Help Setting up Straight Talk Data and MMS on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Running Android 4.1

Set up Your Access Point Name (APN) Settings

Look up your APN settings on the Straight Talk website and enter them into your phone’s APN settings. Test your data and internet connection. Once your data connection is working, then test MMS picture messages and group texts.

Look up Your APN Settings

Visit the Straight Talk Wireless Support website to look up you APN information.
Click here to visit the Straight Talk Wireless website. Enter your phone number and use Android 4.0 & 4.1 as your phone type and click Search. The website should display your APN settings.



Straight Talk Wireless uses there different APN settings:

Straight Talk Wireless APN Settings




The APN Settings from the Straight Talk web site may not exactly match the APN settings page in your smartphone. You may also need to enter some additional APN settings not supplied on Straight Talk’s website. Match the APN returned from the website to correct group below.

APN Settings

Name: tfdata
APN: tfdata
MMS proxy:
MMS Port: 80
APN Type: default, mms, wap
MCC: 310
MNC: 410


Name: wap.tracfone
APN: wap.tracfone
Port: 8080
APN Type: default, mms, supl
MCC: 310
MNC: 410


Name: att.mvno
APN: att.mvno
MMS Proxy:
MMS proxy port: 80
APN Type: default, mms, wap
MCC: 310
MNC: 410

Set Up Your APN

After you have looked up the APN settings for your phone number, enter them into your phone’s settings. The steps below may not exactly match your phone. Each phone manufacturer seems to change the steps on their phone a little bit. Please leave a comment if you have corrections.

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Wireless and Networks or More…
  3. Tap Access Points
  4. Tap Menu
  5. Tap New APN
  6. Tap Name
  7. Type a name (eg. tfdata, wap.tracfone, or att.mvno)
  8. Tap APN
  9. Enter your APN (e.g. tfdata, wap.tracfone, or att.mvno)
  10. Tap MMSC
  11. Enter your MMSC
  12. Tap MMS Proxy
  13. Enter your MMS Proxy
  14. Tap MMS port
  15. Enter your MMS port
  16. Tap MCC
  17. Enter your MCC (if not already previously entered)
  18. Tap MNC
  19. Enter your MNC (if not already previously entered)
  20. Enter Your APN Type (I recommend you only add this if MMS doesn’t work the first time)
  21. type in the values for your APN type from above
  22. Tap Menu
  23. Tap Save

Test Your Internet and Data Connection

To test your data connection, restart your phone, turn off your wi-fi, and use your web browser to visit some web pages and verify the display.

Restart Your Phone

It’s a good idea to restart your phone before testing your data connection.

  1. Press and Hold the Power key
  2. Tap Power Off
  3. Press and Hold the Power key until the phone starts

Turn Off Wi-Fi

Turn off your Wi-Fi, so your phone will try to use its data connection.

  1. Tap Menu
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Wireless and Networks or More…
  4. Tap Wi-Fi ON to turn Wi-Fi OFF

Open Chrome or Your Browser and Visit Some Web sites

  1. Tap Home
  2. Tap All Apps
  3. Tap Chrome or your phone’s default web browser
  4. Tap the address bar
  5. Enter
  6. Verify is displayed.
  7. Visit several links on or other sites to make sure your Internet is working.


If you are able to browser the Web, your internet / data connection works. Continue to Set up MMS Picture Messages and Group Texts

If is NOT displayed there is a problem with your APN.

  1. Repeat the steps above and edit your APN. Verify you entered the APN correctly and save
  2. If you have more than one APN in APNs list, try removing them.
  3. Repeat the steps to test your data and Internet connection.

If your internet or data connection still doesn’t work:

  1. Repeat the steps above to return to the APNs list.
  2. From APNs, Tap Menu
  3. Tap Reset to Default, re-enter your APN and try the steps again.

If your data connection still does not work, you can repeat trying the other two APNs listed above. If that doesn’t work, leave a comment on this page and we will try to help you.

Continue to the next page to test MMS picture messages


  1. Lawrence | |

    I have a Verizon Note 3 and register it on Straight Talk. But Verizon has the apn sitting locked and will not let me change my apn settings. Is there anything I can do?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      If you are using the Straight Talk Verizon network you don’t need to set the apn its done automatically.

  2. suszy novssio | |

    I cant get my galaxy note 2 4.4.2 to down picutres or text. Wont send or receive. Some show up 4/3 days later

    • Bob Thompson | |

      did you see your APN? what settings did you use?

  3. Adela | |

    hi i got an unlocked galaxy note 1 gt-n7000 korean version and i have an at&t sim card in it and i cant always send text messeges and i think im not receiving them either im not sure if i am getting 4g but i can use the internet without wifi with certain apn settings a small “g” will pop up next to my signal bars and i know when that happens i can use the internet but my problem is texting please help and reply

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Adela,
      Are you having a problem with text messages? or picture messages? If the problem is text messages, there isn’t much you can do. Reset the phone, update the software, and call Straight Talk if it texts still don’t work.

      As for LTE, you should be seeing aa 4G LTE in the status bar. A G may indicate a a really slow connection. Try running speed test. what speeds are you measuring?
      Using SpeedTest to Measure Your Internet Speed

    • jojo | |

      you need to get phone on lollipop and odin3 downloaded you can easily root phone with one click root they will guarantee it for 1 year that’s the easy way I had same problem with my sm-g9006v s5 and it got rid of all the foreign apps and fixed everything else for me.

  4. Diddo | |

    My note 2 will not send mms but does receive them any idea what I need to do? I changed apn’s and deleted old messages. It always worked until a few days ago. It’s Verizon phone on att Sim card and apn’s are tfdata.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Try adding default,mms,wap to the apn type field

  5. Jason carr | |

    I got a samsung so edge att phone switch to straight talk i got the data setting app straight talk sent me to down apn# I ran it but it don’t detect my s6 edge it say pun sim# or phone number and select the style phonr u have and i didnt see my s6 edge as an option need answers please ty

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Jason,
      The app won’t work. Follow the instructions in the article you let the comment on. Make sure to read all the pages.

  6. jessy | |

    My galaxy at&t note 1 keeps going in and out of service I switched it to s talk

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Are you using straight talk’s att network?

  7. glenn terry | |

    Hello, I have a t-mobile Samsung galaxy note 2 4gLTE,using it on straight talk, with straight t-mobile sim card, the only problem, i am having, is when i cut the wifi off, i can not hook up to the internet. as long as i’m hook up to the wifi, i can send and receive picture messages and text, I CONTACT STRAIGHT TALK THEY DON’T KNOW WHY, THEY TRIED JUST EVERYTHING.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Glenn,
      Did you follow the instructions in the article? That said, I am hearing similar stories the last few days.

      • glenn terry | |


  8. Kenneth scarbro | |

    Ive tried all the apns listed here as well as the one on and then a couple more. I didn’t have any issues until my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) did a AT&T update. I still have calling and texting just no data.. Any ideas??

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Try removing all the APNs from your phone. do a reset to default on the APNs page. Then edit and delete all the apns on your phone. Create a new on. Enter the values for your APN. Use the link in the article to look up your APN on the Straight Talk web site. Set the APN type to default,mms,wap.

      Be advised some android users are having issues with ATT updates and MMS, but not data. I hear about a lot of problems with LG phones. I have had a few comments about a similar issue with Samsung phones but not enough to believe that is a real issue.

  9. ZackZap254 | |

    Have a note 2 for att. Have had my straight talk for a few months now and can not send or receive pictures or group texts. Internet works fine. Help???

    • Bob Thompson | |

      hi Zack,
      Did you follow the instructions on my page? Did you set your APN type?

  10. Jamie | |

    Bob,I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I switched to Straight Talk, everything is working but the MMS sending pics both ways.My android version is 4.4.2. What should my apn type be set at? it doesnt say on the ST website.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Jamie,
      Did you try and use the link in the guide to look up your APN on the Straight Talk website? You said your phone was originally from AT&T correct? Are you using a Straight Talk AT&T sim that you bought from walmart / Straight Talk or did you take it out of another Straight Talk phone?

      If your data is working, I assume you set the APN. What APN are you using? Did you set the APN type to default,mms,wap ?

      Let me know,

  11. Britteny | |

    Everytime that I tweak my apn settings some will let me on 4g for just a few moments and then not even two or three minutes later it kicks me right back off?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Britteny,
      Your APN settings do not affect whether or not you get 4G. Are you using Straight Talk AT&T or Straight Talk TMobile SIM? There should only be one APN that works for data. Use the link in the help pages to look up your APN and set it correctly. If your 4G connection drops in and out, try it in different locations. You may find that the network you are using does not have decent coverage at your current location.


      • Deidra | |

        I have an off brand phone that I got off of ebay. When I go to put in the APN type it won’t let me use a comma. I can not find it on any of the keyboards. Would it be possible to type it out in a different language or something? Or did I buy a bad phone?

        • Bob Thompson | |

          Hi deidra,
          I don’t know why you can’t type a comma on your phone. Try typing the APN type in another app and then doing a copy / paste. You can also try setting up the APN without the APN type. Your data should work. You might have an issue with mms.

          As for your phone, I don’t know what brand it is. You might want to read Shopping For a Chinese Android Smartphone


  12. Kathy Fieser | |

    I switched to straight talk, have a AT&T note 2, send and receive texts ok but not
    pics.How can I send and receive pics through texts?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Kathy,
      Di you follow the instructions on all four pages?

  13. John Curtis | |

    Oh gosh…I purchased a Note II on Craigslist and haven’t had the correct APN settings this whole time. Then I found this site. Put in the settings, and BOOM! I’m having my first 4G LTE experience! Thank you guys so much!

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi John,
      I am happy to hear that the instructions helped.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. If you use social media, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. In addition to keeping up with latest updates at smartphonematters you would be helping us launch social media efforts. click here

      • Jonathan | |

        I am having the same issue but I am using the Android 4.3.. With the APN setting Do I put in all the names with the commas or pick on and go back in forth till i find the correct combo.

        • Bob Thompson | |

          Make sure you look at all four pages. The big list on page one shows all the different values. I wanted people searching for any of those terms to be able to find my page. Pages 2,3,4 explain what to do.

          • Britteny | |

            I also have a 4.3 and i have tried all three settings and everytime it lets me on with one for a few minutes it will show 4g and then it kicks me right back off…idk what to do

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Hi Britteny,
            Do you mean your phone is using Android 4.3?

  14. Crystal | |

    Bob, for the APN type. When you list those 3, are you wanting us to type it all up like that, or try each of them separately?


    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Cystal,
      enter it as listed all three values on the line seperated by a comma.

  15. Candy | |

    I have the Verizon sch-i605 note 2, which is rooted, and I’m using the att sim. I can send mms but not receive them. I’ve tried every different setting that has been mentioned here to no avail. I’ve had the service for about a week now and still can’t receive pics. Here’s what my settings look like…

    Name Straight Talk
    APN to data
    Mm proxy
    Mm port 80
    MCC 310
    MNC 410
    Authentication type
    APN type default,mms,Wap
    (Have also tried default,mms,supl)

    The rest I didn’t change from what was initially setup when I changed to ST.

    I have Googled my problem for days and can’t seem to find the answer! Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated!


    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Candy,
      I assume you meant tfdata and not to data for the APN.
      Sometimes it can take several days before to can receive MMS.
      I’d go into the APN screen and do a reset to default, remove any APNs that magically reappear and enter your settings fresh.
      Omit the APN type at first, then add default,mms,wap
      if it still isn’t working.

  16. Christa | |

    Hey. I recently bought a Galaxy Note 2 and I’m not able to get picture messages or send them, and I can’t get online without wifi. I have tried all the APN’s posted and I have went to straight talk’s website and tried the APN that was shown. I’m not sure what to do and it’s driving me crazy. Any ideas on what to do?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Christa,
      Maybe, I have to ask you a bunch of questions though.

      What model Galaxy Note 2 do you have? Did you buy it from Straight Talk, bring it from another wireless company, or buy it some place else? Are you using a SIM, in the phone? If so, do you know if are you using Straight Talk’s AT&T network-compatible SIM or Straight’s Talk T-Mobile network-compatible SIM?

      What APN settings did the straight talk web site return?


      • Christa | |

        I found out today it isn’t a Galaxy Note 2. It’s an android note 2 and the model is 4.2.2. I bought it on amazon, it was unlocked and everything. I am using a sims card. I bought a sims card that would be compatible and it’s working for the phone calls and regular text messages. The sims card is a T-mobile network compatible card. And the straight talk website gave me the apn:
        Name: wap.tracfone
        APN: wap.tracfone
        Port: 8080

        And when I called straight talk they gave me the apn:
        apn: wap.tracfone
        port: 8080
        mms proxy:
        mms port: 8080

        • Bob Thompson | |

          Hi Christa,
          Can you send me a link to the phone you bought on Amazon. Some of these Chinese Android phones have limited 3G data compatibility with the att and tmobile networks.

          Based on your APN, it looks like you have the tmobile SIM. when you try to use data, what do you see in the status bar? Do you see an E, H, 3G?

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Hi Christa,
            The E means that you are only getting a 2G data connection. I looked at the specs of this phone on amazon. It’s a Chinese made phone and you are only going to get 2G, or Edge data with this phone. With the a different phone, you’d get a 4G LTE, 4H HPSA+, or 3G connection for the same amount of money.

            I’d return it and buy a different phone.

            that said, you might what to focus on getting data working so you can see if the speeds you are getting are acceptable to you.
            Go to your APN screen,
            do a Reset to Default
            delete any APNS on the phone
            create a new APN
            set the name to wap.tracfone
            set the apn to wap.tracfone
            save it
            restart your phone
            turn off wifi
            use the web browser to test your data

            Let me know how it goes.

  17. Cal | |

    I have Galaxy Note 2 unlocked running on Android Version 4.3 Model Number GT-N7100

    I’m using Straight talk Sim Card, if i placed it in my IPhone 4 the internet is working, once i place it back to Note two it does not.

    I don’t care about MMS, my main concern is the internet, I been paying for the internet without actually using it for the past 5 months and I’m just furious from their bad customer service and support. if this comment did not generate a solution I’m moving back to at&t

    I tried placing the info you provided. I also deleted the other APN, I tried unchecking the Mobile Data and Data romaing, and tried another time with checking both. in both trials it did not work.


      • Cal | |

        APN Settings

        APN tfdata
        MMS PROXY
        MMS PORT 80
        MMS_APN tfdata

        • Bob Thompson | |

          Follow the instructions on the help page.
          Delete any existing APNs on your phone.
          enter the following APN settings into your phone.

          Name: tfdata
          APN: tfdata
          MMS proxy:
          MMS Port: 80
          APN Type: default, internet, wap
          MCC: 310
          MNC: 410

          Save, Restart, your phone and test

  18. delois jenkins | |

    cant send or get mms

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi delois
      1. Are you using the Galaxy Note 2? which model number?
      2. Did you buy the phone from Walmart / Straight Talk or bring it from another wireless company? Which one?
      3. Are you using a SIM card in the phone? Which one? See Straight Talk Wireless Bring Your Own Phone Activation Kit SIMS Packaged Incorrectly
      4. If you re using a SIM? Look up your APN settings here. Enter your phone number and a phone type of Android 4.0 & 4.1. what are the settings?

      Let me know,

  19. Esperanza | |

    I have all the correct settings as you have provided. But I have called them and they said they are not able to do anything else. Now I can send myself text with pictures but not able to receive them from others.
    Any other suggestions. Thank you.

  20. becky | |

    my home button wont work so i cant enter the apn that way is there another way and how?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Becky,
      I don’t have a Note 2. You just need to find a way into your settings. You might be able to get to settings from the status bar.

  21. rene | |

    These do not work for me. I can send me but not receive them. Please help.

  22. saima | |

    I placed the commas but after comma I did not place a space

  23. saima | |

    I tried both for apn type but did not leave spaces and its still not working

    • Bob Thompson | |

      use commas, between them.

  24. saima | |


    I did reset to default and set up apn again and still not working

  25. saima | |

    I have done the apn settings above and it worked for few days and now mms is not working at all for sending and receiving. Please help.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Damian,
      That is strange. Try going to the APNs page, reset to default, and renter your APN settings.

      • saima | |

        Just to let you know my android is running 4.3

        • Bob Thompson | |

          Try setting your APN type. default, internet, wap or default, internet, supl

          • Chris | |

            Hey Bob,
            The problem that saima is having is the same one that I am. When I switched what you recommended it worked for a day and then stopped. I can receive pic messages, but not send. I attempted the changes you recommended and unfortunately it did not work. I also am running Android 4.3. Thank you for all your help.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Hi Chris
            I am not sure what the issue is..
            Can you try deleting you message threads.
            Sometimes a bad message can block sending
            Back up your phone first. You can restore, afterwards get your message threads back.

            you can also take a couple screenshots of your APN settings and send them to me. Press the power buttom and down volume at the same time.
            You can mail them to bob at the name of this web site.

  26. CelticRainbow | |

    Sorry, Bob, I didn’t leave enough info with my previous message dated 3/7/14. Hope this info will help!!!
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SGH-1317) from AT&T to BYOP Straight Talk. Running on 4.1
    Purchased & installed Straight Talk dual sim card for use with AT&T phones; used the micro sim card.
    Not able to delete AT&T APN but unchecked it and added new APN as follows:
    “Edit Access Point” appears at top of page in blue space above all the following:
    Name: Straight Talk
    APN : tfdata
    Port :
    User name:
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port: 80
    MCC: 310 (didn’t add this)
    MNC: 410 (didn’t add this)
    Authentication type:
    APN type:
    APN protocol (not highlighted): IPv4 (didn’t add this)
    Enable/disable APN not highlighted): but checked
    Bearer: unspecified
    I can send & receive text messages. but I can only send pics in my text message. I can’t receive pics. Incoming pics appear needing to be downloaded. When APN = tfdata, download attempts state “failed”. When APN = att.mvno, download attempts state, “try again later.” When APN = wrap.tracfone, download attempts state, “try again later.”
    Before swiping opening screen, AT&T still appears above the time. Does this indicate something?

    I hope I have provided enough info this time … Thanks for your
    help, Bob!


    • Bob Thompson | |

      H CelticRainbow,
      Awesome job providing the details.
      The good news is you appear to have set up your APN correctly. Unfortunately, you are having the receive MMS problem that many people have. Some people fix this by tweaking their MMSC and MMS proxy values. Others set the APN type. Try default, mms, wap and default, mms, supl. If you just signed up for Straight Talk, sometimes it starts working in a day or two. This happened to me last month.
      Take a look at comments on I Can’t Receive MMS Picture Messages Using Straight Talk or Net10 on My iPhone Using iOS 7.0.4 to see the alternative MMSC and MMS Proxy that have worked for others.

      you can also look at Help with Straight Talk and Net10 MMS Picture Messages

      The AT&T splash screen isn’t an issue. Your phone was just customized for AT&T.

      Please let me know what you try and how it goes.


      • Celtic Rainbow | |

        Hi Bob!

        Many thanks for your help with my problem regarding my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that after importing it into Straight Talk could not download pics sent to me via text messages. Your were right on suggesting that I wait a few days…. because suddenly it started working!! You are really making a HUGE difference for so many frustrated people!!!

        Celtic Rainbow ( HUGE SMILE )

        • Bob Thompson | |

          Hi Celtic Rainbow,
          I am glad it started working. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with others. I suspect this is the case for many other too. And when they read it in to comments it will give them hope.

          If you use social media, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. In addition to keeping up with latest updates at smartphonematters you would be helping us improve our search rank and be able to use all the features ofthose sites. click here

  27. Ashley Osburn | |

    Help I bought a Verizon Samsung Galax note 2 last night I was told I could use it on strait talk I changed the apn settings and I can make calls and text but I can not get my mms and data to work.Do you know the correct settings to help with this?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Ashley,
      Do you know if you are using the Straight Talk AT&T network-compatible SIM or the Straight Talk T-Mobile network-compatible SIM? Can you tell me the model number of your Note 2 so I an check to see if it’s compatible.


  28. lisa | |

    Can’t get outgoing mms to work. I can receive them just not send hem.

    • smokey | |

      My current settings for my note 2 on attention some are name straight talk some tfdata some type default, supl mms proxy proxy.mnvo. port 80 username not set password not set server mmsc mms proxy mms port80 mcc 310 mnc 410. With these settings I am not able to connect to the internet or picture messages. Please help?

      • Bob Thompson | |

        Hi smokey,
        your comment is hard to read with the lack of formating.
        If you are using the Straight Talk AT&T network-compatible SIM or the Straight Talk T-Mobile network-compatible SIM. Remove all the APNs. Creat an new APN, try tfdata for the APN only set the MCC and MNC is you need to save the APN. If data doesn’t work, try att.mvno, then wap.tracfone.

        Once you find the APN that gives your internet, then work on MMS.

  29. jess | |


  30. Emmie | |

    I have an at&t galaxy note phone that I am using on straight talk network. Everything is working but the data. I have tried calling straight talk, they gave me the same apn settings as above. I am so frustrated right now. Hope you or someone else can help me.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Do you know if you have the straight talk att to straight talk tmobile sim?
      Try deleting any of the old apns

    • Tony | |

      I am having the same problem. Phone makes calls great but data doesn’t work. Straight talk is giving me the run around. Going to try the AT&T Sim next.

      • Bob Thompson | |

        Hi Tony,
        If your Note 2 is a AT&T model and the AT&T network works well where you live, work, or plan to use your phone then by all meansa switch to the AT&T SIM. It should be easy to get data working using one of the three APNs. The Straight Talk T-Mobile APN is wap.tracfone. If data isn’t working, try resetting the APN and adding it back. Make sure to remove any old APNs in the list.
        Let me know how it goes.

  31. sherry jones | |

    I have tried this. It didn’t work. My phone is not a Samsung note 2. It is an android note2. Unlocked phone that I bought on eBay

  32. Pam | |

    Hi I have original Galaxy Note…trying so hard to get group messages since all friends have iPhone or Galaxy 4 . I did what you as far as Edit Access Point: I can see mms ,port all the other names but am unable to click on them… Help… Please

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Try adding a new APN rather than editing an existing one.

  33. Victoria | |

    I can only get to #4
    There is Nothing else available from there. I click on access point
    Form there it is blank. No “Menu” no nothing else to click on. 🙁

    • Bob Thompson | |

      The whole screen is blank? Or you list of APNs is empty?. I don’t have the note, but menu is usually a button on the top right of the screen. The button might be. A plus in a circle in the top right of the screen. You can send a a screenshot if you can’t figure it out.


  34. JR | |

    Using the straight talk settings for at&t that you have listed, everything but MMS works. This is on the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

    • Gene | |

      Same here, I have a Note 2 and these setting dont work. I also have two settings that I cant leave blank that are not one of the settings mentioned ….MCC and MNC

      • Bob Thompson | |

        Hi Gene,
        It’s not clear to me what isn’t working for you data, MMS, or both. I just checked my Nexus 5 and now requires the MCC and MNC. It did not in the past. I suspect that a recent software update must require it. Try 310 and 410 respectively.

  35. allen | |

    I have a verizon galaxy note 2 using the t-mobile sim card and cant get the internet or mms to work any help?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Folow the instructions on this page. The T-Mobile SIM should use the wap.tracfone APN. I assume your phone is the SCH-I605. Looking ath the specs, this phone sohuld work on the t-mobile network.

      Getting Internet working is usually pretty easy. You only need to enter the APN. Make sure that the T-Mobile network has network converage at your location. With you T-Mobile SIM in the phone and Wi-Fi off. Try to load a web page. Let me know how many signal bars you see in the status bar and if you see a 4G, 3G, 3G, E, or H in the status bar after trying to load a web page.


  36. Bill Cato | |

    Calling straight talk did nothing for me, could not get the info they gave me for APN to connect to the internet.

    You info for the t-mobile version works for my Galaxy note 1 on straight talk.

    Thank you.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Bill,
      I am glad this page helped you. I don’t know why Straight Talk wasn’t able to give you the correct settings.
      thanks for taking the time to comment.


  37. AJ | |

    Hi.. I have a verizon samsung galaxy note 2 with an AT&T sim from Straight Talk. I have tried the above mentioned values but I keep getting the not registered on a network message.. Can you please help thanks!

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi AJ,
      Try changing the APN to att.mvno. Reboot your phone and test data.

  38. Marisela Castillo | |

    I have a galaxynote 2 and need instructions on how to set up my apn for Internet

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