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  1. Jen | | Reply

    I have AT&T, but I want to switch to Verizon Straight Talk, because the AT&T service in my area is horrible! Straight Talk says that I can’t do this, but I have been told that I can. If so, how do I do it?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      You need to have a phone that will work with the Verizon network and then you need to have check the phone’s MEID to make sure its eligible. What phone do you have?

  2. Greg | | Reply

    Good afternoon! I was wondering if by some chance do you happen to know if straight talk supports Apple Watch and galaxy gear watch? Thank you.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      they don’t. That’s a good question though.I don’t think any prepaid wireless company offers cellular service the Apple Watch or any other smart watch.

  3. Charity Dorsett | | Reply

    If I buy the iPhone XS Max unlocked and sim free from Apple and buy the Verizon BYOP kit will it 100% work and will I be able to transfer my number to the new sim I use from the kit?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      The SIM Free iPhone XS Max is compatible with Verizon. When you sign up, you’ll need to check the new phone’s MEID (serial number) with Verizon to make sure it’s eligible (it will be), then you can transfer your number to the new phone and SIM. The phone will support all the features available on Verizon prepaid. You’ll have 15 days to return the phone to Apple, if you have any problem.

      You do mean, Verizon’s prepaid service, not Straight Talk’s Verizon towers or Total Wireless, right?

      • Charity Dorsett | | Reply

        I have straight talk service and use Verizon SIM card so I will be buying the sim kit with Verizon so yes I meant with straight talks Verizon towers

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          When you get the phone from Apple you’ll need check the iPhone’s MEID with Straight Talk. You shouldn’t have a problem registering it with Straight Talk. If you do contact them via online chat and ask them to double check it.

          I also recommend taking a look at Total Wireless and Verizon prepaid to see if the plan prices or features better fit your needs.

  4. Peter | | Reply

    Do you work for TracFone? How did you get started on reviewing prepaid?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I couldn’t review prepaid wireless if I worked for Tracfone. I started doing this after I signed up for Straight Talk myself, I wrote up an article about how to set it up on an iPhone. People started asking my questions and I started answering them. Most of the questions where about straight talk and tracfone. I started doing reviews and then branched into youtube too.

  5. Shannon White | | Reply

    Can I use my straight talk flip phone sim in my new jitterbug flip phone? All I need is phione & text – no emergency services

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I don’t know. First, the SIM would need to fit, that is they would need to use the same size SIMs. Second the phones would need to be compatible. The Straight Talk phone either uses the ATT, Verizon, or T-Mobile towers. You’d need to figure out which one the jitterbug flip phone uses. If one or the other of these phones used the verizon towers it might not have a SIM. It’s possible that either or both Straight Talk and / or Jittebug have locked the flip phones to only be used with a specific SIM card. If you are able to try moving the SIM and see if it works.

      I am assuming you use a flip phone by choice? I am assuming you are using the Straight Talk $30 plan? FYI I think that Straight Talk $30 plan is a bad deal. You can get a plan with unlimited talk and text for way less than $30. Switching to a smartphone like the iPhone would give you an amazing camera and replace using a pocket camera for most stituation. You’d never need to use the other smart features.

  6. Brandon | | Reply

    Hey Bob, just giving you the heads up that Family Mobile made changes to their plans. All plans are now hotspot capable. The truly unlimited $49.98 plan now comes with 5 gigs of mobile hotspot which I assume is lte. I assume the the other plans’ hotspots are either capped or not lte since you would get more hotspot data on the lower plan. The lower plans just say hotspot capable but don’t have an amount listed. Not sure if you have to buy an add on to activate it or if the full amount of data can be used for mobile hotspot. The $39.98 plan has also increased from 9 gigs to 14 gigs. The plans just changed a week or two ago so I’ll let you know more once I get more details. I did notice when you text for usage it now lists the plan usage, plan balance, hotspot usage, hotspot balance, and add-on balance.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Thanks, I’ll have to check it out again. Its sort of the forgotten t-mobile prepaid service since tracfone took them over.

      • Brandon | | Reply

        My plan just renewed so now I have a little more information. I’m on the Truly Unlimited plan with 5gig mobile hotspot. Well the first thing I noticed when checking my plan details is that I actually have 10gigs of hotspot instead of 5gigs. Not sure if it is a glitch or error but I’m not going to question it. I will let you know if it changes next month but the hotspot works as advertised. I used it this weekend when I was out of town so ithe timing was perfect.

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          Cool, I still need to check this out. Kind of behind on doing updates. I appreciate you sharing.

  7. Ken | | Reply

    I have a new Iphone 6 from StraightTalk that I would like to use on Tracfone. Can I just swap my existing sim card and install it into my new phone? My sim card is now in an android Essential phone.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      In my experience, a tracfone ATT SIM card works, a tracfone T-Mobile one doesn’t, and verizon was does but with a catch. If you are using a Verizon SIM card, your phone’s MEID is registered with Tracfone. If you move the SIM, your old phone will still be the one registered and you can’t use it on the Verizon network any more. Also, the way the Verizon network works they want the MEID registered for any phone used on their network. It’s possible you could have issues. Some of my readers report being able to get Tracfone to activate Straight Talk phones on the Verizon network. But when I’ve checked my phone’s MEID it wasn’t eligible. Some say they spoke to customer service and got theirs activated.

  8. Finn | | Reply

    I am using an iPhone 5s and would like to switch from AT&T GoPhone to TracFone, Straight Talk or Something similar under the TracFone branding lineup. Which would be the best to choose from? I personally use an average of ~500 MB of data a month and spend a lot of time calling. Also, I’ve heard that there are multiple SIM Cards in the pack, so which would be the best for me? And, which plan?

      • Finn | | Reply

        Alright– I’ve chosen to bite the bullet and go for Straight Talk, however will iMessage siphon away at my data?

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          iMessage uses data for sure. I don’t know how many text messages and pictures you receive but for me it is an does not use that much data, especially if you use wifi at home or the office so I would not worry too much about that.

          Which plan are you interested in? Before you switch you might want to consider Net10Wireless and Cricket too. Both use the ATT network. With Cricket you’ll get 2GB for $30 and with Net10 you’ll get 4GB for $31.50 on autopay. On Straight Talk, you’ll get 3GB for $35 if you sign up and buy a new phone.

          Also note out of all these options only Cricket has visual voicemail, the others regular. Something to keep in mind.

  9. A. Pratt | | Reply

    Hello – We have Net10 wireless, and we want to upgrade my wife’s current BYOD phone from an iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6plus. What steps do I need to take with Net10 to seamlessly transfer our current service from one device to another? Many thanks!

  10. Maria Luisa Palafox | | Reply

    Can I switch. My info, data, still keep my wireless carrier but using this Microsoft phone? Had this phone now for a couple of years, but didn’t think I could use instead of phone I have my data on?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Maria,
      Without knowing exactly which phone you have, which wireless carrier you are currently using, and which wireless carrier you want to switch to its kinda hard to say.

  11. James Wilson | | Reply

    Pretty much i was with straight talk for 2 years with no problem speeds were fine but the one time i go over and get throttled down to 2g wich is unusable here my plan has never been the same since. So i figured im in college and i will probably keep going over that data cap so ill just buy unlimited and be done with it, But the service never returned to normal not even after i paid 55 dollars for unlimited. So i went from employee to employee at straight talk trying to find a solution but all they say is change your apn to this and to reset your phone. None of it works and somehow its still my phone or my apn settings no other possible solution from a straight talk employee

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I hear about this problem from time to time. Never experienced it myself. You did not mention what phone or which Straight Talk towers you are using which would be good to know. If possible, run a speed test on your phone, put your SIM in a buddy’s phone and run a couple speed tests. This will help you isolate the issue between the phone or the SIM. If your using their ATT or T-Mobile network, sometimes transferring your service to a new SIM will make it go away. On an iPhone, sometimes reseting the network settings. The experience is like your data was throttled and never reset after you upgraded plans. Just curious what APN are you using what did they tell you to use?

  12. Tony | | Reply

    Now that the new, just released iphones have E SIMS, can they immediately be setup on the TracFone service, as is, right after purchase?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      the new iPhones support dual SIM. one physical SIM, one e-SIM. You can use Tracfone with the Physical nano SIM slot

      And while the new iPhones have eSIM, it needs to be enabled in a forthcoming software update. I suspect that update will be soon but we don’t know. Last year the portrait mode on the X came in a software update after sale. Hopefully they don’t delay it longer. 2. eSIM requires carrier support. In the US, that’s ATT, Verizon, and T-Mobile only. No word yet on if or how a prepaid service can be used with e-SIM yet.

  13. Jake | | Reply

    I’ve been using Tracfone with a used iPhone (Verizon) bought on eBay and a Tracfone CDMA LTE SIM. Worked fine with LTE (top of iPhone home screen would read “Verizon LTE”). I then had an LTE access issue, so Tracfone had me replace my Tracfone (Verizon) SIM card with a new Tracfone-specific SIM card they sent me. Now the top of the iPhone home screen reads “TFW LTE”. But I soon ran into the same broadband issue again. (Turns out I misconfigured some iPhone app settings, so I resolved that issue.) I also noticed my original Tracfone CDMA LTE SIM packaging says it’s for “Used Verizon Smartphones.”

    So now I’d like to buy a brand new (Verizon) iPhone on eBay to replace my old (Verizon) iPhone on my Tracfone account. Some of those new iPhones on eBay are cheaper than at the Apple Store. But since the Tracfone SIM card specifically says it’s for “Used Verizon Smartphones,” does that mean I cannot use a new (Verizon) iPhone from eBay on Tracfone? I am unsure of the source of those new iPhones on eBay. Could some of those new iPhones on eBay be from Verizon customers selling an iPhone they got on one of those “Buy One Get One Free” iPhone deals? If so, could such an iPhone have a Verizon lock on it, preventing its use on Tracfone? So I guess the real question is: Is it too risky to buy a new (Verizon) iPhone on eBay for use on Tracfone? Would a new “Unlocked” iPhone on eBay work with Tracfone? Or should I only buy a SIM-free new iPhone directly from Apple? Is “SIM-free” the same as saying “unlocked?” Sorry for the million questions, it’s kind of confusing stuff. Thanks.

  14. Angel Kooken | | Reply

    I have an Apple iPhone 6s Plus that I bought on June 14, 2018. I had it hooked up to Metro PCS and they also are the ones that sold me the phone. I started having problems immediately when I left the store and it is supposed to have 4G LTE . But when I have cellular data turned on it says MetroPCS LP when I have data and voice turned on it says MetroPCS LTE 4G and when I have no cellular data turned on it says MetroPCS but when I have cellular data turned on it says MetroPCS LP when I have data and voice turned on it says MetroPCS LTE 4G and when I have no cellular data turned on it says MetroPCS E. which I guess is extended does anybody know what extended mean? and why the phone is not connecting to cellular LTE 4G it is an unlocked phone ….

  15. Angel Kooken | | Reply

    i just bought an unlocked iPhone 6s Plus on June 14. immediately after I left the store which happens to be Metro Pcs Help I noticed problems. won’t connect to the internet, won’t send messages(all types) CALLS FAIL, etc. however, it goes from saying METROPCS 4G LTE …to the letter E only. then it will say …just… PCS? what’s wrong with it? I have three other phones on the same plan they are all Annedroids on the MetroPCS 4G LTE and they’re all fine ….

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      You bought the phone three months ago.. June 14, when did the problem start? Make sure LTE is on in the settings. Find another phone with a nano SIM, swap them and see if the iPhone still has a problem or if the phone with your SIM stops working?

      • Angel Kooken | | Reply

        The problem started immediately after I had the phone the next day I called MetroPCS customer support. I’ve been trying to get the guy to replace the phone and tell him that somethings wrong with it but he made me take over 100 screenshots to prove that something was wrong with the phone then he wouldn’t answer my phone calls then I went in there for the 15th time in three months and he had me in tears so yesterday I had my brother go with me and my brother took care of it and I’m supposed to have a new phone by next Wednesday. That situation as a whole other story

      • Angel Kooken | | Reply

        I have been trying to get the phone replaced since then I have called MetroPCS 22 times and I have a store 15 times and the guy last time I was there he made me cry so I had went back in and then I have my brother go in there yesterday with me and he said I will have a new phone by Wednesday but I still understand why the phones doing it.. I have been trying to get the phone replaced since then I have called MetroPCS 22 times and I have store 15 times and the guy like him I was there he made me cry so I had went back in and then I have my brother go in there yesterday with me and he said I will have a new phone by Wednesday but I still understand why the phone is doing it .

      • Angel Kooken | | Reply

        he said he put a new Sim card in it for me he said he put a signal booster on it they refresh the network settings like six times And have you done all the troubleshooting he could possibly do

      • Angel Kooken | | Reply

        Do you know why it’s saying eight for extended instead of 4G LTE because the LT is on it’s when it’s on that I don’t connect to the Internet I can’t send messages but when I turn it off then it will send them but it’s super super smi do you know why it’s saying you for extended instead of 4G LTE because the LT is on it’s when it’s on that I don’t connect to the Internet I can’t send messages but when I turn it off then it will send them but it’s super super slow

  16. Noah Grove | | Reply

    Ok so I pre ordered the iPhone Xs Max sim free, and I have a iPhone 5 se currently with a sim that I already had a byop through straight talk from Verizon would I be better off just getting a new byop kit from Walmart and setting it up that way? Also I don’t know how to set up the byop with a sim free phone because with the straight talk byop it says theirs a sim for t mobile, at&t, verison SIM card but if it’s already a unlocked device which sim do I use because I’m not changeing it from one of those carriers. I’m leaning twords just getting the Byop kit because I don’t care about my old sim, I just don’t know how to set it up with a sim free device with the kit

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      With an unlocked iPhone Xs Max, you can choose the SIM card for the network you want your phone to use. (ATT, Verizon, or T-Mobile)

      1. Order a new Straight Talk Verizon SIM card directly from Straight Talk for a $1.
      2. When you get your new phone, check the MEID Checking If Your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S Is Compatible With Straight Talk’s Verizon Network
      3. when you get your SIM card, From straighttalk.com, choose the option to activate a BYOP phone
      4. Follow the steps
      5. when you choose to keep your number, Straight Talk will figure out you are transferring your number
      6. You should be good from there.

      If you are on the $35 or $45 plan and want to use the Verizon network consider Total Wireless
      If you want to use the T-Mobile network consider Simple Mobile.

      Both are a better deal than Straight Talk. Like Straight Talk both are owned by Tracfone.

      With the walmart kit you are paying for a plan card. Not sure what they charge for those kits now. but in the past you were payinhg an additonal $15 for additional SIMs.
      Last, if you order a Verizon SIM, order 2. If for some reason their is a problem when you sign up and need another SIM you’ll have it on hand and not need to wait for them to send you another SIM. Worth the extra buck.

  17. Susan | | Reply

    Im wanting transfer my current ST service on my att lg phone to a T-Mobile LG phone.. can i use the same sim & just change apn to use att towers Or do i have use t mobile network? Coverage isn’t that great with tmob in my area. If so can i do this online? Thanks so much for your time

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      If you T-Mobile phone is compatible with the AT&T network and unlocked yes. As I don’t know what model phone you have I can’t say if it is compatible. If the SIM from your att phone fits and the above is true, you can use the SIM. If the SIM doesn’t fit or if the SIM is a few years old you can order a new att SIM from ST for $1 and transfer your service to the new ATT SIM. That is easy.

      Most modern mid range and premium phone from AT&T and T-Mobile are fully compatible with both networks. Older or less expensive phones may not be. If the phone was from T-Mobile and it’s locked they may unlock it for free if the previous owner meet their unlocking policy.

      You can check if the T-Mobile LG phone is unlocked by putting any ATT SIM in it and see if you can make a call.

      I hope this helps.

  18. Reggie | | Reply

    Hi Bob!
    Hoping you can clear something up for me. I have an account with TracFone and I currently use an iPhone 4s(A1387) on the TracFone Verizon network. My daughter gave me an iPhone 5s(A1453) that’s out of contract with US Cellular. I believe the phone is unlocked because under Cellular in settings, Cellular Data Network is present and in that setting, APN is ‘usccinternet” with the original sim. I believe this is usually an indication that the phone is unlocked but she is going to take it to US Cell to check.

    I purchased a TracFone sim kit which had sims for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile and tried to switch my current phone over to the 5s using the AT&T sim. To make a long story short, it didn’t work. Got on a chat with TracFone and thought we had it worked out but still not able to make calls, text or message. I got on chat with another rep that said it looked like the sim was working but the phone was a CDMA phone and not compatible with the (GSM) AT&T network. I had the indicator for the cell signal strength followed by TFW and in the phone’s settings TracFone was listed as the network,but no communication. My understanding is that the A1453 5s is a CDMA and GSM capable phone and from the info I read it used frequencies and bands that should work with TracFone AT&T.

    Any insight you could give me would be greatly appreciated.



    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Reggie,
      I agree with your assesment about the US Cellular 5s. It should work with ATT. You are on the right track here. Have your daughter verify the phone is unlocked which I think needs to be checked at a US Cellular store. Next, make sure your new ATT SIM is working. If you can borrow an iPhone that uses a nano SIM, try your SIM in that phone. If you daughter has a US Cellular iPhone newer than 2014, here phone should be unlocked and you could try your SIM there. If you haven’t tried it, Go into setttings general reset on the 5s, and try a reset network settings. After the phone restarts, connect to wifi and go into settgs general about and if the phone wants to update the carrier settings, do it.

      Give that a try and let me know. Also if you have a SIM adapter, your 4s show now be unlocked by Verizon and will work with the ATT SIM. You wont get 4G LTE but at least you can have a phone while trying to get this resolved.


  19. Roger Hein | | Reply

    The apn is asking for a name and a 3digit mcc what do I get them

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      The APN is different for each carrier. I don’t know which carrier you are using. On an android phone, the first field NAME, can be whatever you want to call it. The MCC should get set automatically, but if you need to enter one consult this list http://www.mcc-mnc.com/

  20. Dyana | | Reply

    Can I use a Huawei Ascend xt2 with straight talk?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Is this phone from ATT prepaid / goPhone? it should work with the Straight Talk ATT SIM card then

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