Help Setting up Straight Talk Wireless Data and MMS on the LG G2 Running Android 4

I get a lot of requests for help to get Straight Talk’s MMS picture messaging working with LG smartphones. If your phone was from AT&T, there seems to be an issue with the Android firmware locking the APN settings. Below is a discussion I had with a reader who had the same problem and fixed it.

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Rich H says
Thanks for your help earlier. Just a quick update for anyone having the same problem – yes, I indeed did end up doing just that (see below)! I was reluctant until I found how easy it was to root my phone even after the 2nd KitKat update using IOroot25. After rooting, I installed APNs Backup from playstore, backed up the APN settings, edited the backup file with SQLite manager, and restored the edited backup. I actually edited twice. For me, just adding APN types to the straight talk APN did not work. I went back in and deleted the 2 AT&T APNs that were showing (which evidently took preference). This whole process sounds convoluted but was not difficult. Much easier than the original post I had read recommending rooting, reinstalling JellyBean, changing APN info, then reinstalling KitKat. Once I started, it took about 15 minutes total and I did not lose any apps or data. Helpful links: and

this link is more helpful than the andromods link below:

From comments in How to Set up Straight Talk Wireless Data and MMS on Your Nexus 5 Running Android 4.4

Rich H says:
March 23, 2014 at 7:34 pm
Hey Bob, it’s me again… So I just upgraded my phone from the AT&T LG Optimus G Android 4.1.2 which finally was working perfectly on ST, to an AT&T LG G2 (very similar to Nexus 5) on Android 4.4.2. No MMS or group text either direction. I have an ~UNEDITABLE~ “ATT Phone” APN, which is also ~UNDELETABLE~, and when I create a new APN for ST with recommended settings that worked on my last phone, the APN type is grayed out as “default”. When I tried Textra, which allows you to see and change the 3 main MMS settings in the APN, it defaulted to the “ATT Phone” APN settings – which I can change in the app, but still have no ability to change APN type which seems to be the issue. I have googled the issue prolifically, and the best idea I can find is here: but I am very reluctant to go this direction (flash downgrade ROM, root, change settings, reflash upgrade ROM) Is that all really necessary?! Hope you have better ideas for me…

Rich H says:
March 23, 2014 at 7:44 pm
Slightly more info: I have unlocked the phone and it made no difference. I have also tried rebooting the phone with no SIM and the Settings/Networks/Connectivity/Tethering & Networks/Network/Mobile Networks is grayed out so you cannot get to APN settings at all… Ouch. I also tried a CC SIM and still could not edit.

Bob Thompson says:
March 24, 2014 at 3:37 pm
Hi Rich,
I don’t think I have a solution for you.

I looked at the link you provided in your other comment. The posters seem to be implying that the firmware on the phone is customized for AT&T. If it were me, the approach I would be taking is to find an alternative method or app, that I could use to add the full APN setup and see if that works. And, you would have to decide if you want to root your phone or not.

For example, there is an app APN Backup and Restore
maybe you could generate the backup file, edit it and restore it to get the APN you want on the phone.
From the description in the Play store, you’ll need to root it.

Rich H says:
March 24, 2014 at 6:24 pm
Wow, I think this time I might be in over my head. So, here’s another interesting thing that happened right after I posted – I got discouraged and decided to go back to my (working) AT&T LG Optimus G (E970), so I pulled my SIM from the AT&T LG G2 (D800), reinstalled it in the E970, and after rebooting, my 4G LTE works fine, but I LOST my MMS sending and receiving from THAT phone! So, that kind of gives me hope that if I wait long enough using the new phone, it might just work via ST’s hidden magic…

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