How to Find Your AT&T Prepaid Wireless Account Number and PIN

I recently transferred my wife’s prepaid wireless service from AT&T Prepaid to Mint.

Unfortunately I had to call AT&T to get this information. You can’t get this information from the phone or from the myATT prepaid online website.

To transfer her number I needed her AT&T Prepaid account number and PIN. I needed this information so that AT&T would transfer her current phone number to her new wireless company, Mint Mobile.

I called 611 from her phone, fought my way through the online voice prompts to get transferred to a customer service representative.

When I asked for my account number they wanted to know why so I told them it was “for my records” so that I could skip the customer retention efforts. They provided the account number without much discussion.

I also needed to ask them to reset my PIN code. To do this they texted me a temporary PIN to verify I had the phone,

I then needed a temporary password to log into the myAT&T website To reset the password and pin. It was mildly annoying to do this using the web browser on her iPhone.

Once this was all done, I verified my account number and pin before ending the call.

When I signed her up for Mint I entered this information into the Mint app on her phone and the transfer took about two or three minutes.


  1. Bryan Townley | |

    Send information needed to continue please.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      I don’t understand what you are asking fo. I don’t work for AT&T wireless and cannot reset your voicemail password.

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