Help with Straight Talk Data and MMS APNs for LG Encore GT550

A reader Robert asks,

Hi,I have an Lg encore gt550 that I can’t find the apn settings for straight talk! Is there anyway you could help? Thank you so much..


Hi Robert,
I don’t have an LG Encore GT550 phone myself but I do know the APN settings that Straight Talk uses. I am willing to try to help you. I can’t promise we will be able to get it to work. It also may require a little effort on your part. I set up this web page so we can keep track of the steps.
Leave a comment here if you would still like some help.


  1. KC | | Reply

    I did a Straight Talk BYOP on my wife’s AT&T LG Encore GT550 and so far the phone and text features are fine. However, when she tried to access the internet, or download pics attached to texts, it was no-go. I called straight talk and they sent me an email with what they said were the correct APN settings, but the settings don’t match with the menus/boxes on the phone, leaving much guesswork. After trying (multiple times) to put the correct settings in the right places, the internet and text pics still didn’t work. I called ST again tonight, and after more than an hour the tech finally found the APN settings for my wife’s phone when suddenly we got cut off. I called back and they said they couldn’t connect me to the person who almost got me set up, and we tried to start again from scratch and we didn’t get very far. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks. Ken

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi KC,
      For data and picture messaging, you need to look up your APN settings and enter them into the phone. First look them up here.
      Looking up Your Straight Talk Wireless APN Settings

      After that, you need to enter the APN settings into your phone. I am not familiar with this phone so I can’t tell you exactly where in the phones settings you need to enter the APN. I looked in the manual, here ,, and didn’t see the instructions either.

      See this article, You might enter the APN in there, if you tap NEW account.
      Give it a try.

      By the way if you signed up for the Straight Talk BYOP $45 a mo plan and are using this phone, you might want to consider upgrading to a new phone. Your current phone only supports 3G data. Your Straight Talk account comes with 4G LTE data which is much faster. There are a number of Android phones between $100 and $200 that support 4G LTE. You’ll get to use a really good web browsers and apps like Google Maps and stuff.

      If you want to stick with the LG, you may also want to consider a less expensive service, if you don’t use think you’ll be using all the data you re paying for with the $45 plan.

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