How to use your iPhone 5 with Net10 Wireless

Setting up Data

You need to setup the data connection on your iPhone to browse the Web and allow apps to use the Internet. If you don’t know what or care about MMS or picture messaging is, you can use a  special web site to configure data on your iPhone which is a little easier to set up.

1. Configure your iPhone to use your home WiFi network. If you don’t have WiFi at home, use a friends, or other location.

2. On your iPhone, open the Safari browser and go to :


3. tap Create APN


4. choose United States and Net10 (T Mobile).  The Net10 (iPhone) didn’t work for me.



Note: on May 9 I updated my iPhone to iOS 6.1.4. I used this site but the TMobile option did not work.  I used the Net10 (wap.tracfone) option and that worked.  If Net10 (wap.tracfone) does not work for you, try:

  • Net 10 (tfdata)
  • Net 10 (iPhone)
  • Net 10 (att.mvno)
  • Net 10 (AT&T)
  • Net 10 (T-Mobile)

5. tap Create APN


6. follow remaining prompts to install the APN


7. After installation, restart your phone

8. After restart, Open settings and turn off wifi

9. open Safari, load a web page. Use a website than Google, as it may be cached in your browser.

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