Adding Data To My Tracfone Account On The iPhone 6

In this show you how to add data to your Tracfone Bring Your Own Smartphone plan.

In my previous videos I signed up for Tracfone’s No Contract 90 Day Plan using my BLU Life One Android smartphone and the Tracfone ATT GSM LTE network nano SIM card. I also demonstrated using Tracfone the BLU Life One and later my iPhone 6 after moving the name SIM card.. Finally in my last video you saw the I ran out of data on the plan while measuring the network speed using the Speed Test App.

Since I ran out of data I went to my local kmart and picked up a 300 MB data only card for $10. The card says its for Android powered phones only but it should work with my iPhone too. I’m going to start by dialing *777*1# just to show you my data balance is zero megabytes. To use this data card I need to scratch off this silver stuff on the back of the card to reveal the air time PIN.

For this video I’m going to install the Tracfone My Account App from the Apple App Store and use that to add the data to my account. After installing the app, I entered my Tracfone account username and password, agreed to the terms of service, and let the app send me notifications. The app also prompted me to let it use TouchID for future logins.

After the app opened it showed my account dashboard and displayed my Service end date. After about 30 seconds, it updated and displayed my remaining MB of data, minutes, and text messages.

I used the app to enter my service pin from the card. After that the app returned to the dashboard but I did not see my the 300 MB of data added to my remaining data.

I dialed *777*1# from my phone’s keyboard again and confirmed the data was added to my plan. After making this video I checked the app again and my account balance had updated to show the 300MB of data.