Checking My Tracfone Account Balance

In this video I show you how to check your Tracfone balance from your smartphone.

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After signing up for Tracfone using their Bring Your Own Smartphone SIM Activation Kit, I wanted to figure out how to check the number of minutes, texts, and MB of Data left on my account. Initially, I had some problems figuring this out, after some searching I found out that you can dial *777*1#. Here you can see after dialing *777*1# my tracfone account has  170 minutes,  164 texts, and 53 MB of data  left.

Now I mentioned that I had trouble figuring this out.  I first tried using the Tracfone My Account Android app, but I couldn’t find it in the app.  After checking the app, I logged into my tracfone account on my laptop computer.  If you look at the right side of the screen their is a link to check your balance, but when I  clicked on it it did not display the balance.

I did a Google search and found some posts saying that this feature is broken. Seems like the problem is  with Tracfone and hopefully they will fix it soon.

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