Help with Straight Talk Data and MMS APNs for Android 4.2.2

A reader, Corey asks…

I have a Chinese Android 4.2.2. With Straight  Talk  ATT SIM card. I got my internet working. But still no MMS pic messages. Can u help me with this?
Thank you

Hi Corey,
I don’t have the Chinese Android 4.2.2. phone myself but I do know the APN settings that Straight Talk uses. I am willing to try to help you. I can’t promise we will be able to get it to work. It also may require a little effort on your part. I set up this web page so we can keep track of the steps.
Leave a comment here if you would still like some help.


  1. Glenda | |

    Data works fine. I have no issues other then the mms. I have tried every apn I could find. I even talked to Straight talk customer service.

  2. Glenda | |


  3. Glends | |

    I have a HTC ONE M7. Have tried multiple son settings and can not get my mms to work. Says generic network failure. Could you please help.

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