Straight Talk Has Add-On Data

Did you know that Straight Talk now has add on data?

I didn’t until recently.

I recently switched to Straight Talk’s $35 Plan with Unlimited Talk and Text with 2 GB of high speed 4G LTE data. And when I did I updated Straight Talk’s My Account app because I hadn’t used it in a long time. While checking out the app, I decided look around and when I tapped Buy Airtime I saw an option for Data Add On.

There are two options, one to add 1 GB for $5 and another to add 2 GB for $10. The app shows the data lasts for zero days but what they really mean is that this data does not expire. Now I haven’t tried this option yet, so I don’t know if it works so I still need to do that. But I was really surprised to see this option and even more surprised its not listed in the plan features on the This feature is a big deal for people that sometimes run out of data.

Five dollars is a pretty good price for add on data. I would have like to see them match Total Wireless’s 3GB for $10 though. They aren’t offering you a better price for adding 2GB here, perhaps it’s now just simpler to buy more data than having to constantly add and pay for data in 1GB increments.

So Straight Talk’s add on data is $5 per GB, half the price of tracfone’s $10 GB. It’s still not a good a deal as Total Wireless’ 3Gb for $10. And you know I am now wondering if Net 10 has added this feature too.

Alright what about you? Have you tried adding data to your Straight Talk account? Did it work? Any side effects? Leave a comment below and share.

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