How To Restore Your iPhone Using iTunes

A number of iPhone 3 and 4 readers tell me they do not see the Cellular Data Network menu when they insert the T-Mobile network SIM card into their iPhone.  I have  heard it said that if your iPhone is locked you won’t see this menu.  Yet others have claimed success with locked iPhones.

If you are using an iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, or iPhone 4s that was previously used with AT&T you should request an unlock from AT&T.  The worst that can happen is they deny the request.  Its free.  see Unlocking Your AT&T iPhone

Some readers tell me that after doing the iTunes restore, they are able to see the Cellular Data Network settings (with the SIM Swap). Others claim it doesn’t work. I had one reader who did the restore, told me it didn’t work. Tried it a second time and it worked, so I am wondering if you need to to the restore a certain way. I am setting up this page for people having trouble with getting stuff to work with the restore.

I just did a restore on my iPhone and wrote down some steps. It’s not a polished guide.  I used iTune 11.02 on the Mac.

  1.  Connect your iPhone to a Your Mac or PC and run iTunes.
  2. Choose your Back Up Option iCloud or This computer
    I recommend that you backup to this computer so you have a full backup. If you backup to iCloud you are only backing up the data you have specified in the iCloud settings on your iPhone
  3. Click Back Up NowThe iTunes progress bar will show the backup in progress. When completed you will see the date and time of the last iPhone backup appear under the Back Up Now button
  4. Click Restore iPhone…
  5. Click through additional dialogs
  6. accept the any IOS updates
  7. Wait..
    iTunes will download the latest iPhone Software Update
  8. After the iPhone is restored, iTunes will offer the option to setup a a new iPhone or Restore from the Backup.
  9. Remove the iPhone cable
  10. complete the iPhone setup on the iPhone
  11. choose the minimal options (for example no need to login to  setup your Apple ID)
  12. I suggest setting up a WiFi

With a fresh iPhone, repeat the SIM Swap and see if you get the Cellular Data Network menu. If  you can try the SIM swap, see if you can get it working.  Restore your iTunes backup after your are done.

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