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Welcome to my Straight Talk Deals and Special Promotions page. If you are thinking about buying a phone, SIM, or mobile hotspot from Straight Talk, check out the links below for the latest offers. These links are affiliate links, if you use these links there is no added cost to you, but you’ll be helping support smartphonematters.

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  1. lynn | | Reply

    straight talk is staying to stink big time…..

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Lynn,
      Prepaid wireless service isn’t right for everyone. I generally tell people to decide which features and service are most important to them and choose a wireless service accordingly. What specific issues are you having with Straight Talk?

  2. Annette Zeter | | Reply

    I just bought an iphone 5s on ATT network and then I ordered a nano sim for ATT from Walmart. I switched from my 4S that works great. After switching, it seems if I have the phone on lte enabled I don’t have very good signal strength, but if I turn it off and go to 3g my signal is strong. Why does lte affect signal strength? Anything I need to change to get a good signal and lte?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Assuming your 4s was on the ATT network. It’s possible that the ATT network has decent 3G / 4G coverage in your area, but not great LTE coverage. Do any your friends have an ATT iPhone 5 or 6? Yo
      can try their SIM in your phone at the same location and see if you have an issue.
      You can also try resetting your phone, See Resetting All Your iPhone’s Settings

      Try your phone with the ST sim in near an ATT store in a busy area and see if you get LTE. Some areas have dead spots.

      Also I suggest you try using SpeedTest to measure the performance of your data connection, so we can measure the speed. I had one reader that was getting very fast 3G speeds, faster than many people’s LTE speeds.
      Using SpeedTest to Measure Your Internet Speed

  3. msande7 | | Reply

    hi, Bob-
    I’m a current straight talk customer. I brought my own phone, iPhone 4s to straight talk and I’m very happy with the service. My iPhone 4s is on the ATT network with straight talk.

    I am ready to buy an iPhone 5s and I see a refurbished one on the Walmart website for $395. It also comes with one month of straight talk service.

    will this refurbished phone be locked to straight talk?
    How can I tell which network the phone will use?
    do you know what type of warranty comes with a refurbished iPhone from Walmart?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi msande7,

      1. Is the phone locked?
      I don’t know for sure. I don’t think so. It’s an ATT phone it should work with any ATT network, just like a locked ATT iphone works with Straight talk att. My bet is it’s unlocked.

      2. How can I tell which network the phone will use?
      I looked on the straight talk site. They have the same deal. I could not tell by looking at the website. I contacted Straight Talk customer service by chat. They told me it’s the ATT network. It’s listed as supporting 4G LTE so I believe it.

      3. what about the waranty?
      On the Straight Talk website, it states it’s a 90 warranty through Straight Talk.

      So is this a good deal?
      It’s pretty good i think. It’s $150 cheaper than a new phone on the straight talk site. It’s $200 cheaper than new from Apple. You could buy a used phone on eBay or Craigslist for less, but you won’t get a warranty, at least from most sellers. I didn’t ask them what the return policy was. The phone does not includedearbuds, it does come with the usb cable and charger. Straight Talk told me the phone includes the Straight Talk ATT nano SIM.

      If you buy this phone, when you get it transfer your current service to the Straight Talk ATT nano SIM and put it in the iPhone. Use the $45 refill card for your next 30 days of service.

      Finally, if you buy the phone from Straight Talk, using the link on my Straight Talk page Straight Talk, you’ll be helping to support this web site. As far as I could tell, the price is exactly the same.


      • msande7 | | Reply

        Bob, Thank you so much for the detailed response. One more question before I punch the buy button. Do the refurbished iPhones have a one year apple warranty? I thought apple backed all refurbished products but I’m not sure; so thought I would ask. Straight talk had to buy these phones from someone….hopefully, apple.

        Definitely going through your site for the buy. Your site is priceless to folks like me who are not so tech savvy and need help/advice.

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          Hi msande7,
          If you buy an apple refurbished product from Apple there is a one year warranty. I don’t see any refurbished phones on though.
          The iPhones on the Straight Talk’s site say the warranty is 90 days through Straight Talk. A 90 day warranty is pretty standard on reconditioned products. I don’t have experience with Straight Talk’s warranty service, but I’d think they would be ok.

          I am not sure I mentioned it in my last response, but one comment I read mentioned the phones come in a plain white box. Not an apple box. Again this is pretty standard for reconditioned products. Finally, I did a quick search on eBay. Used 16GB iPhone 5s phones are selling for between $250 and $350 or more, so a 90 day warranty on a reconditioned phone is a reasonable deal.


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