Help Setting up Straight Talk Data and MMS on the Samsung Galaxy S II Running Android 2.3

I created this page to help readers set up Straight Talk Wireless data, Internet, and MMS picture messaging on the Samsung Galaxy S II running Android 2.3. If your Galaxy S II is running Android 4, the steps may be a little different. Leave a comment and let me know. I do not have a Samsung Galaxy S II phone but I have written a number of guides for Apple iPhones, Android phones, and even Windows phone so I can try to help you.

If your voice or basic SMS text messages do not work this page will not help you, call Straight Talk support. If you are unable to use your cellular data to access the internet, send or receive MMS picture messages, or group text messages then this page may help you.

This page is for Galaxy S II phones using the Straight Talk AT&T or Straight Talk T-Mobile network SIM cards. If you are not using a SIM in your phone, you may be using Straight Talk on the Verizon or Sprint networks and this page will not help you. Leave a comment if that is the case.

In order to get data and mms service working you must enter the correct APN and MMS settings into your phone.  Once you have the correct values, you enter them into the  APN settings on your phone.

If you are using the Straight Talk ATT SIM your values are:

APN: tfdata
MMS proxy:
MMS Port: 80

If you are using the Straight Talk T-Mobile SIM your values are:

APN: wap.tracfone
MMS Proxy:
MMS proxy port: 80

If you have already tried to set up data and MMS using these values. Leave a comment and I will try to help. These are the most commonly used values.

I do not have an Galaxy S II phone to verify this is correct. If you are reading this, please leave a comment and tell me if this is correct or what needs to be changes. There are so many Android phones available on the market today and I am not able to create a guide for every model.

  1. Tap Menu
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Wireless and networks
  4. Turn Airplane mode off
  5. Turn Wi-Fi off
  6. Tap Mobile networks
  7. Tap Access Point Names
  8. Tap Menu
  9. Tap New APN
  10. Enter your values from above
  11. Tap Menu
  12. Tap Save
  13. Restart your phone
  14. Test Data
  15. Test MMS

If your data or MMS does not work.  There are other APN values you can try. I have only added the most commonly used on this page. Leave a comment and I will trey to help you.

If you these instructions, please leave a comment and let me know if  you were successful.


  1. Jen | |

    Is there anything I can do to bring my Samsung galaxy sII from Sprint with no sim?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      I don’t think this phone requires a sim to use it with straight talk’s sprint network. You will need to check if the phone is eligible. see Checking If You Can Use Your Verizon Smartphone with Straight Talk. That video is for Verizon, but just choose the option for sprint.

      The S2 is a bit old and does not support 4g LTE. Personally I wouldn’t pay 45 a month to use 3G CDMA phone which will be slower data speeds. I’d buy a new phone first. There are lots of good phones for under 200. I’d spend money on a new phone and less expensive service if cost was an issue.

  2. Ellen | |

    I have a verizon htc rezound running 2.3.4 I have installed a straight talk 4g lte sim and the phone and mas work but data internet wifi etc will not work. Please help

  3. beth | |

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S 2…not sure which Android version I have but these are the settngs straight talk gave me from the beginning and my picture text, internet, etc. works great.




    PORT: 8080

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Did you buy the phone from straight talk?

  4. Beth | |

    These are the actual settings Straight Talk gave me for my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II with a T-Mobile Sim. Exactly as I have them in my phone. This finally worked for my internet, text and sending/receiving pictures via text::

    APN Settings::::::

    NAME: straight talk

    APN: wap.tracfone


    PORT: 8080



    MMS PORT: 8080


    then it should take to to the APN screen

    select the radio dot next to the one you just setup, straight talk

    Then clean out your cache, temp files, etc.

    Restart phone and TA-DA!!

    If you do everything exactly as stated above, you’ll have 4G data, texting and be able to send & receive pictures through text message!


  5. Beth | |

    I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S II, it’s also a T-Mobile phone. I had my Straight Talk service switched from my Windows phone to this “new” phone a few days ago. I tried your recommended settings above and I am still unable to send and receive pictures through text messaging. I figured out the settings to do this from my Windows phone when Straight Talk swore up and down it couldn’t be done. Could you possibly help me?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Beth,
      What version of android are you using? Look in the settings..

      • beth | |

        Okay. Thank you.

  6. Angela | |

    I am using an old at&t samsung galaxy s II phone with a Straight Talk at&t sim card but I cannot send or recieve mms messages and I am not able to use my tethering or mobile hotspot feature either. HELP!!

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Angela,
      Straight Talk does not support Mobile Hotspot. It is against their terms of service. As for your MMS picture messages.. Did you set up your APN? What is it? ry setting your APN type to default,mms,wap for Straight Talk’s ATT network and default,mms,supl for Straight Talk’s TMobile network.

  7. Lee endicott | |

    I have a straight talk phone that speakers don’t work and I want to change it to a samsung galaxy 2 I want to make a straight talk with my same number

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi lee,
      What type of phone do you currently have? Is it using a sim? Do you already have the s2?

  8. Tommy | |

    I have a straight samsong.driod ….and i cant recieve pictures i used to…not long ago but now i cant

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Tommy,
      What version of Android does your phone have? Do you know which ST network you are using? att,tmobile, verizon or sprint?

  9. Kelly | |

    Hi Bob,

    I recently switched over my Straight Talk service to an unlocked (GSM) Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 using the T-Mobile SIM card. I have tried DOZENS of APN settings and I can’t get my internet or MMS service to work. A number of different APN options allows me to use it for texting and calling, but none have made the internet or MMS messaging to work… please help!! Thanks so much!

  10. Michael | |

    Hey Bob. I’ve got a Galaxy S2 currently running 4.1.2, and the above settings don’t work for me. I’ve been able to download one message, besides that I can’t send or receive mms messages at all. Data for games and browser works fine however.

  11. Danielle | |

    worked great thanks!!:)

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Glad to hear it helped.

  12. Stefanie K | |

    I have the galaxy s3\ at&t sim…I used the settings you have listed for AT&T. Those are the same as what the straight talk data settings app. Provided me. My sms text messaging and voice work, however my service it’s very poor quality. Service is constantly in and out and it’d I’m not connected to WiFi, then I have absolutely no days at all. My prior experiences with the customer service reps weep work for straight talk, I’m looking for the answer myself…..You mentored other codes to change my APN settings….do you have anything that I could try.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Stefanie,
      Changing your APN will not help improve the quality of your service. Do people using ATT get better service than you in the areas you are using your phone?

  13. Courtney | |

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 flashed from Sprint to straight talk, could you tell me how to set the mms up?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Courtney,
      Who flashed the phone? Which Straight Talk network are you using? the att,tmobile, verizon or sprint network? Did you dial an activation number when you set up the phone?

      • Courtney | |

        Bob, I purchased the phone already flashed. It runs on verizon towers.

        • Bob Thompson | |

          Hi Courtney,
          In general, you don’t set the APN for phones using the verizon and sprint networks. It’s supposed to be set when you activate the phone. Try dialing the activation # again. Should be *22890 for the verizon network. Are you getting 4G LTE with this phone? are you using a SIM card?

          • Courtney | |

            No, I don’t have 4g. It has a sim card.

          • Courtney | |

            I dialed *22890 and it ended the call halfway through and now I have no service. I always have service where I am, so I’m not sure what happened.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            , sorry to hear that. That has never happened before.
            Call 1-800-626-4883 3324, that the executive resolutions department. Tell them Your service stopped working.
            Ask them to fix it.

  14. Dan | |

    I get to strep 8 on the SSGalaxy s2 and the only option is reset default apn, there is no optiion to create a new one.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Are you using android 2.3 or 4.x?
      Try doing the reset to default, then edit and delete any APNs
      then see if you can add one.

  15. Akim | |

    Apn settings for galaxy note 4

    • Bob Thompson | |

      If you are using Straight Talk see

  16. jeannie | |

    I have a straight talk samsung galaxy ace style phone and it will not let me send or receive pics. I dont know where my apn is I do c vpn but then idk what to can u please help me

  17. Scottie | |

    I have a blu phone and my internet is working but the MMS isn’t. I am using the T-Mobile Sim card

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Try setting your APN type to default,mms,supl

  18. jeremy | |

    I have straight talk att and cannot receive mms but can send.I have the settings you have provided.I have a galaxy s2 skyrocket.thanks

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Jeremy,
      What version of android are you using?

  19. tommy | |

    Just left sprint,and now using a new phone,because sprint said I could not use my old galaxy II when switching over to straight talk,is there any way of getting around this ? Seeing they did allow me to keep my old number({Manchester nh area)and I’m wondering if anyone is tec savy enough to get passed this dilemma,I’m in bed without use of my legs,so any help would be appreciated ty

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Tommy,
      Sprint told you you couldn’t use your phone with Straight Talk or Straight Talk told you you couldn’t use it? If you completed you contract and left your Sprint account in good standing your phone should be eligible.

  20. Andrina | |

    I m so disappointed with the customer service regarding fixing my pic messaging. I call many time and they give me the same thing and I told them many time that it is not working and I need a technician to help retrieve my pic msging. I am using unlocked samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket sgh l727. I can send pic messaging as well ad recieve it but I can’t open it up to see the pic msg. It will pop out saying unfortunately messaging has stopped. My reference pin that the customer service provide is xxxx. I have been doing this for almost one week n the pin will expire in two week. Plz help

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Andrina,
      what version of Android is your phone using?

    • Danny A. | |

      I have this problem on my Samsung Galaxy Express off AT&T prepaid. How I get it to work for me is that I have to use my data to open up and MMS sent to me. Why I came on here trying to get it to work off WiFi as customer service told me their should be a way to set it up.

      • Bob Thompson | |

        Hi Danny,
        Did you try following the directions on this page?

        • Danny A | |

          Yup I did. I tried a couple. I still can’t get it to work. I even chatted with AT&T fir help and they couldn’t seem to know how to make it work it. They just told me to get ahold of Samsung.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Are you using ATT prepaid or Straight Talk?

          • Danny A | |

            AT&T pre paid service.

  21. Michele | |

    I have an AT&T Samsung SII and I am with straight talk, I can’t download MMS msgs or send pic msgs I tried everything above, The Supervisor from ST said I would have to call Samsung and see if I needed to update or change settings. Any help with this would be much Appreciated, Thanks for your time!

  22. brianna w | |

    I used this on my galaxy s2 for straight talk and everything works but I can’t receive pictures.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Brianna,
      Try setting your APN type to default,mms,wap for the Straight talk ATT sim and default,mms,supl for the Straight Talk TMobile SIM. If you just transferred your number to Straight Talk it might take a few days to be able to receive MMS picture messages. What version of Android does your phone have?

  23. graham | |

    Hey, so baught a galaxy s4(t-mobile phone) from a friend so I could have 4G lte instead of just 4g. I have straight talk, the calling and messages are fine but I’m only getting .05 download and .01 upload. Which you can see is no good have tried your apn and many more, I have even spent an hour on the phone with cs to no avail. Do you have any ideas?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Graham,
      Look in the status bar when you are testing your data speed, do you see an LTE, H or H+, or E indicator? Let me know.

      Try this. I don’t know if this will work.

      1. Close all open apps on your phone
      2. Go to settings->more->mobile networks
      3. Tap Preferred Network Type.
      4. Tap 2G
      5. Wait for an E in your status bar
      6. Run speed test
      7. close all open apps on your phone
      8. repeat steps 1-3
      9. Tap LTE
      10. close all open apps
      11. Wait for the status bar indicator to show an H+ or LTE
      12 re-run speed test

      Let me know.


  24. Sherrie | |

    Thanks for your help Bob! The person I spoke to to originally activate my Straight Talk said my data would work immediately even though my phone service wouldn’t work until my number is ported. I called again this afternoon and the person I spoke to said nothing will work until my number is ported then it will all be activate. We’ll see if it works when this is completed. They said my service will be working no later than 11/20/14 at 12 midnight. To be continued…

  25. Sherrie | |

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S II unlocked AT&T phone that I’m trying to switch to Straight Talk. I’m a newbe to smart phones although I’m pretty computer literate. So please bear with me if I ask dumb questions. The phone will not allow me to edit the access point. If I hold the menu button while on one that screen nothing happens. Is it still locked?

    • Sherrie | |

      Thank you! I think I got it figured out.

      • Bob Thompson | |

        Hi Sherrie,
        Great. Let me know if you still have questions.

        • Sherrie | |

          Thnk you. I thought I had it figured out, but it still won’t work. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy SII (Android 4.02). My instructions from Straight Talk say to delete the old APN Name. How do you do that. I’ve turned off the green button on it and lit the one next to Straight Talk. I’ve rebooted the phone, but it still won’t connect to the mobile network. I can get it to connect to my wireless at home, but as instructed by Straight Talk I’ve turned that off too.

  26. Jen | |

    I have a Pantech (Android 4.0.4). My data works and i’m also able to send picture messages but I can’t receive them. I have used your apn settings. Now if I can figure out how to receive pictures I’d be all set.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Jen,
      If you recently signed up for Straight Talk and transferred your phone number it may take a few days before you can receive MMS picture messages. I had the same issue. I set up three Straight Talk accounts. MMS worked fine for the two with new phone numbers. I could not receive MMS for the third, the one I transferred a number to. I tried the SIM in two different phone and it did not work. After a few days I decided to see if I could try to fix it, only to find it working.

      This is a common problem. You can also try setting your APN type to default, mms, wap or default, mms, supl. Some readers have had luck by trying different MMSC and MMS proxy values. Read both the following articles and the comments to see what has worked for others.

      Help with Straight Talk and Net10 MMS Picture Messages and I Can’t Receive MMS Picture Messages Using Straight Talk or Net10 on My iPhone Using iOS 7.0.4
      Let me know how it goes.

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