Help Setting up Straight Talk Data and MMS on an CDMA Samsung Galaxy SIII

I set up this page to try and help Samsung Galaxy S3 owners with problems using data, Internet, MMS picture messages, and group texts on Straight Talk Wireless’ Verizon-compatible and Sprint-compatible CMDA networks. I do not know how to fix these problems for you. I don’t own a phone that uses Straight Talk’s Verizon compatible or Sprint compatible network. There are many articles on smartphonematters that explain how to set up or fix your phone if you are using Straight Talk’s AT&T compatible or Straight Talk’s T-Mobile compatible network. I get a lot of requests for help with CMDA phones so I set up this page.

I’ll share with you what I know. When you set up your phone to use Straight Talk’s AT&T compatible or Straight Talk’s T-Mobile compatible network, you need to set up an APN in your S3’s settings. Straight Talk publishes the values you need to enter on their web site. You can also find those value on this site and many others on the Internet. Straight Talk doesn’t publish the APN values for their Verizon and Sprint-compatible network. I have looked for them all over the internet, but have not found them  In fact, your phone may not even allow you to enter an APN in settings. Your CMDA network phone is supposed to be set up when you dial the activation sequence.  I think its *22890 for the Verizon-compatible network and ##72786# for Sprint

If it were my phone and it didn’t work, I would:

  • back up my phone
  • do a factory reset
  • redial the activation sequence
  • Call Straight Talk and escalate the issue

If you would like me to try and help you, leave a comment. I can only make suggestions though. If you manage to fix this problem for yourself, I’d appreciate hearing how you got your phone to work. It would help many other people that visit this page trying to fix their phone.

You may find more information in the comments on this page.


  1. Cliff | |

    I have the s3 sprint cdma version. The only way i was able to access and make this phone operable outside of limited phone calls was to first root the phone. Next i had to install super manager via the google play store (to access apn settings).

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Cliff,
      Thanks for sharing that. It will definitely help other readers. Would you be willing to share the APN settings you are using?

  2. jeannie | |

    I have a straight talk galaxy ace style phone and theres not a apn all I c is a vpn.. I cnt receive or send pics

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Jeannie,
      If you dialed a phone number to activate the phone, try redialing it. If that doesn’t help call Straight Talk and ask the if they can help. If this phone is using Straight Talk’s Verizon or Sprint network, you can’t set the APN directly yourself

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