How to Find a Visible Group Discounts

Visible’s Prepaid Unlimited phone service is a great deal at $40 per month, but it gets even better if you sign up for their Group Pay Discount. Join a Visible Group of of four people and the price drops to $25 per month. Group Pay is Visible’s take on a family plan, except each person has their own account and is responsible for their own and you can join with any four people, even strangers.

Update: A number of my readers are reporting that some time in February 2021, Visible changed their policies to allow an unlimited number of people to join a single account.

The best place to find a group to join or other people to join your group is on Check the subreddit VisiblePartyPay, and you can find a group to join. Simply visit, scroll down the page, and click on the links to Visible to join. If there is room in the group, you can request to join.

If you are looking to find other people to join your Group Pay, you can post you Group Pay link there too. You’ll need to create a account and request to join the VisiblePartyPay community before you can post. I’t easy to sign up and safe. You’ll be approved quickly.

The nice thing about the VisiblePartyPay reddit is that you’ll find a group immediately and others to join your group in hours so you can get in on the discounts. Also, the VisiblePartyPay reddit is moderated so once groups are filled, the posts are removed so that you won’t speed a lot of time checking the links of groups that are already filled.

Seel my review of Visible here Visible Prepaid Wireless Review – October 2020


  1. Mike Stone | |

    Why when I click on join a party on reddit I get the pop up from Visible saying something went wrong?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      I just tried the tried the first two links on reddit and made it as far as the visible login in screen. I’m not a visible customer, and didn’t try logging in with my old account.
      Not sure what problem you are having, might be best to ask on Reddit.

  2. Brian | |

    Are the Visible groups still capped at 4? Seems like they allow many more into a single party per Visible website. I would like to join a bigger group so no chance my bill goes up if someone leaves the group?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      As far as I know they are still at 4. If someone leaves create a link and post on Reddit. When I left my group I even posted a link to it and I was replaced in less than less than an hour

      • Rick Edger | |

        Might wanna do a little research there, Bob. Visible extended them some time ago. If you look on FB’s PartyPay group, some groups there have hundreds of members, e.g., BeeHappy.

        • Bob Thompson | |

          At the time, I reviewed Visible, party pay was limited to four members. At the time I published this, I simply wanted to redirect people to an appropriate place to find a party to join and was not aware of any changes to the number of people that could join a party.
          Thanks for the update

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Ok. So someone else was asking me about the number of members in a group so I checked and yes Visible has opened groups to more than four members. It’s been a while, but I think you can see how many people are in thee group before joining.
      And once your in a group you can actively recruit more members yourself. Another reader told me that there are some links to large groups on Facebook. I haven’t had a change to go back to reddit and see how that group is managed now. The point was they moderated the requests to remove posts when groups filled up.

  3. Bob Thompson | |

    Post on reddit to find someone to join your party. You’ll find someone within an hour I’d say.

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