Verizon Wireless Deals and Promotions

When you sign up or switch to Verizon Wireless Prepaid, you’ll need a smartphone and to buy and activate a service plan. Use the links below to buy a smartphone from Verizon or order a Bring Your Own Device SIM card if you are going to use your own phone. When you use the links on the page you’ll help support at no addition cost to you.

Verizon Wireless Prepaid offers excellent value with their prepaid wireless service and is an excellent choice if the Verizon network works best in your area. Verizon Wireless Prepaid offers a several excellent prepaid wireless plans if you need unlimited talk, text, and cellular data. The prices of their plans vary depending on how much high speed 4G LTE data is included with the plans. If you use up all your high speed data during your billing cycle you’ll still have slower reduced speed data or you can purchase more high speed data.

Walmart Promotion

Note as of the August 2017, Walmart and Verizon Wireless are running a special promotion where if you sign up for Verizon Prepaid at Walmart, you’ll receive an additional 1 GB of promotional data per month added to your account. See my article and videos on about this promotion or visit

This page contains affiliate links. When you use these links you’ll be helping to support at no additional cost to you.

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