Choose a Prepaid Wireless Service Based on Your Needs

pointman11479 asks via YouTube,

I’m looking to do a new prepaid carrier what one would you recommend´╗┐?

Hi pointman11479,
I think it more important to first understand your needs and then pick the prepaid wireless service and plan that meets your needs. I have been working on some articles about this but for now I’d say consider these points.

  1. Pick a prepaid wireless service that uses a network that has coverage in the areas that you use your phone.
  2. Consider how much time you spend talking on the phone. Do you need unlimited calling or can you get by with a by the minute plan
  3. Same is true for text messages.. unlimited or by the message plan.
  4. If you don’t spend much time talking on the phone or exchanging text messages you may be able to save some money.
  5. Next think about how my data to you need? are you going to use a smartphone? do you plan on connecting to the internet using Wi-Fi most of the time? Most plans come with a fixed mount of data measured in GB, but many offer significantly reduced speed data after.
  6. Do you need the option to buy more data if you run out during a billing cycle?
  7. Do you already have a phone? Make sure its compatible with the service you choose.
  8. Do you require a lot of customer service to help you get going? Prepaid is more of a Do It Yourself experience.
  9. Are there any other features you require?  Voicemail, WiFi calling, Mobile hotspot.
  10. Consider cost / features. Some services are less expensive than others, while other offer better features.

Once you have considered these issues it easier to recommend a prepaid wireless plan.

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