Google Store Trade In Kit For My iPhone 6s

When I bought my Google Pixel 3 I decided to take advantage of their trade in program. I traded in my 128GB iPhone 6s for $221 in credit off the purchase of my Google Pixel 3. I’ve never traded in a phone before as I’ve always sold off my used phones on eBay. Since it ends up costing you about 15% of your sale price to sell on eBay, I would have needed to get about $254 to make the same amount of money as trading it in. My iPhone 6s is in excellent shape and has 128GB of storage but even with the box and all the original box and new accessories still there it would have been difficult to make more. Add to that having to list, package, ship, and hope their are no issues with the sale. I always wanted to try a trade in as I know many of my readers don’t want to sell on eBay or Craigslist.

So the way the Google Trade In program works is when you purchase a Pixel 3 you have the option to trade-in a phone. the website asks you about the make, model, and condition of your phone and gives you a trade-in value. When you send in your phone they assess it to see if it is worth more or less than the estimate. You have the option to accept less than the estimate if they determine that is the case. I assume they will ship you back the phone if you don’t agree. When you buy your new phone they charge you full price and then later refund the actual value of your trade-in.

I elected to trade in my phone. Several days later I received a trade in kit in the US mail. It was a small padded box with a return label in the box. Inside the box were some instructions to remove your SIM card and reset your phone to erase all your personal information. You do not need to return any accessories like the charger or cable. There was also a sticker in the box to seal it after you packed in.

I sent mine off it took several days and then I got an email that my phone was received. A couple days later, my phone was evaluated to be worth equal or more then the estimated trade-in value. They didn’t give me more than the estimated $221. The email says to expected to see your credit card credited back the trade in value. I haven’t checked to see if I received it yet.

Between the $221 trade-in and a $100 discount code I used to buy my Pixel 3 my out of pocket expense dropped to about $522. The phone was $742.69, that’s $800 minus the $100 discount plus state sales tax.

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