Add 1 Year of Service to Your Tracfone Account

Did you know you can add 365 service days to your tracfone account? Well you can. Any time you minutes online, Tracfone offers you the option to add 1 year of service days for $49.99. As far as I can tell from looking on is that the only offer this option when you add a refill card. But this does make for some interesting options.

In January 2019 I noticed this option disappeared from as well as from Tracfone’s My Account. See Tracfone Discontinued $50 One Year Service Days Add On

Using Up Your Roll Over Minutes
Many long time Tracfone customers are carrying over 1000s roll over minutes, texts, and MBs of data. You can keep your minutes as long as your account is active so many people keep buying more minutes each year. But if you buy the least expensive service plan, say a $15 30 smartphone plan you can keep you service active for another year for $65. Not a bad deal as this could lower your overall yearly cost.

Low Cost Yearly Phone Service, Add Data as Needed
Buying a $15 smartphone plan and adding the $50 year of service is a an inexpensive way to keep your phone active. For $65, you have an active phone number with 200 minutes of talk, 500 text messages, and 200MB of data. While that is not a lot of service, you’ll be able to add 1GB of data for $10 and 1000 text messages for $5. That data and those text messages will rollover indefinitely as long as your account is active. If you don’t spend much time on the phone, this could be a nice plan especially since you can add data as needed.


  1. Don hopper | | Reply

    is it my understanding that if you use the plan for unlimited talk/text
    that it continues year after year; or am I reading something into this
    that says you have to “re-apply” at the end of each year??

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Tracfone offers different types of plans. The Unlimited minutes and text plans come with data and you must pay every 30 data. The unused data rolls over with active service. These plans are for smartphones. Tracfone also offers plans that come with minutes, text, mb of data and service days. The minutes, text, and data remain active for the number of service days on your plan and roll over when you add another plan.

      The phone you are interested in does not appear to be eligible for the unlimited talk (smartphone only plan). If you choose a phone that is eligible for the unlimited plan, you’ll spend a minimum of $20 per month for the least expensive plan. plus tax and fees.

  2. Don hopper | | Reply

    I am looking for new service… I don’t understand the service plan option.
    I am interested in unlimited talk text only, not data…
    If I choose the $20 basic offering that seems to be the plan;
    why would I choose a service plan of another 1,500 minutes, because
    what I would be using would be unlimited talk.????
    I see you require the service plan for the Doro 7050TL
    Why is that?
    am I correct in assuming that I can use the Doro for $20.00
    then add another $125 or less for a monthly total of about $31.00 plus taxes
    Thank you,

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      You choose either an unlimited plan or one with minutes. basic phones don’t offer the unlimited plans.

      If you buy the Doro you’ll need to add a service plan. If you are looking at a $125 plan offered for sale with that phone your math is correct. Other plans may only be for 30, 60, or 90 days. Be advised that a $125 plan only includes the number of minutes stated on the plan for the entire year.

  3. Gary Trowbridge | | Reply

    I need to extend my contract 1yr on two phone

  4. MamaFish | | Reply

    8/7/19 You must add something, anything, to your cart for the $49.99 one year of service option to appear under “more for your phone”. I added the $5 for 1000 texts, then got the option to add the year of service. Once both items were in the cart, I deleted the $5/1000 texts and it allowed me to proceed.

  5. Wyatt Erp | | Reply

    Not any more! Tried this Aug 2019 and the 365 Service days option is no longer offered 🙁

  6. Glen Hunter | | Reply

    I just added a year of time for $49.99 on three of my family’s Android tracfones. Unfortunately, my daughter has an ifone w/ tracfone service. The 49.99 option is not available for iphones on line or through their tech services. It’s just tracfone’s way of screwing ifone users. I’m very disappointed. I’m going to look into switching all my family’s phone to other carriers as their minutes expire.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I lost the one year year service days option on three different BYOP phones. Two were iPhones, one Android. Some of my readers with Tracfone iPhones say they still have the option. While I am really disappointed they removed the option. I don’t agree with you that tracfone is screwing iPhone users, or any customers. They have the right to offer whatever service plans they choose. That said, as consumers we all have the option to take our business elsewhere. You may find that you can find a better deal with a multi-line family plan. Do you know which Tracfone towers you are all using?

  7. BillB | | Reply

    Same as the others, we have a ton of minutes, texts, and data left but just needed another year of service. Thanks for this excellent tip where I just purchased the 1,000 texts and got a service add-on option. I then deleted the 1,000 texts from the cart and got my service extended for another year for $50 plus state tax.

    Thanks for this great tip.

    • CathyT | | Reply

      Thanks so much! This worked for me too. Purchased the $5 texts, added the $49.95 plan for 365 service days, then deleted the texts. Worked just fine; now updated to one more year service time. Great!! (Tracfone is being less than honest in not showing this as a straight stand-alone option.)

  8. Linda | | Reply

    This worked great! I chose $5.00 text only minutes, was offered 365 days for $49.99 and was able to use a tracfone promo code for additional 1000 text when purchasing $5.00 text. So – 2000 text plus 365 days for $58.89. Thanks so much!

  9. Glenda | | Reply

    I was having trouble getting my payment to process using Chrome, so I logged in with Internet Explorer, added the 365 Service Day package (49.99 plus tax), entered my info and it went through on the first try. I need to make a mental note of that for next year… The 365 Service Days option (without buying airtime) is ONLY available when you look at service plans for Basic Phones, it is not listed under Smartphone Plans. However, it will let you purchase it and it does add one year of service time. Great deal! Then you can purchase extra data, texts or talk as you need it…

  10. Jo Ann Ciecierega | | Reply

    Tracfone has made it impossible to get this offer, I have tried over and over again to get it, TracFone Chat says I can add the service days only for $49.99 by calling Customer service. Customer service says it is NOT available. First you have to buy a card with minutes, which I did, That makes me eligible to add on service days for $49.99 without paying for extra minutes that I do NOT need. Tracfone has some business practices that I feel are deceptive. I’m sorry I stuck with this company. I’ve been a regular customer for over 15 years! So disappointed!! Tracfone get your act together!!!!!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I don’t see the offer on Perhaps they don’t offer it anymore. I have a couple of videos that show how to add this to your order online but the option is gone. See Expensive Phone – Cheap Cell Service

      If you really want it, check out your local retail store that sells tracfone refill cards. If you can buy one in the store, you should still be able to add it to your account.

      I’ll have to look into this. While I’d be disappointed if they discontinued the one year add-on, they have every right to do so. That said, the online chat and phone support team should be able to just clearly tell you its no longer available.

  11. Amy Howell | | Reply

    If you dont need minutes/data/texts because you have so many already, add a refill option to your cart. Then go to your cart, select the 365-day airtime only plan for $49.99. Then, if you scroll up to your order, click the trashcan next to the refill plan. And, wala… only have the 365-day service days only option in your cart 🙂

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Thanks for the tip Amy. I’ll try this out.

      • Lynn | | Reply

        Does this work for smart phone plans? It is exactly what I need, but I do not see any options for “add service days only” at check out. 🙁 Please advise!

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          Yes. it works. when I add a $15 plan to my cart the 365 Extra Service Days $49.99 option is under MORE FOR YOUR PHONE. If you don’t need the service plan, you can then remove it from the cart after adding the service days.

  12. Mitch Scherer | | Reply

    As you say, I only found this offer as an option at checkout when I went to add a refill card. I also found that I could cancel the purchase of the refill card during checkout and still buy the 365 day service plan for $50; a good deal for me since I have rolled over more air time than I ever purchased on a single card and over 1.2 GB of data.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hey Mitch,
      Cool, nice find. Thanks for sharing that.

  13. jj | | Reply

    thanks for posting!! just bought sim and plan and will add as soon as I set up my phone!! happy to hear that the year service plan is still being offered!!

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