How to Setup Net10 Web, Data, and MMS for your iPhone running iOS 6

UPDATE: 10/8/2013
I have a new guide for iOS 7.
How to Set up Net10 Web, Data, and MMS for Your iPhone Running iOS 7

UPDATE: NOV 19 2013

Many readers are reporting problems that they are having trouble sending or receiving MMS over the last few days. If you are having a problem please leave a comment here: I Can’t Receive MMS Picture Messages Using Straight Talk or Net10 on My iPhone Using iOS 7.0.4

I wrote this guide to share with you how I setup Net10 Wireless Access Point Name or APN for Data and MMS Picture Messaging to work on my iPhone 5. The guide should work for any iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, or iPhone 5 that is running iOS 6.

If you have an iPhone running iOS 6 and your Data, your MMS, or neither are working, read on. If your  Net10 Data or MMS is not working for some other phone, you can leave a comment on this page.

If you are looking for the  Net10 network settings  or Net10 internet settings or Net10 APN this is the guide for you. If your voice and / or SMS isn’t working, this guide won’t help.  You can leave a comment on this page other readers may be able to help.

Configuring the Data and MMS APN for iPhone and Net10 Wireless

You can use two different methods to configure your iPhone’s APN. Method 1 only configures your data APN, but not MMS. Use Method 1, if you don’t care about picture messaging (MMS). Use  Method 2 if you want MMS or Picture Messaging to work. If you have trouble following either method, leave a comment at the bottom and I will try to help you.

Read the entire guide and make an give it a try before leaving a comment to ask for help.  Follow the Next Page link to begin reading the guide.


  1. Rebecca | | Reply

    Hi Bob,

    I just switched to Net10 two days ago. I have a new unlocked iphone4 that I just bought. I updated the APN and got the data working…everything except MMS works. In my Net10 SIM card kit, I only received the AT&T 3G micro SIM card, not any t-mobile SIM card. In order to try this SIM swap, do I need to purchase a t-mobile SIM card? Would that still work, even though it would be a different SIM card number?

    Thanks so much!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hey Rebecca,
      You do need a T-Mobile SIM. I can be any T-Mobile network SIM. It doesn’t need to be active. The only reason we need this SIM, is so that we can access the Cellular Data Network. Try the SIM in any old prepaid phone, or buy a SIM on ebay. They go for 99 cents to 4.99

      I want to just let you know that some iPhone 4 owners report not being able to get the SIM swap to work. It works for many, but I do hear from some that say they can never get to the menu.

      There is another way to do this without the SIM. It’s kind of tedious. If you want to try that let me know. The SIM swap is easier.


      • Rebecca | | Reply

        Hi Bob,

        I tried to use a Consumer Cellular SIM and the swap didn’t work because as you said might happen, I couldn’t get to the menu. I tried rebooting etc, but “cellular data network” tab never showed up. Can you please send me instructions for the more tedious way?


        • Sherry | | Reply

          Can you send me the directions for the more tedious way?

          (Hi Bob,

          I tried to use a Consumer Cellular SIM and the swap didn’t work because as you said might happen, I couldn’t get to the menu. I tried rebooting etc, but “cellular data network” tab never showed up. Can you please send me instructions for the more tedious way?


          • Bob Thompson | |

            Hi Sherry,
            I responded via email

          • could you send me this way also!! | |

            I tryed a bunch of stuff and still nothing has come up…

          • Bob Thompson | |

            I actually cant tell if this comment is a request for help or spam. Could you clarify?

  2. Faith | | Reply

    My iphone is a iPhone 4. I am changing providers from AT&T to Net10. I did all of the steps but cannot get my picture messaging to work yet. Also, when I put in the T-Mobil SIM that I cut it does not read “no service” it reads “HOME” but I cannot send messages or make calls from that SIM card. Would I be able to switch the SIM to the TMobil one next month even tho my phone is not unlocked and is from AT&T?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Faith,
      Ok. So you are using the Net10 AT&T SIM., your data works, but not picture messages. Is this correct?
      I have never heard anyone say they get the HOME network indicator with the unactivated T-Mobile SIM. But then again, i have heard a lot of strange things in the here in the comments. If your data is working, what APN are you using?

      I am not sure I understand why you would want to switch to the T-Mobile sim next month, to get MMS? let’s try to get it to work with the Net10 ATT SIM first.


  3. James T | | Reply

    I recently left a comment after all went well using the sim switch with iphone 4. Well now I’ve upgraded to an iphone 4S. I repeated the process but got stopped at No. 1. not finding the Profile. You stated in No 1- If Profile is present. What if Profile is NOT present. What is the next step. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi James,
      The next step is 2. If the profile is present you remove it. If it isn’t there, well you cant remove it. 🙂

      Sorry. I probably added that step, after you used the guide the first time. You see if you use method 1, it installs a profile. People did that, moved to method 2. But if you dont delete that profile, the values you enter in the SIM swap, won’t work. So a bunch of people used method 1, got data working, did the SIM swap, and their data would work buy not MMS. And that is maddening.

      I will update the guide to say to go to step 2. thanks for pointing out that could be confusing.

      Let me know if you get that iPhone 4s going!


  4. andrea | | Reply

    ok… how do I keep the settings from resetting everytime I plug the phone in to the computer?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hey Andrea
      Can you tell me a little more? You plug your phone into a mac or pc? does itunes open? your data and mms stop working?
      Do tell.

  5. Lillee | | Reply

    My mom’s boyfriend gave me his old IPhone 3GS so I could use it as a Net10 phone. He set it up himself by using videos on youtube. We put my SIM card from my old Net10 phone into the IPhone. When I went to set up the IPhone a message came up saying “SIM Locked Insert a valid SIM with no PIN lock to activate IPhone”. And When I clicked ‘unlock’ a password lock came up, it was similar to the kind of password to get into an IPhone if you set one. The only thing is, I didn’t set a password. Would it his old password? Or would I just need a new SIM card? Or something else? Please help, I have no idea what to do.

  6. Shelley | | Reply

    I am switching from AT&T to Net10. Will these instructions work for me even though your instructions reference TMobile???? If not, do you know how I can make it work switching from AT&T to Net10?

  7. Randy | | Reply

    Fought with the MMS thing for awhile and finally got it working on my iphone 4 running 5.1.1. We’ll see if it survives the upgrade to ios6. Here is what I did that finally worked.

    1. Removed the apn profile and verified cellular data DID NOT work by trying to use safari.
    2. Turned on wifi
    3. Went to the site and installed the NET10(tfdata) APN profile.
    4. Turned off wifi
    5. Verified cellular data was working using safari.
    6. Went to the homescreen and did the sim swap with a t-mobile sim. While it was “searching” I went to settings->general->network->cellular data settings (This menu finally popped up once the phone said “no service”)
    7. As soon as the cellular data settings option appeared I removed the t-mobile sim and put in my Net10 AT&T sim card and tapped on cellular data settings.

    I used the following settings (same as above, but with proof URL added)

    Cellular Data:
    APN tfdata

    APN tfdata
    MMS Proxy
    MMS Max Message Size 1048576
    MMS UA Proof URL:

    (I obtained the UA proof url setting from a youtube video, not sure if it’s required)

    8. After backing out of this menu using the top-left button I tried data and it worked, and then I attempted to send an mms message with a pic to an android phone and it worked.

    I’m not 100% sure why it finally worked for me, but if your data connection isn’t working before you change these settings you will definitely not get MMS working so solve that problem first. I have a hunch that once you find a working Data APN it should also be used for the MMS APN. Without a working data connection you won’t be able to do DNS lookups on the hostnames or transfer the MMS content.

    • Randy | | Reply

      For some reason the max message size field didn’t populate above, it should be 1045876.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Randy,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. You are absolutely correct that you should focus on getting Data working first. Often I hear that some people need to call Net10 to resolve issues when they can’t get data to work. Setting the APN from a profile is relatively easy, its just a matter of finding the one that works.

      As for the MMS UA Prof URL, some people claim they cant get MMS to work without it. I myself have never needed to use it. I have never head a claim that it prevented anything from working so I may just add it to the guide.
      Let us know how the iOS 6 update goes!
      Best Regards,

  8. Rafay | | Reply

    It is necessary to have a sim card on iphone to set up hotspot ?? Please help

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hey Rafay,
      Do you mean can you use Net10 as a internet hotspot? and if so do you need to do the SIM swap? If so, that is a good question. My understanding is that it is against Net10’s terms of service, it tried using it once, and it didn’t work. Normally, you need to set up an APN for internet tethering, but when I sued the TMobile SIM I don’t get that option.

      I may look into this. I’ll let you know.


  9. Zavier | | Reply

    MMS Works For Me .. But Data Doesn’t .. Im Using An iPhone 3gs On The AT&T GoPhone Plan .. I Tried All The APNs For Net10, Still No Data .. Just Only MMS Works For Me

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Zavier,
      If you are using AT&T GoPhone you wouldnt want to use the Net10 APN profile. Try the AT&T(PAYG) option on the unlockit web site.
      Let me know if it works.


  10. William | | Reply

    Hey Bob,

    I just used your information for my iPhone 5. The data works fine but I am still unable to send an mms, and also receive one. I used the wap.trafone settings. I tried both but the other one did not work at all. Please advise. iPhone 5, version 6.1.4. Through net 10 ofc with t-mobile 4g nano sim. Thanks. Regular messages and phone calls work as well. I do not have an extra sim to try the sim swap either. Thank you.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hey William,
      Are you using Net10 with the AT&T or TMobile SIM. Did you buy a Net10 nano SIM or cut it? Let me know and I may be able to tell you which settings to use.


  11. Minoo | | Reply

    I have an unlocked ATT iPhone5 and got net10 sim. Well I cannot MMS from my phone. I have tried swaping technique w/ my original ATT sim and net10 but it didn’t work. I don’t have T-Mobile Sim and is there any way to still fix the MMS for my iPhone 5?

    Any help is appreciated.


  12. cin | | Reply

    how to set up net10 data

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi cin,
      Did you read the guide? Let me know if have any questions.


  13. eliza | | Reply

    Hi- we did the sim swap method for my husband’s iphone 5 and my 4s (mine is unlocked, his is not) and it is still working for his phone, but mine can’t send or receive picture messages anymore. It worked for a couple days. Should we just redo the sim swap or will that mess other things up? Facetime doesn’t work for either of our phones is there a way to fix that too? Thanks for all your help. Also, we have an iphone 3gs for my daughter that we wanted to do on Net10 pay as you go (it’s just for emergencies) but I’ve read a couple things that make it seem like it will only work on a monthly plan. Do you know if that’s true? Or if it will work with a tracfone sim (she has a tracfone right now) Thanks!

  14. Ciara Dorsey | | Reply

    Hey Bob, so I’m trying to send messages to my moms iPad and it won’t go through and it says that I need to enable MMS but I don’t have a choice of that on my setting to turn MMS off or on I NEED HELP! And also I can’t send pictures to people without iPhones …

  15. Leslie | | Reply

    I did the SIM swap and I still can’t get my mms to work. My data works perfectly fine but not for mms sending or receiving. Please help. I’m getting frustrated with this situation

  16. Sandy | | Reply

    I have the correct apn for the Internet but I still can’t send or receive messages.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Sandy,
      Which APN are you using for data? Did you try the SIM Swap?


      • Sandy | | Reply

        I tried the sim swap, can’t get the cellular data network to appear. Using tfdata. Thanks, Sandy

        • Sandy | | Reply

          I have data and Internet. No picture message

  17. Sandy | |