Help with Straight Talk Data and MMS APNs for Huawei Ascend

A reader, Karina, asks:

I have a Huawei Ascend for straight talk and the wifi on it is not working, I enabled data but it’s still not working.. please help

Hi Karina,
I don’t have a Huawei Ascend  phone myself but I do know the APN settings that Straight Talk uses. I am willing to try to help you. I can’t promise we will be able to get it to work. It also may require a little effort on your part. I set up this web page so we can keep track of the steps.
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  1. Kim campbell | |

    Hi i have a M1 hawaii smart phone using straight talk..i also am having data problems. Can u help

    • Bob Thompson | |

      by problems? do you mean your data doesn’t work? Did you set the APN?

      • Kimberly Campbell | |

        Yes to the settings they sent me. 3G showing until i began to use a app or internet. Then loose 3G all together

        • Bob Thompson | |

          Can you look in settings and tell me what APN you are using? is it reseller, tfdata, wap.tracfone, or something else?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Do you mean you have an huawei for the singapore carrier M1? what is the exact model of your phone?

  2. lynnette | |

    Hello. I have a huawei h892l and I can’t get the internet to work at all. Can someone help me? I have straight talk

  3. Lacey | |

    I have a Huawei android version 2.3.6. The problem is I can receive multimedia messages but after I receive them it tells me to download and then when I hit download it tries and then comes back saying download of message was unsuccessful. How do I fix this or get it to download?

  4. kathy | |

    I have a Huawei ascend plus….I cannot get group messages, but I can send them.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Kathy,
      Did you set the APN type in your APN settings? If so to what values?

  5. tom | |

    Can use wifi but cannot use telephone or internet when im out I put it on says but it will not work

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Tom,
      This help page is very old, and not helpful. There are many Huawei Ascend models, for example P1, P6, P7). I might be able to help if you could tell me more details about your phone including the version of android you are using.

  6. Heidi | |

    i have a huawei ascend plus running android 4.0.4 i have had problems with MMS (send and receive) and data in apps (Google/internet are typically fine). the APN settings have no MMS proxy or port set up and I have not found a way to edit the existing APN. I also cannot save a new APN. I select save but it disappears and does not show up in the list, still only have “home.” i had data for about 5 seconds after i attempted to change the APN, but then it reverted and erased my new APN and the data quit again. I’m wondering if I can hack this phone, at this point, in order to fix this problem. I am using the Verizon network in my area (but this is a straight talk phone not a byo). I have spent hours talking to straight talk and the most help they gave was telling me to factory reset. but since their settings are the once that aren’t correct, that did nothing for my issue.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Heidi,
      You might be able to hack the phone, I don’t know how. If you use Straight Talk’s ATT or TMobile networks, you can change the APN settings to get MMS working. With the Verizon phones, the APN is supposed to be set when you dial the activation sequence. Try dialing *22890.

      • Heidi | |

        straighttalk phone, Verizon towers. i’ve done the activation multiple times with customer service and it did nothing for the issue. I did find an APN for straighttalk Verizon and it fixes the problem 90% of the time for the last couple days.

  7. paige | |

    My Wi-Fi will not connect

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Paige,
      Do you mean your cellular data internet connection?
      What model phone is this? Do you know if it is using Android or Windows?

  8. Pam Colvard | |

    I also have a huawei ascend plus and can’t get my server to work. What should I do ?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Pam,
      Can you tell me if this is a windows phone or android and what software version its running.

  9. heather | |

    I have a huawei asc

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Heather,
      What version of Android is your phone using?

  10. Alvanna | |

    I have a Att Huwaei EULA and I can’t change the apn settings from att to straighttalk can anybody please help me

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Alanna,
      Is this an Android phone? Do you know what version of Android it is using?

  11. debra | |

    Huawei ascend doesn’t givee

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Debra,
      You left your comment on one of the older help pages on smartphonematters. Can you provide me with a little more information. Does this phone have a model number? And do you know if you this phone is using Straight Talk’s AT&T-compatible network, their T-Mobile-compatible network their Verizon-compatible network, or their Sprint-compatible network?

      Did you have to put a SIM into the phone to use it? Did you dial an activation sequence to set it up?

      And finally, could you re-state the issue you are having.

  12. Shell | |

    I have a hauwei ascend and it will not download pics or send pics. Please help.

  13. Dee | |

    I have a hauwei ascend plus from straight talk phone it use to download my picture text from my friends but the last 3 days I can’t get it to what can I do to fix this.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Dee,
      Try restarting your phone. Check your APN settings. Did you setup the APN on the phone in the past?

  14. Dee | |

    I have a hauwei

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