How to Setup Straight Talk Data and MMS for your Android or other Smartphone

These help pages show you how to set up your data, internet, MMS picture messages, and group texts for Straight Talk and Net10 Wireless using their AT&T-compatible network or T-Mobile-compatible network.  They explain how to set up your phone’s APN settings.

Check the APN guides to see if we have a complete guide for your specific phone. If not these help pages, while not as detailed, may be enough to help.

These pages will not help you if your phone is using Straight Talk or Net10 Wireless’ Verizon-compatible or Sprint-compatible networks.


Straight Talk Wireless APN Setup Help

BLU Tank 4.5  –  Android 4.1

BLU Studio 5s – Android 4.1.2

 Samsung Galaxy S II – Android 2.3

Help Setting up Straight Talk Data and MMS on an CMDA Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket – Android 4

Help with Straight Talk Data and MMS APNs for Android 4.2.2

Huawei Ascend – Android -4

Motorola Moto G – Android 4.3

Motolora Moto X – Android 4.3

Samsung Galaxy Mega – Android 4.2

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Android 4

LG Optimus E980 – Android 4.1.2

423 comments on “How to Setup Straight Talk Data and MMS for your Android or other Smartphone
  1. Deas1997 says:

    I made a comment earlier, however I might have typed my email address in so quick that it was wrong, hope you get this correction thanjs

  2. Jeff says:

    I have a att Lg E980 phone switched it to straight talk and can’t receive or send picture from my phone. And i did what if said to do but still dont work..

  3. Ashley says:

    I have an AT&T unlocked GSM Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini that i have switched over to straight talk, using a Straight Talk AT&T SIM. I can send/receive MMS and use my data just fine…Got all my settings correct. Thing is i can not send/receive calls!! Its very frustrating. Every once in a blue moon it will send out a call, most of the time not though. Any ideas??

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Ashley,
      that is pretty weird. I don’t know what would be causing that. You could try backing up the phone, and doing a factory reset. Making sure the phone has the latest software update. Double check you have the ATT SIM and confirm that the ATT network works well in your area.

      Other than that, you’ll need to call Straight Talk and report the issue. Try to get their to escalate the problem to their Tier 2 technical support.

  4. Tokevelli says:

    like everyone else Im having issues with mms on straight talk… Im using a Chinese MP-H118 with the ATT compatible straight talk sim card in it…. regular text, data such as Fbook or youtube, phonecalls and all my apps work just fine… just cant send or receive pix…. I really appreciate if you can help but if its irreparable please let me know, Ive tried 3 apn settings since Ive done this before but this is the first time I couldn’t get a Chinese phone to work for me…. thank you for your time…

  5. Anya says:

    I have an iphone 5 and downloaded the APN settings for Tmobile according to the setup instructions, yet I am still unable to send MMS. What do I do?

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