Can’t Get Straight Talk Cellular Data Working With a Cubot X6…

A reader, Noam, asks…
I just bought a Cubot X6 and its running on Android 4.2.2. On the Straight Talk website when I type in my information to get my APN settings I am told to type in the new RESELLER information. It still isnt working for me. My phone doesnt even have an MMS_APN option.
What do I do? -thanks

Hi Noam,
I’d suggest you focus on getting cellular data working on the phone and then worry about MMS. First, I’ll tell you how to deal with that and afterwards I’m going to give you some bad news.

First, your using Straight Talk’s ATT network. Do you know for a fact that the ATT network has decent coverag

Hear is what I’d do. First, follow this article, Resetting the APN Settings to Default on Your Android Phone. Depending on the version of Android on your phone, you may or may not be able to edit and delete the default APNs. If you can do it. Once that is done create a new APN, name it. For the APN, enter reseller then save it. Make sure the new APN is active in the APNs list. Turn off WiFi and try using the web browser.

Does your data work? is it extremely slow? Look at your status bar. Do you see an H or H+, 3G, or E indicator? if so, what is it? If your data works, install the SpeedTest app and measure your data speeds. What are they? Using SpeedTest to Measure Your Internet Speed. Make sure to use WiFi to install the app, and turn it off when measuring the data.

And now the bad news… If I were you I’d immediately return this phone and buy a different one. Look at BLU phones or the new Moto G.
See BLU Life One 4G LTE Smartphone for 99 Dollars!

The problem with the Cubot is it is a Chinese made phone and it has limited compatibility with US cellular networks. The Cubot does not support 4G LTE data, yet with Straight Talk, your paying the same price whether your using 4G LTE or not. At best this phone supports 3G cellular data, that is at best. In many cases like this, these phones only get very slow 2G data or don’t work at all. At least that has been the experience readers report (maybe people getting 3G don’t bother to comment here).

Really do yourself a favor, go with a BLU or Moto phone.


  1. Noam | |

    It’s still not working. I understand Cubot may not be the best but it’s what I’ve got. It should still work somewhat.
    I know I get coverage with ATT. Also my phone wont let me delete the original APNs so I guess they are there to stay
    Anything else I can do to get my data working?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Noam,
      Well, do you see an indicator in the top of the screen showing you have a data connection? If so, what is it? you can also check to see you a connected to a network called HOME in Settings > More. and try setting the preferred network to 3G or WCDMA. Your other option is to contact the seller for technical support. You can try the tfdata, prodata, or att.mvno APNs but I don’t think you will see a difference. Your other option would be to try the TMobile network and see if the phone is more compatible than that.

      It’s been my experience people get at best 2G service from these chinese phones, that’s like using dial up internet, remember that? BTW.. can you make and receive calls?

      I’m not advocating you buy the best phone, I’m saying get one that is compatible with US cellular networks. Your going to spend $600 this year on Straight Talk’s service. Opt for a less expensive service with less high speed data to make up the difference to pay off a new phone.

      Do you have a link to where you bought this phone? I’ll look at the specs for you to see what radio frequencies it supports.


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