Why Does My Straight Talk and Net10 iPhone Show TFW Instead of HOME

I wrote this article over two years ago and I recently I noticed that a lot of people are still reading it, but I am not sure why. This change happened two years ago. If you are having a problem with your iPhone leave reply below and let me know and I’ll update the article.

If you are curious about the name in the status bar, keep reading, but it’s not that interesting.

The carrier name displayed in your iPhone’s status bar is a setting that Apple lets the wireless companies make on your iPhone. TFW stands for Tracfone Wireless. Straight Talk, Net10, and Tracfone are all owned by the same company, America Movil. Think of Straight Talk, Net10, and Tracfone as three brands. The company chose to use one name for all three brands, that is TFW. If a wireless company didn’t pick a name to display in the status bar, it shows HOME.

Your Straight Talk, Net10, and Tracfone is using either the ATT, TMobile, or Verizon network. Last I checked, customers using the ATT or Verizon network will see TFW, while customers using the T-Mobile network see HOME.

I have heard from a number of readers recently that they have seen the Carrier name in their iPhone’s status bar change from HOME to TFW.  This appears to be part of a new carrier update that has been released.  I installed the carrier update on my iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.2  and you can see that updating my Carrier changed from AT&T 15.0 to TFW 15.6.

Both my data and MMS continued working after I installed the update. There is also a iOS update 7.0.3 currently available. If you updated to iOS 7.0.3 you may have automatically received  this TFW 15.6 update.

So the change to from HOME to TFW is ok. By the way, TFW stands for Tracfone Wireless. Straight Talk, Net10 and Tracfone are all owned by the same parent company.


148 comments on “Why Does My Straight Talk and Net10 iPhone Show TFW Instead of HOME
  1. Alegra Cooper says:

    I just got the service yesterday and now i can not make no phone calls out its saying no service and my sim is in my phone can you please please please get back to me ASAP and tell me what i should do

  2. andre says:

    ever since this happened my phone data has stopped working. whats wrong

  3. Tess says:

    It is a iPhone 6S Plus

  4. Tess says:

    It’s a 6S Plus

  5. Tess says:

    I’m having trouble with my cellular data. It shows that it’s turned on but gives me error messages when I try to connect with the web or anything that needs it when I’m not connected to a wi-fi. Straighttalk can’t seem to figure out why or what is going on. Anybody else have this issue?

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