Before You Cancel Your Fios – Verizon Doesn’t Prorate Your Bill

I recently cancelled my Verizon FIOS Home Internet Service and they did not prorate my final bill. They charged me for the entire month, not just the 10 days of Internet service I actually used. I know in the past that Verizon used to prorate bills but apparently they no longer do.

A quick search on on the Web led me to this thread in the Verizon support forums. No bill proration after cancellation. The post is dated from 2/2018 so I guess they have been doing this for at least a year and a half at the time I’m writing this. According to the thread, Verizon changed their policy and noted this in their terms and conditions of service. See Verizon Online Terms of Service See Section 10.

The original poster of the thread unfortunately canceled his service one day after the new cycle started. Like me, he cancelled when they raised the price.

The takeaway here is that if you plan to cancel a service make sure that your bill is prorated or you line it up to cancel on or near the end of your billing cycle so you don’t pay for service you aren’t getting.

I like FIOS. The other option in my area is Xfinity (Comcast). I think FIOS is a little better. I’ve used Comcast previously and I don’t have anything bad to say about the service. Some of my neighbors who have tried both said that Comcast’s Internet speed noticeably drops during the day. Others have left FIOS over continuously rising prices.

I was using their $40 100/100 MBps Internet Only plan. After 12 months they raised the price to $50 and the bill was $55 with taxes and fees. That is an extra $120 per year or three months of service at $40. I canceled my service and my wife signed up for the $40 plan.

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  1. Danny | | Reply

    I wish I saw your post earlier. I cancelled my FIOS at the end of 2019. The billing cycle wouldn’t end until Jan 24. Only six days of usage, I was charged for the whole month. Hate their business practice so much now.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      The pressure to increase earnings cuts across all. The customer service rep I spoke with on the phone was required to both explain to me that my question could be answered online and then proceeded to try to upsell services. She seemed like she would have just preferred to be doing customer service rather than sales.

  2. Dan | | Reply

    Wow I just saw your video and checked my home Fios bill… We are getting the same 100/100 for 54.99. I was going to follow the same path as you and cancel it in my name and put it in my wife’s name to get the discount. I just checked my bill and my bill cycle ends tomorrow! I’m seriously tempted to cancel right now but I’m wondering how long it takes to get the service renewed in the new name. Don’t want to be out wifi over the weekend if I can avoid it. Thanks for the great information maybe I’ll put it to use next month.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hope it helps. Let me know if it works out for you. When they as why I am canceling, I just say I will be traveling abroad for a year or more and a sub let is moving in. Keeps the sales retention pitch from happening. We went a day without internet, used hotspot on the phones.

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