Google Pixel 4A Unboxing and First Impressions

I picked up a Google Pixel 4A to use for my prepaid wireless reviews. Google bills this phone as a lot of help for less. At $349, I want to find out if this is the great value unlocked Android phone that I can recommend to my readers and YouTube viewers looking to bu a new phone to use with prepaid wireless services.

Because I had to open the Pixel 4A anyway, I figured I’d make an unboxing video, you can see that below.

So far, here is what I like about Google’s Pixel 4A and why I am hoping it will be a prepaid wireless champ.

  • At $349, the it’s affordable
  • It’s compatible with all four major networks in the US, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, so it should work with any prepaid wireless service.
  • Its has a great camera
  • Google promises three years of system and security updates.
  • It has a beautiful FHD+ LED Display
  • it support both eSIM & nano SIM

On the down side, the phone does not have the fastest processor nor does it support Qi wireless charging. Not dealbreakers, I’ll miss wireless charging though.

I bought mine from the Google store, but you can also find this phone on or at best

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