How to Set up Net10 Wireless Data and MMS on Your Nokia Lumia Running Windows Phone 8

Add Your Internet APN

Before you can use your Net10 cellular data connection to access the internet, you must set your Internet APN in your phone’s settings. Net10 uses three different Internet APNs. Your Internet APN is one of the following: tfdata, att.mvno, or wap.tracfone. If you don’t know which Internet APN to use. Set each APN and test your data connection until you find the one that works.

  1. Tap add internet apn
  2. Tap APN
  3. Enter your APN
    My APN is tfdata. There are three possible APNs: tfdata, wap.tracfone, and att.mvno. If you don’t know your APN, you will need to try each of the three until you find the one that works.


  4. Tap internet apn (screen title) to close the keyboard.
  5. Review
    Make sure you set the APN and all other fields are blank.


  6. Tap Save

Test Your Internet Connection

After setting the Internet APN, you can test your internet connection. Turn off your Wi-Fi and load a web page using Internet Explorer to check if your cellular data internet connection is working.

Turn Off Wi-Fi

  1. Tap Start
  2. Flick Left
  3. Scroll to Settings
    wp0811-appslist-ie-tapped wp0802-apps-list-2
  4. Tap Settings
  5. Tap Wi-Fi
    wp0804-settings wp0805-settings-wifi-tapped
  6. Tap Wi-Fi on to turn Wi-Fi off
    wp0807-settings-wifi-on wp0806-settings-wifi-off

Browse the Web

Now that Wi-Fi is turned off, try to browse the web using your cellular data internet connection.

  1. Tap Start
  2. Flick Left
  3. Scroll to Internet Explorer
    wp0809-sappslist-1 wp0810-appslist-2
  4. Tap Internet Explorer
  5. Tap the URL bar
  6. Enter
  7. Verify the web site loads

If you cannot load a web page in the browser, go back and check your internet apn. Try the next apn in the list: tfdata, att.mvno, or wap.tracfone.

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