Cricket Wireless and Lowest Cost Prepaid Wireless That Use The AT&T Network

a reader, Daniel, asks….

Why does Straight Talk’s AT&T network operate at full speed but Cricket Wireless is throttled down, because my grandma got a new smartphone but it’s from AT&T and the postpaid AT&T is too expensive I’m wondering which AT&T MVNO offers the most data for the best price, Straight Talk has 2GB of data for $30 but is that the lowest price

Cricket Wireless is owned by AT&T and so they also compete against AT&T postpaid and AT&T prepaid services. Cricket’s $30 plan includes unlimited talk and text and 2GB of high speed data. You’ll pay $30 with all taxes and fees included. They have a max download speed of 8Mbps on all their fixed data plans. My wife used cricket for few years and loved it. She had no complaints with the 8Mbps limit, and I think that is true for many people. Cricket worked well with her iPhone. She had visual voicemail and Wi-Fi calling was officially supported.

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Straight Talk uses the AT&T network and currently has 3GB of data for $35. Net10 Wireless has a $45 plan with 4GB and is $31.50 with auto-refill. They also have a new $20 plan with 1GB of data. That is a great deal. You can add 1GB of data for $10 and it doesn’t expire. You won’t get visual voicemail and wifi calling might work if you are lucky. I like the $20 plan myself. Instead of going to the $35 plan, you could add 5GB of add-on data and keep it until it’s used up. In my experience Net10 and Straight Talk’s service are identical, both are owned by Tracfone.

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