AT&T’s $30 Unlimited Data Pass

AT&T has a $30 plan with unlimited data and no max download speed?

I found this hard to believe but its true. But, it’s not a phone plan, its a data only plan. It’s part of their DataConnect Pass Plan for Tablets or in there words, eligible devices. I’m wondering if a smartphone is a eligible device?

You can see the plans here, Sign up for Domestic DataConnect Pass Pay as You Go Plan

There are three plans here. Five dollars ($5) for 250 MB and its active for 24 hours. $25 for 2 GB that is active for 90 days, and $29.99 with unlimited data active for 30 days. Now remember this is not a phone plan, you can’t transfer your number to it. If you wanted to use and need phone service, you’ll need to use a VoIP phone service and the appropriate app on your device. Also of note, you cannot sign up for this plan on an automatic renewal, you’ll need to buy a pass every 30 days, and there is no guarantee for how long this will last.

If you not sure what I mean by VoIP plan, I talking about a services that provides you with a phone number you can use for talk, text, and picture messages but these services use your internet connection for those services. This could be Skype, Google Voice, or even something like FreedomPop or TextNow’s voice service. With any VoIP service, you need to check which of those three services are provided and whether or not they are included for free or our a premium service.

While I always though it would be cool to try a data only SIM in a smartphone I’ve never got around it. Over time, my needs have changed and I currently need less data but unlimited talk and text services. While I’m tempted to try this out for fun, it wouldn’t be a long term solution and replace my phone service, although the $30 price is attractive and about the most I want to spend for service at this time.


  1. Anthony | |

    They now have added an auto-renew. MAX D/L & U/L speeds are between 1Mbps- 7Mbps – depending on time of the day. I am using this right now on my home PC . Activate a SIM using any unlocked GSM tablet or a AT&T tablets’ IMEI. Get a AT&T or AT&T PREPAID Mobile Hotspot. You are ready to go. i do not know if it will work in a smartphone have not got around to check yet. Domestic DataConnect Pass Auto Renew Plans* Cost $29.99
    Monthly recurring

    Unlimited MB for 30 days
    Renews every 30 days
    After 22GB of data usage, AT&T may slow speeds $29.99
    Monthly recurring

    • Taylor | |

      This has been around for months, I have an unlocked s7 and switching the band on it via the LTE Switch app makes it go from 6.5mbps average back to 25+ with 2 bars of LTE

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