How to Set up Net10 Web, Data, and MMS for Your iPhone Running iOS 7

Installing the Net10 Wireless APN Profile

Install one of the Net10 Wireless APN profiles and test to see if data works. If it does not you will need try the remaining APN profiles.

Load My Net10 Wireless APN Profiles Page

I set up a page for you with links to the three APN profiles onNet10 Wireless’s web site.

  1. Tap Home
  2. Tap Safari
  3. Enter or Tap Net10 APN Profiles
Install a Net10 Wireless APN Profile

Try installing each APN profile until you find the one that gets your data working.

  1. Tap wap.tracfone or tap att.mvno or tap tfdata
    Do not load all three at once. Load the first APN Profile on the list and continue on. If it doesn’t work, the guide will direct you back here to try the next profile.

    224-spm-net10apns-waptracfone-highlighted 222-spm-net10apns-attmvno-highlighted 223-spm-net10apns-tfdata-highlighted

  2. Safari closes. Profiles opens. Tap Install
  3. Tap Install Now
  4. Tap Done
  5. Profiles closes. Safari re-opens

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