tell from your comment if you successfully downgraded from TFW 15.7 to TFW 15.6
      Did you run speed tests before and after? Can you share the results? Did you go into yours setting and verify that your carrier is back to TFW 15.6? Which iPhone using? Are you seeing the 4G speed indicator in your status bar?


  70. zack says:

    I followed you steps and got 15.6 back showing 4g but it seem to be slow and when I go to a 4gLTE area it show on my iphone but is still slow

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Zack,
      I don’t have an answer for you. I don’t have a phone with a speed problem myself. Did you follow the step to reset all settings? that seems to be a key step for many. I don’t remember if you had before / after speed results. if it were me I’d probally to a iPhone restore in iTunes and start with a fresh phone. Backup first if you do.

  71. JWS says:

    I didn’t 100% understand the steps to reverse back to 15.6 help

    • Bob Thompson says:

      You cannot leave a comment using my name, you are not me.
      OK, so you need to tell me a little more about what you don’t understand for me to help you.

      • Jovan says:

        Ok sorry I fixed it. But I tried doing all rest settings and it still didn’t work I even tried erase all setting am I doing this correctly?? Is there anything else I could try to back to 4g speed

        • Bob Thompson says:

          Hi Jovan,
          I don’t have any other solutions for slow data. I can’t tell from your comment if you successfully downgraded from TFW 15.7 to TFW 15.6
          Did you run speed tests before and after? Can you share the results? Did you go into yours setting and verify that your carrier is back to TFW 15.6? Which iPhone using? Are you seeing the 4G speed indicator in your status bar?


  72. Ken Queale says:

    Thank you, first and foremost.

    Your speed-up downgrade worked exactly as described. Ping time was reduced by about a third. Down speeds doubled. Up speeds stayed about the same.

    Lastly, I spoke to Straighttalk support daily for six days running about this issue before I searched for an online solution. Those disingenuous bastards blamed everything and everybody — including AT&T. One rep even made certain I had the 15.7 version. No one of them either admitted responsibility or offered a solution.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Ken,
      You are welcome. As far as Straight Talk support, I have empathy for the employees that have to answer the phones there. You have to answer calls from a forigen country and try to help or support people solely based on a set of scripts. I couldn’t imagine having to support a product I have never used. That is, unless Straight Talk works in India.

      If I were Straight Talk, my goal would to make the company beloved by its customers. They are selling the actual service that makes my phone work and they are doing it for half the cost of post paid cellular service. But hey, I am just a guy with a website.

      Anyways, I am glad to read you were able to revert your phone to TFW 15.6 and regain performance. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Every reader comments helps all of us understand whether the fixes shared on this site are helping people.

      • dylan says:

        I agree. They offer a service not a product perse. Theyve actually were quite helpful last time I called. The script stuff sucks but what can you do. Get ripped off or deal with CS that is about the same as ATT and save a mint in money.

        Thanks for your website and energy to help Bob…

  73. danny says:

    I restore all settings, the speed is still slow, 1.2MBPS 0.24MBPS,
    Or show TFW?

  74. Sebastian says:

    Hi Bob,

    Reverting back to 15.6 enabled my mms abilities after I had lost them with the new carrier update. I am running iOS 7 on an ATT unlocked iPhone 4S.

    Cheers Bob!

  75. Phelipe says:

    Hi there, I would like to change the 4G icon to LTE, do you have any clue? Maybe edit the ipcc file, but I don’t know where to start… Tks ph

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Phelipe,
      Why would you want to change the 4G icon to LTE? The 4G on your iPhone is not LTE. If you don’t have an iPhone 5, your phone won’t get LTE. If you have an iPhone 5 (ATT model) your phone should get LTE. Do you have an iPhone 5? Maybe we could figure out why your are not getting LTE.

  76. dylan says:

    Youre a legend!!! I speednet test was 193 ping, 3.23 dl, 1.07 ul on 15.7 iPhone 4s on 15.7. Now as directed 294 ping, 7.05 dl, 1.12 ul.

    Thank you sir… #brilliant

  77. Celeste says:

    Is it possible reverting to this version will allow mms to work again I seem to have lost it not sure if it was during this upgrade or the 15.7 upgrade and the sim swap is not working to resolve the issue. Thanks

  78. sharpie973 says:

    It worked for me!

  79. TA Fluegge says:

    This fix worked for me. Got 4G and higher speeds back. Thanks.

  80. paul says:

    worked like a charm. I have 4g now.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      That is great news.
      if you could share any speed results before and after that would really help the other readers. If you ran speed test, you can look in the app, it saves a history.

  81. christopher says:

    it went back to 15.6 but its still show 3g help

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Christopher
      Did you follow the instructions to do a Reset All Settings?
      Also if you could share any speed results before and after that would really help the other readers. If you ran speed test, you can look in the app, it saves a history.

  82. Devan says:

    Time after time, browsing many different sites i finally figured out how to get it to work.
    I updated my carries settings when my iphone 5 told me i had a update and i lost 4G and the speeds on straighttalk. I called the CSR many of times to be told i didnt have 4G where i lived, which i do with AT&T. I restored my iphone, then restored from icloud, not itunes. My phone then said HOME LTE with carrier AT&T 15.5. IT WORKED! Very simple.
    1. Back up your phone to icloud.
    2. Restore your phone through itunes.
    3. Use your icloud to restore everything.
    4. BAM! Should be done, saying HOME 4G or LTE.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Devan,
      Great news. Nice fix. I like having carrier TFW 15.6 so I don’t need to SIM swap or use APN profiles though.
      I’d encourge others to try this method too if they don’t want to directly install TFW 15.6 again.

    • Donadruid says:

      muchas gracias Devan ise todo lo que dijiste y si me funciono pude volver a tener home 4g lte

      muchas gracias

    • DJ says:

      Thanks for your help on this. When all was said and done it restored my iPhone to ATT 15.5 instead of 15.6. In any case, though, it also restored my speed to 4G and after several tests using Speedtest all is good again.

      Thank you for hosting this website and thank you for providing several ways to restore my iPhone to its maximum operating speed. If only Straight Talk had been able to do so!

  83. JJ says:

    Thanks Bob It works for me.

  84. woody says:

    says firm ware is not compatible.. I have an iPhone 5 (ATT)
    every sense the update i cant get email or internet if not connected to wi-fi…

    I need to fix this..

    Thanks in advance

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Woody,
      I might be able to help you. can you describe the problem you had a little more clearly?
      You used a Mac? A PC? what version of iTunes? You got the error message on your computer? The phone? What was the exact message?

      • woody says:

        I got it.. I copied the wrong line into cmd… thanks… still have no data or internet.. updated the apns and using a pc/win8 and the latest version of itunes.. im about over net10

  85. Sachin says:

    Thanks Bob,
    Worked for me (4S, Factory Unlocked, Straight Talk) back to TFW 15.6 and my upload and download speeds are significantly improved. 4G is showing up too :)

  86. Adam K says:

    When you download the file…if you are using windows it treats it as a .zip file…..when you download save as to your desktop and change the extension to .ipcc

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Adam,
      I use Chrome on my Windows 7 64 bit computer. It downloads a .ippc file? what browser and version of windows are you using?

      Update: I tried Internet Explorer… it downloads a zip file.


    • Jermink says:

      What do I do after I change the extension to .ipcc? Cause I’m still having the same problem.. I hold shift & check for updates after & it still doesn’t bring up the folder.

      • Bob Thompson says:

        Hi Jermink
        I don’t know what the issue you are having is. Did you type the commands into the command prompt correctly? What version of iTunes are you running? I have two windows PCs. One has iTunes 10, the other has the latest iTunes but doesn’t recognize I have plugged in an iPhone.

  87. Dave says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. I was quite put off after running the pushed 15.7 update and “loosing” my 4G label. Immediately I perceived slower speeds. I’m a bit OCD and run the app A LOT. I ran it after the update and didn’t notice a big difference in the speeds I was getting. I’ve now ran through your tutorial and have my 4G label back. Subsequent Speedtests have revealed that really not that much has changed. Hmm.

    I’ve work in IT and have dealt with mobile phones for many years. I’m new to the whole MVNO thing – like StraightTalk. I was a bit surprised when setting up the service on my iPhone 4S that I had to install a “profile”. Why exactly is this needed? If StraightTalk is only reselling services on major providers’ networks, why don’t I just see the name of the provider I’m using on my phone (AT&T in my case)?

    I’ll keep running Speedtests periodically and see if I can notice any trends in data. From what I’ve read on this site I’m going to guess that I’ll get fairly random results.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Dave,
      You are welcome. Yes. The the carrier speed indicator is distracting if you rely on it as the only indicator of network performance. You wouldn’t do that as an IT guy right? :-)

      The MVNO thing is not that hard to understand. They are buying AT&T service and bulk and reselling it, but they are not using the same back end systems for data and MMS. The problem has been that the iPhone would think your Straight Talk SIM was an ATT SIM and program the values needed for ATT, which are wrong for straight talk. TFW 15.6 fixes this some people by programing a set of APN and MMS setting that work for some of their customers. Older customers and using a few different combinations.

      From a business standpoint, If I were ATT I wouldn’t want a Straight talk phone to show ATT if they were not my retail customer. If I was Straight Talk or Net10. I wouldn’t have setting for TFW (Tracfone Wireless) as the name either. I’d want to brand what is displayed.

      Think of it like having to set the IP address, DNS, and gateway on your PC because the backend or client was configured correctly to get DHCP to work right.

      Anyway, glad to hear you are going again.

      • Dave says:

        Thanks Bob. After several speed tests today I noticed no improvement after going back to 15.6, but as I had mentioned, I’m not sure that going to 15.7 made any difference to start with. I’ve updated back to 15.7, figuring that the update was created and pushed out for some reason. I’ve kept the 15.6 firmware around in case my OCD kicks in again on a rainy day.

        Thanks again for your help.

        • Bob Thompson says:

          Hey Dave,
          Thanks for the update. I think this is true for many. They see the 3G and fear they are not getting as fast a connection. The people really affected by the update are getting worse than 2G speeds and its obvious.

          Check smartphonematters first, next time your iPhone pops up a carrier update.

  88. Zach says:

    I trying for hours to get it to work and seem to not be working I have Window 64bit & iTunes 11.0.3

  89. Great workaround… it took me about 2 minutes to complete the process!

    Only had to restart my iPhone and it was back to 4G.. connection speed is back to normal!

    Thanks a lot!.. I was suffering for couple of day.. because the speed and having to see that stupid 3G sign there!

    Cheers… OddO

  90. Paul says:

    It worked for me. I still have spotty speeds, but the reached as high as 9 down and 1 up. Got my 4g badge back and MMS is working. Thanks Bob, very kind of you to help us out.

  91. Makay says:

    It has been several hours since I reverted back to the 15.6 carrier update. I noticed that even after doing so that my phone would often say 3g in places where it would previously say 4G. I went into set up and reset all settings and restarted my phone. Since then it has shown 4G and LTE has it had previously done. Speeds have also improved again to what they were prior to the update. With 15.7, I would never get above 3.5 mbps even with LTE and most of my tests would be below 2.5 mbps. After reverting back, my 4g speeds are probably slightly improved; however, my LTE speeds have reached up to 9-10 mbps as they were prior to the update. This is where I have seen the biggest change between the carrier updates. Also, for those of you who didn’t not have any change in speed but miss the 4G label at the top, this solution should work for you in getting that back.

    Thanks again Bob for the work.

  92. Makay says:

    Just completed and shows that I am back to 15.6. I do have the newest version of itunes which is I followed the directions as stated above. However, the first time I was clicking on the help tab at the top of itunes and checking for updates with iTunes which was not working. I guess I misunderstood. However, if you go into your iPhone to the summary page where it will show that you have ios 7.0.4 for your phone and hold shift while clicking on check for updates it will work as stated. I then powered my phone off and then back on and it states I have 15.6.

    Thanks Bob.

  93. Makay says:

    I just tried to revert back as well with no success. I have windows 64 bit. Copied and pasted the commands in the commands prompt as stated. No error messages appeared. Opened iTunes and cried to hold shift and click on check for updates but it just automatically checked for updates and stated that I have the newest version of I tunes as stated by another user above.

  94. Chad Barr says:

    I attempted the restore using Itunes Unfortunately I had no luck with this attempt. I will continue to monitor the site for other options. Thank you Bob for all your help! I know your on top of it.


    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hey chad,
      What happened? Where you unable to downgrade to tfw 15.6? Or you did but there was no improvement?

      • Chad Barr says:

        I was unable to install TFW 15.6. Everything was fine until I held the shift key and clicked “check for updates.” Itunes notification read “The version of iTunes (11.1.3) is the current version.” I assume the newer version will not allow this modification. Hope this helps.


        • Chad Barr says:

          OK I tried it again using the suggestions from a fellow poster “Makay” and it worked perfectly. I was attempting to update iTunes in the wrong location under the “help” icon on the left side of iTunes. Once I tried it like the above poster it worked great and I now have TFW 15.6 with 4G showing on the phone screen. I haven’t had a chance to check speeds yet but I will get back with you.

          Thanks again Bob for your help…and thanks Makay for your post!

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi chad,
      I had iTunes 10 on windows. The other reader said he had iTunes 11.1.3 on windows 64 bit and he was able to do it. Are you familiar with the command prompt? Do you thing you typed the commands is correctly? Were there error messages?

      I did read that you might not be able to install the carrier update with versions of windows greater than 11, but both the other reader and I were able to.

      If you want to work on this further. Let me know. If you want to wait, that is ok too.


      • Chad Barr says:

        Yay I got it. Followed the advice of the above poster Makay and now I have TFW 15.6 with 4G on the phone screen. I haven’t tested the download and upload speeds yet but I will keep you posted.

        Thanks again Mr. Bob and also thanks Makay for your helpful post!

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