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A reader, Miriam, asks..

Hello, I have a Samsung galaxy s5 from T-Mobile. I recently received one of those free phones or so called Obama phones in the mail. I was wondering if I am able too use that new sim card with my S5 from T-Mobile. The S5 is already unlocked I was previously using at&t sim card with the s5, if I am able to use this Obama sim card with my s5 what are the correct steps to installed the sim card and not have a “not registered on network” pop-up or any issue when in use.??

Hi Miriam,
I don’t know if what you are asking is possible. The easiest thing to do would be to move the SIM into the S5 and try it. Here is a list of all the issues I can think of.

The S5 uses a micro SIM card, If your Obama phone uses a standard SIM it will be too big. You’l have to cut it just to try it. Not recommended but possible. If the Obama phone uses a nano SIM (very unlikely) it will be too small and you’d need a nano to micro SIM adapter. You can buy one on eBay or Amazon for a dollar or two. It’s also possible, that your Obama phone uses a CDMA network and doesn’t even have a SIM card.

Now if the SIM fits, the S5 will need to be compatible with the network that your Obama phone uses. I did a little research and it seems that thes phones are offered by a number of different wireless companies, so it’s hard to say if the S5 is compatible without knowing which network they are using.

Finally, if the Obama phone has a SIM, it might be locked to the specific phone it came with, specifically to prevent you from using it in a different phone.

Now if you are able to try the SIM in your S5, there shouldn’t really need to be anything to set up. I don’t think that you’ll get any cellular data or picture message with your Obama phone service so you don’t need to set up the APN.

I hope this helps.

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