Can I Use a BLU Smartphone With the Straight Talk Verizon Network?

A reader Wayne, asks

Will Verizon SIM card work with Blu Studio 6.0 phone that has Straight Talk service?

Hi Wayne,
No, the BLU Studio 6.0, and all the other BLU models will not work on the Verizon network. BLU phones are compatible with the AT&T and T-Mobile networks that use GSM / LTE technology. They will not work on the Verizon or Sprint networks that use CDMA / LTE technology.

If the AT&T or T-Mobile have decent coverage in your area than I suggest you use the Straight Talk AT&T GSM LTE compatible SIM or Straight Talk T-Mobile GSM LTE compatible SIM. If the Verizon network is the only network with reliable coverage in your area than you’ll need to get a Verizon compatible phone. Note that to use the Straight Talk Verizon network, you’ll need to check to see if your specific Verizon phone is eligible for use on Straight Talk’s Verizon network. To learn if you can use a Verizon phone with Straight Talk, see Checking If You Can Use Your Verizon Smartphone with Straight Talk Wireless

I hope this helps, if you have any more comments or questions. Leave a reply below.

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  1. JOSEPHINE Shuler | |

    Can i get sim card from AT&T OR T MOBILE for the blu tank ll

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Do you already have this phone? I’d think a plan from AT&T or T-Mobile would be expensive. I’d only consider tracfone. And even then I’d urge you do get a more modern phone that supports 4G LTE technology for better coverage.
      What is your overall budget for phone service per month and how much talk do you need?

  2. Charles Williams | |

    Well, I have a Vivo Xi + and it works just fine on the Verizon pre-paid network, so maybe you should switch to their service..just a thought

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Thank you for sharing. This article is several years old. The issue is that BLU phones did not support the CDMA network that Verizon used. Your Vivo supports some of the LTE bands that Verizon uses so you should have partial compatibility. I noticed that even BLU does not list Verizon as a supported carrier here,

      I’m curious, when you signed up for Verizon prepaid did you provide your phone’s IMEI to Verizon and did they report the phone as compatible?

    • Bryan | |

      My Blu phone is through straight talk but it uses verizon towers. That’s what’s around here. T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T does not cover any area good. The commercials lie. I do all the work for the big 3 and your not even going to get 5g on the phones unless your in or outside a business that has a radio, HEU, OIU, UPS, PSU and a few distribution antennas. Lte, 3g and 4g are 1900mgh to 2100mgh and signal can cover more area. 5g is way high frequency. The Nodes are to high and it’s starts interfereing and or lost because that’s where t.v, radio and even some remotes close to. 5g range from antennas is only 100ft to 150ft.

      • Bob Thompson | |

        At the time I wrote this article, BLU phones did not support the Verizon networks. No BLU phone has ever had, CMDA support. They now have a couple models that support Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

        Every time a new cellular phone standard comes out, carriers invest billions of dollars acquiring the spectrum and building out their networks. They then hype the new network. like crazy years before it delivers value.
        Today it’s 5G, before that 4G LTE, etc, etc.

        Just out of curiosity, what general area to you live in where Verizon is the only carrier with adequate coverage?

  3. busari | |

    my blu product is not displaying service icon

    • Bob Thompson | |

      almost all of the blu phones are not compatible with Verizon

  4. L.G. | |

    I just saw a BLU device ad which are saying that beginning in Feb.2019 distributing BLU devices by carrier Verizon, which was last month.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Some time in the last 6 months or so blu has released one or maybe two phones that are compatible with Verizon’s lte network but both their cdma network. This means in some areas the blu phones may not have coverage. Eventually Verizon’s will switch totally to lte and we will see more blu phones that work with Verizon. As of right now I would still recommend a phone that uses both cdma and lte fore Verizon customers

  5. Bill brewer | |

    Can I use streight talk service on my 5.0 blu lite

    • Bob Thompson | |

      You could use it with Straight Talk’s AT&T or T-Mobile SIM cards. But I would recommend buying a new phone. The BLU phone doesn’t use 4G LTE only GSM, You’ll be paying $35 to $55 per month for a plan and won’t be able to use the 4G LTE data you are paying for. If you were going to sign up for say a less expensive service like Tracfone, I’d say you maybe use that phone. Also, that BLU phone is probably still using a version of Android that is 4 years old without any security updates. Do you know how much data you need? Which plan you were going to choose? And if you had a choice, would you want your phone to use the AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile networks, that is, do you know if one of those three has the best coverage where you use your phone.

  6. Wayne Smith | |

    Yes, BLU Phones do work with straight talk, and quite well. 1. If u don’t understand difference between GSM and CDMA networks, let ur son buy ur phone for you. 2. I realize this post is from 2016, but that’s exactly my point. If u just purchased a shiny new S9 galaxy, well guess what, that means the S10 will drop soon, and the S11 is already in a warehouse somewhere. People remarks about these BLU phones being crappy, and dropped calls, again let your son or daughter set up ur phone. These phones have Dual Sim cards people. I’m a disabled US Marine who served in combat in Iraq and a die hard American, but wake up, open ur mind. Stats just out, chinese phone maker just smoked Samsung galaxy S9+, and the Apple IPhone X. Try reading, researching, and listening, instead of talking, you might just learn something.

  7. Lucy jackson | |

    Can it be unlocked for verizon
    I bought this phone for to work for my verizon number.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      BLU phones are not compatible with verizon’s network. The Moto phones are unlocked, a good price, and compatible with verizon’s network. Are you using Straight Talk verizon or Verizon (the company)?

  8. Lisa | |

    Isn’t working

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Are you saying that your Straight Talk coverage using the ATT towers has gotten worse over time? I’m not sure what the problem you are having is. Can you describe it more clearly?

  9. Lisa Segua | |

    When I first got a Blu phone in 2014 that is why I got it worked fine. Walmart in my area is still selling the sim card pack as though it is compatible. Do you know when, why & how it changed?! I pay straight talk to run on AT&T towers?!! And service is less than good!!!Grrr!

  10. ella Jamieson | |

    omg im so bummed,i have a brand new studio xl2 blu phone owned it 3 months now ,its 3 am in morning and ive finally decided to try and get it going becsuse i just knew it would be a pain in the arse…lol and it sure is help paleeze..may i get this phone going with no sim card? i bought the straight talk sim and 55 dollar activation kit…sim cards DO NOT fit in…also when i tryed just entering my numbers in the appropriate spots on str8 talks activation site it said my gms unlocked phone was not compatable so here i sit wondering wth to to do…can i run it wth out sim card thank yu…

  11. David Benjaminson | |

    I have a Blu one life xl. Not compatible with Verizon I come to find out…after I purchased the phone. So is the GSM LTE sim the way I have to go for this model also our is there a way to make it work/compatible/unlock???

    • Bob Thompson | |

      BLU phones are sold unlocked and compatible with the AT&T and T-Mobile towers for Straight Talk.

  12. Penny Tackett | |

    Will my LG L35G straight talk phone be able to switch over and transfer my information to a Blu Studio C HD. Pleez tell me yes hahaha. Or can i js buy new sim card

    • Bob Thompson | |

      I am guessing that phone is using Straight Talk’s AT&T towers so if the SIM fits it the phone it might work. Sometimes with older phones the SIM may have been tied to the phone. Try it and see if it works.

  13. Christopher | |

    Yes most GSM phones work with verizon now, due to the 4g LTE being. Sim neteork. Asking as your device supports band 2 and 4 you are good to go.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      thanks for leaving a comment but I disagree with you. BLU devices do not support the Verizon network. You will not be able to register the IMEI of the device for use on the Verizon network even though Verizon uses CDMA and LTE technologies.

      • Cocoabeans | |

        He’s right. I just bought the latest Blu phone (Vivo X) and it’s still not compatible with Verizon’s stupid network

        • Bob Thompson | |

          I recommend the Moto E and G series unlocked Android phones if you want to use Straight Talk’s Verizon towers.

  14. Tanya | |

    Can I use prepaided virgin. mobile phone with. Tracfones. Bring your phone because I’ve looked on there forum boards.

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