Free and Affordable Wireless Plans With Safelink Wireless

Today I wanted to tell you about Safelink Wireless. SafeLink offers both free and affordable cellular wireless service but there is a catch. Safelink is only available to qualified low income consumers that are currently enrolled in a government assistance program or if their income is below federal guidelines.

So while I don’t qualify for this SafeLink I figured I tell you about it in case you or someone you know does and can take advantage of this benefit. Now there are two things to understand here, there is SafeLink Wireless which is a company owned by Tracfone and there is the Federal Lifeline program that offers the program with the discount.

You can learn more about this program on both the and

Taking a look at the plans, it looks like 350 minutes of talk, unlimited texts, and 500MB of data for free each month. You can get a free smartphone from SafeLink or you can Bring Your Own Phone. If you bring your own phone, you’ll receive an extra 500MB of data per month for the first three months. As far as I can tell your minutes and data do not carry over.

In addition to the free plans, you can upgrade to some affordable plans. All of the upgrade plans include unlimited talk and text, the $15 plan comes with 500Mb of data per month. The $20 plan with 1GB of data. The $30 plan with 4GB per month. Finally, the $40 plan includes 10GB of data per month.

It also says the that 4G LTE is supported and that most GSM phones are supported. So for GSM that means the AT&T or T-Mobile network. Now tracfone uses the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon networks but it does look like you can use the Verizon network with a BYOP phone. My guess is that they steer you to the T-Mobile network. If you watch the video tutorial, they show a tracfone T-Mobile SIM card in the kit.

To sign up for SafeLink, you’ll need to apply. You’ll need to provide your personal info, address, eligibility, device info, and proof of eligibility. You can fill out all this information online or download the forms on


  1. Farjana Akter | | Reply

    how do i get the phone

  2. Bruce W Phillips | | Reply

    I enrolled in January 2017 got approved .They said they would send me a,smart phone.I have never received my smart phone.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I haven’t used or signed up for the service myself so I can’t comment on their customer service. I supposed you’d have to contact them to ask them where your phone is. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they are slow to respond.

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