Activating a Straight Talk iPhone on Tracfone

A reader, Alison, asks…

Hi Bob,
WalMart currently has Straight Talk branded iPhone 6 (32MB) for $199. Tracfone has no more iPhones available. Can I use those phones to replace my BYOP iPhone 4 & 4s? I seem to remember that when we bought our daughter the 6 last fall (from Tracfone’s website) it had a Straight Talk packaging.

Will I need to replace the Straight Talk SIM with a new Tracfone SIM?

My gut says buy one and try it, and then get the second. But I was hoping for better advice. The comments from the WM site are mostly that it can be done, but some say no. Thanks so much!

Hi Alison,
See my video response here..

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