New Guide: How To Change Your iPhone’s Carrier from TFW 15.7 back to TFW 15.6 for Straight Talk and Net10 Customers


I wrote a new guide How To Change Your iPhone’s Carrier from TFW 15.7 back to TFW 15.6 for Straight Talk and Net10 Customers

If you updated to TFW 15.7 and your data got much slower you might what to try changing back to TFW 15.6. I can’t promise it will fix your data issues, but will revert you Carrier to TFW 15.6

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  1. ipohne says:

    did u ever find the link to get at%t 15.0 back

  2. Kim says:

    I’m using AT&T iPhone 4S and 3rd party unlock

  3. Kim says:

    I also noticed that there is 2 apn profiles on the phone. Apn Carrier settings change the apn to metropcs and the other is Chinasnow. could this also be a problem

  4. Mike says:

    Hi. I bought a used carrier unlocked at&t Iphone 4s on ebay. I also bought a micro sim from the StraightTalk website. I just put the the sim in and changed the APN settings from and its activated my phone. The status bar said At&t service with 4G. I was really thrilled. I was running iOS7.04 i think and I updated it to 7.1 and when I turned on my phone the service carrier changed to TFW 3G. I tested the speeds, and I’m pretty sure it changed for the bad. How can I get back on at&t’s 4G through StraightTalk? Thanks

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Mike,
      Unfortunatley. No. your phone has something called a carrier profile. The 3G indicator was introduced in an update called TFW 15.7. On iOS 7.0.x, you could reinstall TFW 15.6. iOS 7.1 isusing TFW 16.0, and you can’t use this to install TFW 15.6, it doesn’t work.

      • Mike says:

        I think you misunderstood my question. I used to get AT&T network on and old AT&T iphone through a Straight Talk sim. When I put the Sim in, I got a text message from AT&T saying my phone is ready to receive calls. I also had 4g service all the time. Since I updated my iOS from 7.0 to 7.1, I no longer get AT&T 4g service, but instead get TFW 3g only. Is there a way to revert back? I tried restoring my phone, reset settings, take out sim, re-update. No luck. My iphone carrier used to read ATT. Now it say TFW. Any help? Thank you

        • Bob Thompson says:

          I understand your question. When you updated iOS 7.1, you updated your Carrier to TFW 16.0. Your iPhone using iOS 7.0 was using carrier ATT 15.5 or ATT 15.6. Straight Talk released TFW 15.6 which changed your ATT or HOME in the status bar to TFW (Tracefone Wireless). They then released TFW 15.7 which changed the 4G indicator to 3G. On 7.0, you could downgrade the carrier ang get the 4G indicator back.
          With 7.1 the carrier was updated to TFW 16.0 and you can’t downgrade it. The post you left you comment on is about downgrading the carrier.

          I currently don’t have a solution to downgrade the carrier on 7.1 or downgrade 7.1 to 7.0. I am currently looking for a solution to downgrade the carrier, if I find it ‘ll post to the site.


  5. Vince says:

    Hi Bob , may I know is there any ways to downgrade carrier settings on iOS 7.1 ? help needed !

  6. Holly Tyson says:

    My phone keeps changing from TFW to 3G and when it does I can’t send or recieve pictures or do a lot of things I can with TFW. How do I get it to stay on that.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Holly,
      I not sure I unsestand what you are saying. You phone should always show a network name such as HOME or TFW. When you have a cellular date conenction it will show a LTE, 4G, 3G, or E depending to which speed network you are connected to. I have never seen a case where there is no network name show and a 3G indicator shown.

      Can you send me a screenshot?
      How to Take a Screen Shot on Your iPhone

  7. Holly Tyson says:

    Can’t get pic messages or send them and get zero service. My phone went from TFW which I do everything but my phone went back to 3G and there’s no updates available.

  8. dan says:

    hello bob,if i downgrade my ios7.0.4 to 7.0.3 it will help me to get back my HOME 4g carriier? im tired searching to fix my data connection verysucks,,i think this is the way to fix my data net

  9. dan says:

    anyone have problem net in straighttalk,mine is very slow i cnt use my net 3days now im just using wifi

  10. dan says:

    i try this my 3g back to 4g but nothing happen very slow i cnt use it! when i used 4g before is very fast no problem! when i upgrade my iphone this is happen very slow anything solution?

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi dan,
      I am not sure what you are trying to say. Did you follow the link in the post and revert from TFW 15.7 to TFW 15.6?

      • dan says:

        yea i followed the instruction and i did it,but my data is very slow i mean the 4g connection

        • Bob Thompson says:

          Hi Dan,
          Did you try a Reset All Settings after you reverted to TFW 15.6?

          • dan says:

            yes i reset all setting i did it yesterday nothing change at all my data connection is very slow my phine is iphone 4s

          • dan says:

            how do i back my 4g data connection i cnt use my connection is really slow i cant search in internet and warching youtube

          • Bob Thompson says:

            Hi Dan,
            Read the guide I wrote. The link is in the article.

          • dan says:

            yea idid it,i got back my 4g to 3g data now and i reset all setting but is very slow too. anyhting solution? because when first used straightalk i have no problem to the data connection is very fast,thnks

          • Bob Thompson says:

            Hi Dan,
            Which iPhone are you using? Have you run speedtest> Can you? So at least we know how slow it is. This is the first report I have heard of a phone getting slow after moving to TFW 15.7 and staying slow after going back to TFW 15.6. You see TFW 4G in the status bar?


          • dan says:

            yea i see the TFW 4g in my status my phone is iphone 4s im new in straight talk my frst use straight talk i see the HOME 4g status i have no problem in my data mms its very fast and i decide to restore my iphone after i status change to TFW 3g i do this tutorial i got back my 4g status but its same to TFW 3g srry for english

  11. Frankey says:

    Hey I have the iPhone 4S it’s a att phone that I changed over to s talk. I had 4g now I have 3G very slow now it happen after I got a msg saying new update can u help?

  12. dylan says:

    Would someone know how to turn off the notification for carrier updates off? It comes up 3-5 times a day atleast since I reverted to 15.6

    Thanks in advance
    ps iPhone 4S model

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Dylan,
      Good question. I don’t know. My phone doesn’t ask me 3-5 times a day. Rarely I think. iTunes asks all the time. I don’t use iTunes so I just usually dismiss it and iTunes whenever it launches.

  13. john mills says:

    i have tried this several times and iTunes keeps telling me my phone couldn’t be updated because the firmware file isn’t compatible. I renamed the file and did everything step by step several times. any advice please?

  14. Ben Dickson says:

    My iPhone 5 went from 4 to 3G after this upgrade. How do I revert back?

  15. Skip B. says:

    Hey Bob,
    It seems that you are very very knowledgeable on these very mind cluttering situations for a lot of us with this phone situation. My wife has the iPhone 4S and I have the 5 that has absolutely drove us crazy. Is there a possibility of us sending you these phones and get them straightened out for us. And of course the time is compensated for.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Skip,
      I am not offering support services via mail at this time. I am help you through the website or email. I often take the time to help readers to so that I can better understand the problems they are having and improve my website.

      If you leave me a comment detailing the issues you are having I might be able to help you.


      • Skip B. says:

        I can completely understand that Bob. I really do appreciate your response. We’ll here we go; I have the iphone 5 with the version 6.0.2. My wife’s phone is the 4s is getting the screen replaced so I do not have that version at the moment. They are both AT&T phones that we had put on straight talk. For the second time I have lost my mms picture and internet and can not get it back doing the t Mobil sim which is how we have done it both times. Can you please steer me in the right direction on what to do with these phones? Texting works and the phone, but that is it. Do we need to update the versions? Please help…….

        Thank you in advance Bob,
        Skip B.

        • Bob Thompson says:

          Hi Skip
          Here is what I would do.
          I’d remove any APN profiles installed on my iphone. See the guide if you don’t know how.
          I’d then go into into Settings->General->Reset and do a Reset All Settings
          I’d SIM swap again and use the following settings
          APN: tfdata
          APN tfdata
          MMS: Proxy
          MMS Max Message Size: 1048576
          MMS UA Prof URL:

          Test data and MMS in both directions and let me know if it works.

          • Skip B. says:

            No luck Bob, no luck. After you put the t-mobile sim in are you suppose to at least have a signal?do I need to update to the new iOS and if I do what is the best way to do it. My last phone 4s froze and that was it….
            I really appreciate again in advance Bob….

  16. MacSKY says:

    Greetings All:

    This website is awesome and is a great resource for those wanting to break free of contracts and bring their iPhone to a prepaid carrier such as Straight Talk. I wanted to add a couple of quick notes to the discussion because there were some other issues with an iPhone 4s that I was having which the downgrade to 15.6 fixed.

    I recently brought two AT&T GSM iPhones, one a 5 and the other a 4s to Straight Talk. After a fairly straight forward conversion to ST, I received the “Carrier Update Available” notice, which I quickly accepted and installed. My iPhone 5 didn’t experience too many issues other than I noticed if I wasn’t in LTE, my phone was reverting to 3G instead of 4G. I should add, before I go any further that I’m in a wonderful AT&T zone with LTE lit up in most of my coverage area and certainly all 4G. I can honestly tell you that I haven’t seen the 3G symbol lit up on my iPhone probably since AT&T had Apple change the devices to read 4G instead of 3G. I also want to add that I have no idea if my speeds were effected when my phone read 3G vs 4G, I just feel more confident when it reads 4G.

    My iPhone 4S was a different story. It was constantly in 3G once the 15.7 update was installed, but the biggest issue was with calls. All calls on the first attempt went directly into voicemail. For example, you dial my wife up, it would ring once, then go directly into voicemail. She would receive a missed call notification but no voicemail notification. She would have to physically check her voicemail to see if someone had left a message. Here’s the weird part, right after getting her voicemail, you just needed to hang up and call right back and the call would go through as normal.

    So after some Google research, I stumbled across this website and discovered the downgrade fix. I can confirm to you that after downloading and reinstalling the 15.6 carrier settings, this fixed all of my problems with both phones. If you’re having issues, please consider downgrading to 15.6 until they patch another update. I will continue to add to this site as well as I discover new things.

    On a general Straight Talk note, I would add that so far the service has operated just as well as my time on AT&T. I know it’s the same network, but companies do such a good job branding their services, it actually made me nervous to switch. But I can say without a doubt, I see myself on Straight Talk for a while unless something drastically changes or something better comes along.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hello MacSKY,
      Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed comment sharing your experience. I am glad to hear that you were able to follow the instructions to downgrade to TFW 15.6 and that it fixes the issues with at least one of your iPhones. I wanted to add that when readers take the time to share their experience, everyone benefits. I really didn’t notice a problem with my phone with TFW 15.7. I was able to revert my phone to TFW 15.6 and to share with all of you how to do it, I have to rely on the readers to tell me if going back to TFW 15.6 solves problems.

      And thanks for sharing your overall impression of Straight Talk. I created this site to help people with their smartphones and make informed decisions regarding prepaid wireless.

  17. Keith says:

    you rock! I spend two weeks and 14 phone calls to Straight Talk trying to get my iPhone4s back to 4G. Noone had a clue as to the problem. I find this site, and Viola! I now have 4G! It did take using Firefox to download the file, but it was worth it.
    Thank you for the early Christmas present.

  18. I did the downgrade to 15.6 and have my 4G and LTE back! Thanks for the guide!

  19. Jared says:

    I’ve update to 7.0.4 and to the 15.7 carrier update and lost 4g. I can only get 3g speeds now. I did the above and downgraded to 15.6 carrier setting and now only getting E and 3g were i was getting 4g before i updated to 7.0.4 and the carrier setting. I dont know what else to do should the straight talk profile be in my phone after updating. Before i would have to eneter the apn settings which is not there no just a straight talk carrier profile.

  20. jake says:

    It asks for a password. I really would love to know how to do this since my phone was downgraded from 4g to 3g after the update. Thanks

  21. Matnice says:

    It ask for password bob

  22. Ricardo Echeverria says:

    Can you tell me how can I change 15.7 apn net 10 for the 15.6 apn?
    I used to have 4G and now I have 3G


    • Bob Thompson says:

      Did you read the post and follow the link?

      • Adriaan says:

        Hey Bob, I’m having problems even opening the file. Any time i click on the link above, i receive the error message that the file cannot be open because it isnt in the correct format? Is there another link i can try? Thanks!

        • Bob Thompson says:

          If you downloaded the file using Internet Explorer, it changed the file extension from .ipcc to .zip. Change it back, or use Firefox or Chrome to download the file.

  23. Chris says:

    It asks for a password bob

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