AT&T Prepaid Plans and Features for August 2018

Today I wanted to take a look at the AT&T Prepaid Wireless Plans and Features for August 2018. It’s been a while since I’ve last looked at what AT&T Prepaid has to offer for prepaid wireless service.

Before I get started I want to make it clear, this isn’t a full review. To see my previous review, see ATT Prepaid Wireless GoPhone Review

First off AT&T Prepaid, used to be called AT&T GoPhone, I like the new name.

AT&T Prepaid uses AT&T’s 4G LTE network, if use your phone in an area where AT&T have coverage, AT&T prepaid might be an option for you. They offer the same benefits as most prepaid carriers. You can Bring Your Own Phone and keep your own number. With AT&T Prepaid you’ll have the choice to sign up yourself on-line or you can visit one their stores.

To see the latest plans, visit AT&T Prepaid online. AT&T Prepaid offers four different plans. All of these plans offer unlimited talk and text in the US, unlimited international text messages to over 100 countries. Two of these plans come with a fixed amount of high speed data, the other two come with unlimited high speed data. Three of these plans include unlimited talk and text to and from Mexico and Canada.

All of their plans qualify for both their AutoPay discount and their Multi-line discount. AutoPay is an automatic payment program where you’ll get a discount each month when you let AT&T charge your monthly plan to your credit card each month. With a Multi-line discount, you’ll get additional savings when you sign up for two or more lines.

First up is the $35 plan. The price drops to $30 with AutoPay. This plan includes 1GB of high speed data. This only includes unlimited talk and text for the US, not Mexico and Canada.

Next up is the $50 plan. The price drops to $40 with AutoPay. This plan includes 8 GB of high speed data.

Next is the $65 plan. The price drops tp $50 with AutoPay the plan includes Unlimited data.

Finally the $85 plan. he price drops to $65 with AutoPay the plan includes Unlimited data.

Now AT&T Prepaid had a nice table to compare the differences in the plan.

Whenever you read these plan descriptions, keep your eye open for little symbols or numbers in the descriptions, aka the fine print.

Fixed Data Plans

On the fixed data plans, after you use up your high speed data, you’ll still have a data connection but it will be painfully slow, up to a max 128Kbps. For the fixed data plans, your used data will roll over to the next month if it is not used.

Unlimited Data Plans

For the $65 unlimited plan, you’ll get high speed data but at anytime the AT&T network is congested, your data may be slowed.For video, streaming there is a maximum download speed of 1.5 Mbps and AT&T will use a feature called Stream Saver that reduces the quality of video you watch from HD to SD. For the $80 plan, AT&T might reduce the speed of your data after you have uses 22GB of data if the network is congested. You’ll have the option to use StreamSaver or turn it off if you want true HD video.

Mobile Hotspotç

All of the plans except the $65 unlimited plan support mobile hotspot. With hotspot, you can share your phone’s cellular data internet connection with you laptop, tablet, or other Wi-fi devices. For the fixed data plans you can use all your data for hotspot. For the $85 unlimited plan, you can use up to 10GB for hotspot.

Other Plans

Tucked away at the bottom they have three other plans. a $30 unlimited talk and text plan, a $2 per day plan, and 25 cent per minute plan.

Multi-line discount

With there multi-line discount you can save and additional $10 per month on lines 2 and 3 and $20 per month on line 4 and more.

Visual Voicemail

I could not find where stated that AT&T Prepaid specifically supports Visual Voicemail. Back when I reviewed AT&T Prepaid in 2015, I was able to use Visual Voicemail on my iPhone. According to the FAQ on, prepaid service supports “Basic Voicemail”. However the Voicemail setup page states “Most Postpaid and Prepaid Plans” come with Visual Voicemail.

Wi-Fi Calling

I could not find where specifically stated their prepaid plans support Wi-Fi calling, but suspect they do. I have been able to use Wi-Fi calling with other prepaid wireless services that use the AT&T network so I’d think they offer this on their own prepaid plans. You’ll need a phone that is compatible with AT&T’s wifi calling however.

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