Help Getting A BYOP iPhone Registered with Tracfone

A reader, Elizabeth, is trying to register her iPhone for use with Tracfone’s BYOP plan and asked for help. Here is my response. If you are having trouble registering your iPhone on tracfone’s network I recommend you email support with the following message. Send the email to

I am a tracfone customer and I want to transfer my existing service to an BYOP iPhone 4s (or iPhone SE) using your CDMA (or CDMA LTE) network. I have tried to register it online and I keep getting the message:
Congratulations! Your phone is compatible.
Now you just have to contact Customer Service to get your phone registered in our database and complete your Activation. Please call 1-800-867-7183

I tried calling and the tech support rep told me to do it on the website. My tracfone phone number is XXXX and the IMEI of my phone is YYYY.

I do (or do not) have a CMDA LTE SIM card for my iPhone SE. (leave this out for the iPhone 4s)


I realize you have been struggling with this online. And it’s up to you to decide if you want to continue to use tracfone given these problems. On the other hand, I think you mentioned you have 1000s of minutes left on your account and that you don’t want to lose. And you have to decide if putting with the effort of getting your phone registered is worth the effort.

Also note that your Verizon iPhone 4 or 4s will only work with Tracfone’s Verizon CDMA network and no SIM is required. Your iPhone SE will work with either tracfone’s AT&T or Verizon network(if its eligible, which it should be). You don’t need to register the iPhone SE to use the ATT network but you do for the Verizon network. Either way, you’ll need a SIM card.

I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.


  1. Elizabeth Ciske | | Reply

    I want to thank you for ALL your help! With the email support I finally have all the minutes and phone number transferred to the iPhone 4s for my husband. He is happy with it. He does not use the phone as much as I do so its perfect for him and he can imessage me and others with an iPhone. I just cannot thank you enough for all your help!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      You are welcome. I am glad it helped. With prepaid wireless services, sometimes a little persistence is required as you can’t just walk into a store to get help.
      Hope your husband enjoys this iPhone!

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