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Check out the current TracFone Deals and Promotions below.

TracFone Deals Wireless Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP)

If you read, you know I am a big fan of prepaid wireless plans where you bring your own phone, or BYOP. If you want to sign up for TracFone you’ll need to order a SIM kit and then activate your your and buy a service plan.

Order a SIM kit from TracFone Online
Free Overnight Shipping or Free Ground Shipping when you buy a BYOP 4G LTE SIM kit or BYOP 4G LTE SIM kit bundle (4G LTE SIM kit + airtime card)
Get a SIM Card for only $1! Now with FREE Overnight Shipping!

If you activate your phone with TracFone, consider using my link below. You’ll help support at no additional cost to you.
Click here to activate your TracFone Wireless BYOP SIM Kit

Buy a TracFone Smartphone

While I am a big fan of BYOP, not everyone already has a phone to bring to TracFone. Check out the current deals below on TracFone phones.

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