FreedomPop Wireless Bring Your Own Device Prepaid Plans

In this series of articles and videos, I’m going to take a look at FreedomPop. Freedom Pop is a prepaid wireless company that offers both free and affordable premium cell phone service as well as wireless internet plans. I recently signed up for there new 4G LTE cellular service and I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned.

So I thought I’d start by taking a look at

Starting from the top of the page, you’ll see that FreedomPop offers a 100% Free Basic Plan – 500 texts, 200 minutes, and 500MB each month. That’s pretty cool. They list a number of of other features here:

  • 100% Free Basic Plan – 500 texts, 200 minutes, and 500MB each month
  • Premium Unlimited Plans up to 80% off other carriers
  • No contract. No commitment. Cancel anytime
  • Wifi calling and texting from anywhere
  • Free Unlimited calling & texting between FreedomPop phones
  • Free international calling from over 60 countries\
  • Access over 8 Million hotspots with nationwide roaming
  • Get virtual number from anywhere in the world
  • Earn free 4G LTE data every month by adding friends
  • Earn unlimited free data by completing partner offers

I’ll note here that you can earn free data by referring friends and unlimited data by completing partner offers. It also says they have unlimited premium plans up to 80% off. But if you scroll down the page, they don’t seem to list the plans here.

The rest of the page tell us that they sell discounted name-brand smartphones, BYOP and Free Phone Service, followed by a description of Mobile Broadband and Wireless Internet. If you look in the Free Phone Service section you’ll see they have a FreedomPop’s $19.99 per month, unlimited talk, text, and 1GB data plan.

Now I looked around and I couldn’t find a list of their plans anywhere. I finally out the plans details, let me show you. From the top page, click Check Availability.

Next they ask for you zip code and email. They don’t need your email to check availability, they just are collecting it for marketing. Next the ask for your street address. Now you need to select mobile phone, a sim kit, a mobile hotspot, or tablet.

I selected Sim kit and then choose 4G LTE SIM card. FreedomPop like many other prepaid wireless companies, offers service on the Sprint, T-Mobile, and now AT&T networks. This SIM uses AT&T LTE network.

Finally we see some plan data for three monthly plans:

  • Premium 1GB LTE Unlimited Plan – $19.99, 1GB of Data, Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text
  • Premium 3GB LTE Unlimited Plan – $36.99, 3GB of Data, Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text
  • Basic 200MB LTE Plan – Free, 200 MB of Data, 200 Min Talk, 500 Texts – Monthly

I also wanted to show you that FreedomPop offers additional plans. If you log into your account and look under My Account > Plans we see they have additional monthly plans.

  • Premium 500MB LTE Unlimited – $12.99, 500MB of Data, Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text
  • Premium 2GB LTE Unlimited – $28.99, 2GB of Data, Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text
  • Premium 4GB LTE Unlimited – $43.99, 4GB of Data, Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text

The Premium 4GB LTE Unlimited plan for $44 seems to be pretty close in price to what other prepaid wireless services offer. The Premium 3GB LTE Unlimited is better deal than average. However the Premium 500MB LTE Unlimited, Premium 1GB LTE Unlimited and Premium 2GB LTE Unlimited all appear to be very good values.

In the next part of this series, I’ll show you the FreedomPop SIM kit and set up my iPhone and Android Phone.

If you use the affiliate link below when you sign up for FreedomPop you’ll be helping to support at no additional cost to you.

100% Free Talk, Text, & 4G LTE Data w/ the NEW 3-in-1 SIM Kit from FreedomPop

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