AT&T’s Prepaid GoPhone service to support 4G LTE!

According to Richard Lawler over at Engadget  AT&T is adding iPhone, 4G LTE / HSPA+ support to GoPhone starting May 24th.   This might mean that I can finally use my iPhone 5 to get blazing LTE speeds and well as the cost savings of prepaid service. Since I started paying for my own cell service, I have been through AT&T, T-Mobile(prepaid), and Net 1o. I have also set up a few people on Straight Talk as well.  I reasonable happy with Net10 right now, but if I can get LTE now, I just may switch.

T-Mobile has been doing a reasonable job updating their network and with wireless spectrum from  both AT&T  and the Metro PCS acquisition they have been building out there 4G HSPDA and LTE networks including support for the iPhone 5.  While they are making improvements in the Boston area, my town still seems to only get 3G Edge support on my iPhone.

I am going to try out GoPhone soon and write some posts or a guide for the site.  I stopped at the AT&T store and picked up a free GoPhone nano SIM for my iPhone 5. I can sign up and activate the SIM online from the convenience of my home when I am ready.

Are you interested in AT&T ‘s GoPhone service if you can get 4G LTE? Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. Eric Hollister | |

    I’m looking to switch from T-Mobile to GoPhone. How do I get a new SIM card, and do I have to pay? I’m just waiting for T-Mobile to send me my unlock code for my Nokia 520.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hey Eric,
      I think you can buy one online or at retail. I went into an ATT store earlier this year and asked about 4G LTE on using my iPhone and Pay and Go. I told them I want to switch after my prepaid ran out for the month. I asked if I could sign up on line, and if I could get a nano SIM and they gave me one for free. They even rang it up as some sort of transaction.

      If you try it, go when the store isn’t too busy. I have found ATT, T-Mobile, and Verizon store employees to be very helpful when they aren’t rushed.

      BTW… Have you made up your mind for GoPhone. Have you considered Straight Talk or Net10? This isn’t a 4G LTE phone is it? its HSPDA I think? Can to share why you want to bail on T-Mobile?


  2. Mckenzie | |

    AT&T on lte

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Mckenzie,
      Are you using LTE with Go Phone?

  3. Valerie | |

    I am currently under contract with my iPhone 5 through AT&T and I’m thinking about cancelling my contract and going prepaid. It’s a toss up if I should stay with AT&T or go over to Net10. If I stick with AT&T would I need to mess with setting up the data and MMS? And if I went with Net10 would I need both the AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards to set up data and MMS?

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