Choosing a Straight Talk SIM For The BLU Studio XL 2

A reader, Ella, asks..

mg I’m so bummed, I have a brand new Blu Studio XL2 phone owned it 3 months. It is 3 am in morning and I’ve finally decided to try and get it going because I just knew it would be a pain in the arse…lol and it sure is help Please. May I get this phone going with no sim card? I bought the straight talk sim and 55 dollar activation kit…sim cards do not fit in…also when I tried just entering my numbers in the appropriate spots on str8 talks activation site it said my gms unlocked phone was not compatible so here I sit wondering wth to to do…can I run it wth out sim card thank you.

To use Straight Talk service you have to use a SIM card. But there is good news. Your Blu Studio XL2 phone is compatible with Straight Talk and one of the SIM cards in the kit should fit in the phone.

Your Blu Studio XL2 is compatible with the AT&T or T-Mobile networks but not the Verizon network. (that’s what they mean by GSM phone). Straight Talk doesn’t own their own cellular towers, instead they buy service from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. When you sign up, your phone will use one of those networks. To use your Blu Studio XL2 with Straight Talk you need to choose between the ATT or T-Mobile towers because your phone isn’t compatible with Verizon. You do not need to check the MEID, IMEI, or serial number of your phone with Straight Talk, that is only if you want to use the Verizon network.

When you sign up for Straight Talk, you want to choose the network that works best in your area. If that’s Verizon for you, you’ll need a different phone. You’ll need to choose between AT&T or T-Mobile.

Now, for the SIM card. If you bought one of those $55 kits from Walmart, the kit should have 6 plastic cards with SIMs. There are two SIM cards for each network. You need to choose the right SIM card. You need to pick the correct size SIM and SIM for the network you want to use. Your Blu Studio XL2 uses a Micro SIM. You’ll need to find the the micro SIM for the ATT or T-Mobile network in the kit. Once you have decided between ATT or T-Mobile, find the SIM cards for that network. There are two. One is nano SIM card the other is a dual SIM card. You need the Dual SIM card. This SIM card is both a standard and micro SIM. You need to remove the SIM from the plastic card and then punch the micro SIM out of the standard SIM.

See my article and video.

Be advised that your phone, has two SIM slots. I don’t have a Studio XL 2 so I can’t show you how to put the SIM in. Just make use you align the notched corner of the AIM correctly when you put it in the phone. There should be a little icon or drawing on the phone to show you how to put it in.

I have one BLU phone but it’s a different model. You can watch this video to see how putting a SIM in this phone works. I hope this helps and good luck.