Help Setting up Straight Talk Data and MMS on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Running Android 4

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  1. beth | |

    I am looking for the right apn settings for straight talk with an S4 mini. Thank u, Beth

    • Nolan Mans | |

      Name: Straight Talk
      APN: tfdata
      Port: 80
      User name: (leave this field blank)
      Password: (leave this field blank)
      Server: (leave this field blank)
      MMS proxy:
      MMS port: 80
      MCC: (do not make changes on this field)
      MNC: (do not make changes on this field)
      Authentication type: (do not make changes on this field)
      APN type: (do not make changes on this field)

      Save it turn your phone off then back on,

      • Bob Thompson | |

        Hey, a BB fan!
        I think you could remove though and it would still work for you.

  2. Aminata | |

    As previously mentioned by someone else, I cannot download MMS messages to my straight talk galaxy s4 mini, nor can I send a photo message. Please help!

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Aminata
      Which APN settings are you using? Are you using a SIM card in your Mini? Do you know which Straight Talk network you are using? ATT or TMobile? or are you on the ST Verizon or Sprint network?

  3. Christen Boochie | |

    I just switched to Straight talk and we re unable to open mms (pics). I have tried the list of APN’s listed above, about 5 of the APN solutions listed on the thread that has 157 comments. And I even downloaded the offline SIM app.

    I have a factory unlocked Samsung smart phone that I bought from Best Buy’s marketplace. The OS is Ice cream sandwich.

    I would really appreciate your help.



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