Buying a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 From Straight Talk Wireless

Many readers visit to find out how to use their existing Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 with Straight Talk Wireless, some of you don’t already have a a phone. Well as of March 2017 you can but a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 from Straight Talk. In this article, I’ll share with you how and explain some things you need to know.

Buying Your Galaxy S From Straight Talk

To shop for phones on, click the link below.

Click a link below to shop for a Samsung Galaxy S phone on

Get the Samsung Galaxy S7 for $100 off from Straight Talk!

Get the Samsung S907VL Galaxy S6 from Straight Talk Wireless

If you already have a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 and want to sign up for Straight Talk, see Using Your Samsung Galaxy S7 with Straight Talk Wireless or Using Your Samsung Galaxy S6 with Straight Talk Wireless.

The links above should take to directly into the phones section. You’ll need to enter your Zip Code so that Straight Talk can show you the phones they have that work in your area. Now, under Manfacturer in the left hand colum, click Samsung and you’ll see all the Samsung phones they have for sale. As of March 2017, Straight Talk sells the Samsung Galaxy S7 for $600 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 for $400. To buy either of these phones, click Select and you add the phone to your cart and check out.

I recommend you keep reading to learn a little more before buying.

Buying the latest Galaxy S model

As of March 2017 the latest or newest Galaxy S model is the S7. Sometime in the next few weeks or months, Samsung will introduce the Samsung Galaxy S8. Straight Talk doesn’t always get the newest phones right away. When the S8 comes out you may see that AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are selling the phone before Straight Talk. Typically, Straight Talk gets the latest phones a few months after the other wireless companies do.

Buying a New Phone or a Refurbished Samsung phone

Currently the Galaxy S6 and S7 that Straight Talk sells are new phones. Straight Talk does also sell phones that are refurbished or reconditioned. If you check the left column on you can select to see only the refurbised phones. These phone are not new. Sometimes you can get s great deal on a reconditioned phone, just make sure to check the description to tell if a phone is reconditioned and read the terms and conditions before buying.

Limited Choice of Color and Storage

Sometimes Straight Talk will let you pick the color phone you want but other times they may only offer it in one color. Both the Galaxy S6 and S7 only come in black. Also note that you most likely won’t be able to choose the size of the internal storage. Both the S6 and S7 here are only available with 32GB. Straight Talk usually offers only the base storage model to make the phone more affordable.

Buying a Straight Talk phone to use with another Wireless Carrier

Straight Talk sells phones to use with Straight Talk wireless. Many people ask me if they can buy a phone from Straight Talk and use it with another wireless carrier. While in some cases it may work, I don’t recommend it. Sometimes the phones are SIM or activation locked to prevent you from using them on another network.

Make Sure the Phone Uses the Straight Talk Network You Want

Straight Talk uses the AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint network. When you sign up your phone will use one of those networks. When you sign up for Straight Talk’s BYOP you can choose which network to use. When you buy your phone from Straight Talk they decide which network it will use and you can’t change it. I recommend that when you sign up for Straight Talk you understand how their service works and pick the network that is right for you. When you buy a phone from Straight Talk directly, they choose the network it uses not you. You can check with their support team and ask which network the Galaxy S phone you want uses. If it doesn’t use the network you want, you may want to pick a phone that does or buy your Galaxy S phone somewhere else and sign up for a BYOP plan and choose the network you want.

Check out my video below.

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