Help with Straight Talk on the iPhone

I get a lot of requests for help from readers trying to get Straight Talk Data, Internet, and MMS to work with their iPhones. Many people follow the guide but still are unable to get it working. I put together this page to help.

My Straight Talk, Data, Internet, or MMS picture messaging isn’t working with my iPhone

  1. If you haven’t done, so read and follow the instructions in my guide, How to Setup Straight Talk Wireless Data and MMS for your iPhone running iOS 6
  2. Read this, it is important for anyone using Straight Talk with the iPhone to know. Is Using Straight Talk Wireless With Your iPhone a Good Idea?
  3. Which Straight Talk SIM do you have? Many people have trouble with the T-Mobile one, especially if they live in an areas where T-Mobile coverage isn’t so good. Read the article in the step above.

I followed the guide I can’t get my data to work… What do I do?

  1. What do you see in your iPhone’s status bar when you try to load data?  Turn off Wi-Fi. Try to load some web page with Safari, What do you see where the HOME and 4G are?  Your data may not be working because you don’t have a good signal, or your phone has connected to another network? If you don’t see HOME or a 4G or 3G. Leave me a comment.
  2. If you see HOME and 3G or 4G, follow the steps in the Net10 FAQ, they are valid for Straight Talk as well.  See Net10 Data, Internet and MMS APN Frequently Asked Questions


I can’t get to the Cellular Data Network Menu

  1. Follow the steps in the Net10 FAQ, they are valid for Straight Talk as well.  See Net10 Data, Internet and MMS APN Frequently Asked Questions




  1. Jessica | | Reply

    Can someone please help me…I have been trying to get my cellular data to work for hours. I have followed the guide. I have tried everything! Im at the end of my rope!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Jessica,
      What phone do you have? What version of ios are you using? Which straight talk sim are you using?

  2. Jadia | | Reply

    Hey! I have a Straight Talk iPhone 4, running on the latest iOS7 update. I’m having to send it in to be replaced, and after reading some things, I’m scared the replacement iPhone that Apple sends me won’t program with Straight Talk. Do you know anything about this?

    • Jadia | | Reply

      I failed to mention this iPhone was bought from Straight Talk, so it doesn’t have the sim card slot. If the replacement does have a slot, I really don’t want to have to buy a sim from Straight Talk to get it working again.

      (My original problem was that data randomly wouldn’t load anything unless on wifi. Just buffered forever until timing out. Spent hours on the phone with ST just for them to tell me they can’t find an issue with my service or coverage and talking to Apple, I was told it sounds like a hardware issue, hence my sending it in for a replacement.)

      Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

      • Bob Thompson | | Reply

        Hi jadia,
        I don’t know. You are not paranoid.any time you change phones you can have a problem. What you need to ask apple is if they are replacing your iphone with the Verizon phone for the straight talk network. Then you are going to need to transfer your service from the old iphone to the new one and activate the new phone. You should be able to do this from the st website. Will you have both the old and new phone at the some time?
        Of possible, can you pick up you replacement at the apple store and make an appointment to ask for help?

        You can come back here and ask for help too.


  3. Kendall Bollock | | Reply

    Hi Bob,
    I bought an AT&T iPhone 5 off eBay. Not unlocked. It runs iOS 7.0.4. Haven’t activated yet with straight talk sim i bought. Just wondering the best way you suggest to get MMS and data working properly. Know I need to update APN, but not sure how. I dont have a T Mobile sim to preform a sim swap. Just not sure exactly how to get everything work. What are your suggestions?

  4. MadMazdawg | | Reply

    I dont have a T-Mobile SIM card to do the steps on entering my “APN information” to be able to use the MMS/picture messaging is there any other ways to enter the info needed to enable MMS on my iPhone 4S with my straight talk service??? The steps to enable data on my iPhone worked perfectly – THANK YOU!!!

    • MadMazdawg | | Reply

      Also dont know if it matters but I should mention that I had a Straight Talk SIM & phone that was on the Verizon service and bought an unlocked iPhone on Cragslist and the guy I bought it from brought a sim cutter to the sale and cut my SIM card down to go into the iPhone. So in reading your “Is Using Straight Talk Wireless With Your iPhone a Good Idea?” section Im wondering….Is this a plus/benefit for me that I was on the Verizon network???

      • Bob Thompson | | Reply

        Hey again,
        I am not sure I follow you. ST phones on the Verizon network do not use SIMs. The issue with ST was that they used to used two types of sims, att and tmobile sims. For a while, they stopped Selling the att sims. They started selling the att sims in the summer again.

        The point of this article was that the TMobile network is less compatible with the iphone, so you would get slow data.
        If you have an att sim, and the att network works where you love, you should be good.


  5. dogz2z2 | | Reply

    Got an unsolicited message Sunday from 553-30 that said “Please power your phone off and on to receive latest updates!” I figured it had to be either Straight Talk or Apple, so I did it. After that I could no longer connect to cellular data or MMS. Phone worked as normal and text messages went through.
    Much trouble to find answers and your website got me going again.
    Original APN settings (that quit working):
    MMS Proxy–
    MMS Max Message Size 1048576

    New APN settings (that work):
    MMS–tfdate (Edit by Bob — I’m guessing he meant tfdata)
    MMS Proxy–
    MMS Max Message Size 1048576
    I also filled out the last line, not sure if necessary:
    MMS UA Prof URL–

  6. Melissa | | Reply

    I have a ATT iPhone 4S running 6.1.3 and is showing ATT 14.0 for Carrier. I have my ST sims in the phone and everything, but the MMS is working. I am wondering if I should do the 7.0.3 update as a lot of my friends are having problems with it running on ST. What should I do and if I update it how do I get MMS to start working?

  7. Roger StL | | Reply

    I had bought an iphone 4s from walmart and straight talk but it sustained water damage. I took it to an Apple store who replaced the phone but I am having lots of trouble trying to activate it. HELP!!!!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Roger,
      Your Straight Talk iPhone uses the Verizon network. I don’t have any experience with these. My best guess is that if Apple replaced your iPhone, you now have a phone will a new ESN. You would need to log in to the Straight Talk website and try transferring your service to the new phone. Once you did that, i’d thhin you might need to follow #5 in the FAQ on

      Keep in mind, I am guessing a bit here. I havent done this myself. Let me know how it goes.

  8. Kristen | | Reply

    Ok so here is my problem. I have the iPhone5 from Verizon and I bought the BYOP by straight talk at Walmart which came with 2 sim cards. I bought a sim cutter from Amazon and cut the micro sim into a nano sim. I then activated it online at ST and instead of HOME 3G it said US CELLULAR.. HELP PLEASE 🙂

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hey Kristen,
      What did the two sim cards look like? was one blue or pink? These Straight Talk SIM cards use either the ATT or TMobile network. Do you know how if the T-Mobile network is where you live?
      with the Straight Talk SIM in your phone, go to settings? Do you see an option for Carrier? If so, go in and change it from Automatic to Manual? what do you see for a list of networks. Let me know.


  9. Craig | | Reply

    I have bought an unlocked 3gs with straight talk. At first my internet didn’t work. Now I bought a straight talk sim and the internet works great, but I cannot send or receive mms messages. Any tips?

  10. Gio | | Reply

    I’ve tried all 3 to get the picture messaging working on my unlocked iphone3 with iOs4 but it’s not working! !

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Gio,
      My guide is for iOS 6, not iOS 4. If by all three, you mean you downloaded the three APN profiles, well I tried to be clear in the guide that they only configure data, not MMS. Look at the instructions for Method #2 in the guide. You shouldn’t need to SIM swap. Check your settings for the Cellular Data Network option.
      Do you know which APN you are using for data?

  11. VALERIE | | Reply

    Hi I tried the Sim swap method to change the APN on my Verizon iPhone 5 but every time I take the (T-moible) card out the apn carrier options immediately disappear before I can even put the straight talk card back in. PLEASE HELP

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Valerie,
      OK. You put the T-Mobile SIM in and go to General->Cellular->Cellular Data Network. You back up to Cellular.. Remove the SIM. Settings will back up one more level by itself. You put straight Talk att sim back in, wait to it say searching in the status bar. Then tap Cellular->Cellular Data Network.

      Try it again and tell me how it goes.

  12. Ann | | Reply

    I followed the guide but I can’t get data to work. I see HOME but nothing where 4G should be. I have an iphone 4S running ios 6.1.3.

    This is frustrating. Helppp!!!

  13. Pamlea | | Reply

    Can I change a Verizon iphone over to straight talk?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Pamlea,
      Yes I think so. What model? does it have the SIM slot on the side? Did you use the iPhone with Verizon? Were you happy with the quality of the service (calls, data, etc)

  14. America | | Reply

    Hey so I did the steps with the link and I see home and instead of 3G I see “E” not sure what I need to do more worried about getting data to work!

  15. laura | | Reply

    I have unlocked at&t iPhone4s – recently changed to straight talk with T-Mobile sim. I am able to get data but cannot get MMS Picture send/receive to work at all. I have followed your posts step by step and still will I try to send pics it says “Not Delivered”. Please Help!!!

  16. Jessica Aldridge | | Reply

    I just purchased a locked at&t iphone and I had it unlocked at Cyberunlockspro. My plan was to switch it to straight talk and I have been able to successfully get the phone and text messaging but I can’t get data or messaging and my phone won’t even allow me to bring up APN settings. What should I do?

  17. adriel | | Reply

    my iphone has an E instead of 3g or 4g. how do i get it to 3g?

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