Checking Out the Belkin 3ft USB-C to USB-A Cable (F2CU029bt1M)

I recntly bought the Belkin 3ft USB-C to USB-A Cable (F2CU029bt1M) to use with my Nexus 5x. I planned to write this article and do a video about it. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. I lost the video. Also when I got the box open I realized that this cable isn’t what I was expecting.

I bought this cable because I wanted a 3ft cable to use with my Nexus 5x that wasn’t as thick as the cable included with the 5x. The 5x cable also has micro USB cables on both ends and I want to be able to use the cable with my other chargers and my MacBoo Pro. I’m currently using a Belkin 6ft USB C to USB-A USB 2.0 cable that I like but is too long for using on my desk.

It turns out this new cable is very thick. It is way thicker than my 6ft Belkin cable and looks slightly thicker than the original 5x cable. Now, this cable does support USB 3.1 and high speed transfers up to 10GBps but I don’t really need that as the Nexus 5x only supports USB 2.0.

I’m not sure what I’ll do wit this cable. Perhaps I use it with the Nexus on one of my desk chargers and live with it or maybe I’ll stick it in my cable drawer.

I ordered this cable on Amazon. The box in the video looks a little different than the picture on Amazon but the model number is the same. Also I wanted to point out that when I buy products on, I check to see if they are shipped and sold by Amazon. That way, I can be confident I am getting s genuine Belkin product. You’ll see they are other sellers listed. If you choose to order the product from another seller, you may want to check the seller’s reputation to decide if you trust them to send you a genuine product. I’m sure there are many reputable sellers on Amazon, but it’s up to you to make sure.

I also wanted to point of the the 6ft Belkin USB-C to USB-A USB 2.0 cable I showed you is on sale at for $10, but this offer is currently only available for Amazon Prime members.

Finally, I wanted to remind you that all USB C cables are not the same or safe to use for charging your devices. A Google engineer, Ben Leung, investigated this and found that all cables are not up to specifications. You can find Ben’s Google+ page here and a link to a Google docs spreadsheet of cables that have been checked here.

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