Help Setting up Straight Talk Data and MMS on the BLU Studio 5s Running Android 4.1.2

This page explains how to set up your Straight Talk Wireless data, internet, MMS picture messages, and group texts on your BLU Studio 5s using Android 4.1.2 If you are unable to browse the web without wi-fi, send and receive MMS picture messages and group texts this page may help.

This page will show you how set your Straight Talk Wireless APN settings on your phone. Your data, MMS picture messages, and group texts won’t work unless you have set this up correctly. This page is only for people using a Straight Talk Wireless SIM with Straight Talk’s AT&T-compatible network or Straight Talk’s T-Mobile compatible SIM.

If you were searching for one of the following APN Settings or values, this page might just be what you are looking for. Don’t worry if you have any idea what these mean.

APN tfdata, att.mvno, wap.tracfone
MMS APN tfdata, att.mvno, wap.tracfone
MMS Proxy,,,
MMS Port
APN Type
MNC 410
MCC 310
APN Type default, mms, wap, supl

This page won’t help if your Studio 5S is using Straight Talk’s Verizon-compatible or Straight Talk’s Sprint compatible network. This page will also not help if you are unable to place and receive phone calls or send and receive SMS text messages. Contact Straight Talk Wireless support if voice service or SMS text message are not working.

Smartphonematters has a number of very detailed guides that explain how to set up Straight Talk APNs for iPhones, Android, and Windows phones we use. See our APN Settings Guides. We created this help page, and our other help pages for phones we don’t have, but readers have asked for help with, see our APN Settings Help if you are are looking for help with a different phone.

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  1. T | |

    I have the Blu studio one unlocked gsm phone and straight talk activated my new att micro sim card (i had a straight talk nano sim) with my same number, but i cannot seem to connect to the network. I had no issues with my previous phone and the previous nano sim……..i have tried all kinds of apn config’s and still nothing. They are now sending me an t mobile sim for some reason……..i have att coverage in my area and the att nano sim worked fine in my previous phone………i dont get it 🙁

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Did you set your APN to “reseller”? When you look in your status bar do you see LTE ,H+. or H when Wi-Fi is turned off.

  2. Leonardo Velasquez | |

    Hi! I just bought a BLU Advance 5.0 on Amazon and my SIM with Straight Talk is not working. I can make calls apparently but I don’t have any data. The weird thing is that I can’t connect to the internet through wifi… what do you think could be??

  3. Tiffany | |

    For anyone this doesn’t work for… If you have straight talk and use one of their BYOP sim cards and need your APN settings changed… text apn to 611611.
    they will send you two codes and two configuration messages. you type in your code on each configuration message and it will automatically update you APN with the correct APN for the phone you have.

    So far, I’ve done this a handful of times and it’s been accurate every time.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Nice. Thanks for sharing that Tiffany.

    • amanda | |

      I tried all of this. I have made sure my data is on, mutlimedia is on. It just won’t download my picture messages. I got the new Blu Selfie and I am very irritated already. Should have just stuck to my ihpone

      • Bob Thompson | |

        Did you set the APN type to default,mms,wap or default,mms,supl?

  4. Nichole | |

    I have a blu advance 5.0 I can call and text but after like the third call I have to reboot my phone to call out or text out again and I have 4g full signal bars can anyone help me I been through all the APN and on the phone with them and no help my bfs also does the same thing

    • Bob Thompson | |

      The problem isn’t the APN. The APN is for getting your data / internet connection working and for picture messages. Not sure what the issue is. Do you have all the software updates for the BLU installed?

  5. Steve | |

    Hi! Just bought a new unlocked phone that works for my straight talk service…for the most part. Everytime I connect to a wifi network I lose the ability to send or receive text messages. Calls work just fine, if I turn off the wifi and reboot the mobile network I can use texts again but only if I reboot it. Is this a problem with the APN settings? Any help will go a long way 🙂 thanks

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Steve,
      Which phone are you using?
      What wireless company are you using?
      What is your APN?
      Which app are you using for messaging?

  6. Alamin | |

    yes my phone shows an E meaning 2G

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Changing the APN setting isn’t going to get you 3G.
      Look in your phone settings make sure your preferred network is set to GSM LTE
      Try your sim in someone else’s phone to verify your sim is set up for 3G service
      What is the exact model of your BLU, look under the cover?
      What is your wireless company?
      Your phone may not support your wireless companies 3G network.
      In that case, you’d either need a new phone or check to see if the other wireless companies are compatible wit your phone

  7. Alamin | |

    Hw what should I do cz I want 3G net for blue studio .6 4.2.2

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Does your phone show an E in the status bar?

  8. Alamin | |

    am in Kenya and got the blu studio.6 bt the problem it won’t accept 3G APN I don’t n
    o y and am tired of slow internet connections

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Your phone may not be compatible with 3G in Kenya. do you see an E in your status bar?

  9. Didi | |

    Wow!Thank you!!! You method worked perfectly!The default setting on my husband’s Blu 8XL was NOT correct.But with your help I added the correct setting from the Straight Talk website and, WOOHOO, it worked immediately!!!Thanks a bunch!!!

    • Didi | |

      PS it was his data that wasn’t working but data AND MMS worked right away after fixing the APN

    • Bob Thompson | |

      I am glad to hear it helped.

  10. ashley | |

    i have the 5.5 blu and my net is really slow and i havent used any of my data what do i do i was told to use straight talk old data plan since i have a unlocked phone how do i do that

    • Bob Thompson | |

      what do you mean old data plan?

  11. Tony Olveda | |

    I have a studio 6 hd and my multimedia will not download. I am using cricket which is also att

    • Bob Thompson | |

      what app settings are you using?

  12. Heather | |

    My data works just fine but I cannot send or receive pic messages nor group texts. I have verified that all my APN settings match with the straight talk website. I have a blu studio 5.0 running on an art sim with straight talk. How do I fix this?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Try setting the apn type to default,mms,wap

  13. Cristina | |

    Please help! My husband has what used to be my Blue Studio 6.0 HD. We have been on the phone with straight talk for a total of about 10 days over the course of a week. First they said our SIM card number had been given to someone else (this was the card that we bought from Walmart that previously worked about 8 months ago when I used the phone before I bought a samsung) so they sent us a new card. The new card would not work the service wouldn’t transfer from his other phone. They ended up sending him a replacement LG that died less that two weeks later it’s locked up and won’t work. They sent us yet another SIM card for the Blu and we still can’t get them to get our service working we can’t call, text anything! The card says that it is active according to the straighttalk website. They claim when it won’t work that it is the AT&T network that is either down or not accessible in our area but I brought the phone with me today at work and I work directly in front of an AT&T tower! Can someone please help me my husband needs a phone for work and no one at straightalk is any help at all!!

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Cristina,
      Look up your APN to verify that you indeed using the ATT network.
      Looking up Your Straight Talk Wireless APN Settings.
      Make sure your APN is reseller, att.mvno, or tfdata. if its wap.tracfone your using the tmobile network.

      Try borrowing an ATT SIM from a friend and see if it works in your BLU. Try using your SIM in your friends ATT phone. This will give you an idea if the problem is the phone, Straight Talk or both.

      If the phone seems like it’s the problem, back it up, update it to the latest version of software, and do a factory reset

      If the problem is Straight Talk, you might consider trying prepaid service from Cricket, ATT, H20, or Red Pocket, if you want be on the ATT network. They don’t offer as much high speed data for the money but your phone isn’t really working at all right now.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      one more thing… If the problem with the phone persists after updating it. You might want to contact BLU support as there could be a problem with the phone.


  14. Queen City | |

    The New APN-RESELLER didn’t work on my Studio Blu 5.5.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Yes. Works for me too. I haven’t updated all the articles on my site yet.
      Thanks for the comment

  15. Queen City | |

    This really helped me!!! I was unable to get any MMS on my Studio Blu 5.5. Which I’ve had for almost 1 yrs. Even after changing the sim card. It still wont work!!!The settings given to me on straight talk website after putting in my telephone number was completely different from the setting on my phone but were exactly like the example here. The Tech who helped me set up my phone didn’t meantion the APN type which was the reason I wasn’t able to get MMS. Thank you

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hey. That is great to hear. That APN type setting has solved this problem for so many people. Glad you found the article!

  16. Darrin | |

    I have a Blu Studio 6LTE, Android 4.4.2. The phone was an unlocked att phone. I can access the internet and watch youtube, as asked on another site. This is my APN setup:
    name: Straight Talk
    APN: tfdata
    Proxy: not set ( I did try the above as well)
    Port: 80
    MMS proxy:
    APN Type: default, mms, wap

    Straight talk site provides me the following:

    APN Settings
    MMS PORT 80

    This does not work either..thoughts?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Darrin,
      I think the straight talk website is broken and returning the wrong value, RESELLER. If you are using the ATT sim, I’d say tfdata is the correct apn.
      Start by trying this Resetting the APN Settings to Default on Your Android Phone

      Then renter the tfdata values. Test data. Test sending and receiving mms. Let me know what works or does not

      • Darrin | |


        Thanks for the reply and thoughts. I reset to the default settings. I noticed there has been a bit mentioned about the APN type, which by default it is: default, mms, supl…I’ve tried it with the supl and the wap…neither has had positive results. The messenger app itself: I’ve tried Textra and Verizon’s messengers.

        • Bob Thompson | |

          Hi Darrin,
          I’d recommend trying it with Google Hangouts and see if it works. If you are willing to experiment, you can also try APN type default,mms,supl,hipri,fota. and change MVNO type to IMSI.
          Some readers have reported that working. I’ve never needed to use those settings.

          • Darrin | |

            Ok, third call to Straight talk and I’m squared away. To be fair, the first two calls were ended short due to trying to multi-task, on my part.

            Name: STRAIGHT_TALK ‘ALL CAPS – all others lower
            APN: reseller
            MMS proxy:
            MMS port: 80
            MCC: 310
            MNC: 410
            Authenticaion type: None ‘this was a drop down opt.
            APN type: default,mms,supl
            Bearer: Unspecified

            I have to select download for images coming in, but that’s not an issue compared to the previous. Thanks again to all that reviewed my request, Bob a big thanks, I truly do appreciate it.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Hi Darrin,
            I called Straight Talk today myself and they confirmed that they are changing people’s APN from tfdata to reseller. funny thing, is both sets of values work for my Android phone still. Glad its working for you.

  17. Felicia | |

    Straight Talk’s website has APN settings for an android running 4.0 or higher and I input them into my phone for it to not work. This changes half of those codes but I copied and pasted them in, turned odd WIFI and my data worked immediately! Thank you so much!

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Felica,
      I am glad it worked for you.Thanks for taking the time to comment. If you use social media, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. In addition to keeping up with latest updates at smartphonematters you would be helping us launch social media efforts. click here

  18. Chrystal | |

    I just purchased a Blu Studio C & used the 4G card from my AT&T Galaxy 3 & none of these settings worked for me.. I spoke with Straight Talk customer service and these settings they provided me worked perfectly! Internet, Picture Messaging & 4G calling..Hope this helps ya’ll!

    Name: Straight Talk
    APN: tfdata
    Port: 80
    Username: (blank)
    Password: (blank)
    Server: (blank)
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 80
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 410
    Authentication Type: (blank)
    APN Type: default,mms,supl

    • Bob Thompson | |

      thanks for taking the time to share what worked for you. I appreciate it when readers leave solutions to help others.

    • Kreig | |

      Thanks for the post.
      Seems to work on my Blu Studio 5.5 D610a.

      • Bob Thompson | |

        Excellent, great news.

  19. Carol | |

    I am having same issue as Ashley. I use Net10 (AT&T). Just got a new BLU Studio C. Can send text, can access your site, can’t send or receive MMS. It just sits and spins forever on outgoing. On incoming it shows “download” but nothing happens. I have tried wrap and supl. Neither fixes the issue. This our 2nd Net10 device that we brought to Net10. My Windows Lumia works perfectly, though it took my some research to find the correct settings for it.

  20. Ahmed | |

    Screen issue stages for and I want changed

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Ahmed,
      I don’t understand your comment.

  21. Ashley | |

    I have a Blu Studio C with Android 5.0. I have contacted Straight Talk and adjusted apn settings according to them, which it is the tfdata apn. My internet is working but I can not get the mms to work. Calling straight talk is frustrating to me so I was hoping you could help me out.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Ashley,
      Follow the instructions on all four pages of this article. If your APN is really tfdata, try setting your APN type to default,mms,wap.
      Test both sending and receiving MMS to see which works.

      • Ashley | |

        I have done all the steps. Internet working with data and wifi turned off. Still can not send or receive picture messages. I have checked my apn and it is entered as the page here shows. Ive also tried the apn settings with no luck.

        • Ashley | |

          Ive also tried the other apn settings is what I meant.

    • Carol | |

      Did you ever get it to work? I am trying to get my husband’s new BLU Studio C and I can’t send or receive MMS.

  22. Tayler | |

    I have done my apn settings and everything and my straight talk sim card is active and works and I just got my new blu phone in today so I put my sim card in it and it say no sevice I cant call or text or go in the internet its pretty much a worthless phone. it says no service. it wont even show the information like the phone number or amything.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Are you sure the sim is active? How did you test it? Can you borrow a sim from a friend and try it in your phone. Any att or T-Mobile sim should work in the phone.

  23. Amanda | |

    Hey Bob,
    I have tried all of these and am having a great deal of difficulty. I have called straighttalk a million times. can you help?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Amanda,
      1. What is or isn’t working on your phone?
      2. Lookup your APN using the instructions on page 2 of the article. What is it? tfdata, att.mvno, or wap.tracfone?

  24. Rita | |

    After the latest update for my Blu Studio 6 my phone will no longer allow me to send/receive mms. I have done everything that this article recommends and it still does not work. Im currently on the phone with a Straight Talk technician (have been for over an hr) and she is having problems fixing this as well. Any other suggestions????


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