How to use your iPhone 5 with Net10 Wireless

Use SIM Swap Method to Set The APN for Data and MMS

You need to enter the appropriate settings to use the Net10 Wireless’s Data and MMS service on your iPhone. Type them in carefully or else these features won’t work and you will need to repeat this process.

For some reason, when you put your Net10 SIM into any iPhone running iOS 6 the Cellular Data Network settings are hidden. Fortunately, there is a work around.  It’s commonly referred to on the Internet as the SIM Swap method. When you have a T-Mobile SIM card in your iPhone the Cellular Data Network settings are available. Using the SIM Swap method, you put the T-Mobile SIM in your iPhone and verify that you can see the Cellular Data Network settings. At this point, you swap your Net10 AT&T compatible SIM back in the iPhone and navigate back to the Cellular Data Network settings and enter the appropriate values.

The T-Mobile SIM card doesn’t need to be active.  If you bought your Net10 Wireless SIM card retail package, you should have a T-Mobile SIM cards left over.  Follow the instructions above to cut the full size T-Mobile SIM card to the appropriate nano SIM size for the iPhone 5.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Locate the T-Mobile SIM from your Net10 Wireless Package

2. Follow the steps above to create a T-Mobile nano-SIM

3. insert your T-Mobile SIM into your iPhone

4. Wait until your iPhone reports – No Service. You are now ready to perform the SIM swap.

5. Tap Settings, General, Cellular, verify Cellular Data Network is present
IMG_1025 IMG_0556 IMG_0561

6. Remove the SIM tray from your iPhone and take out the T-Mobile SIM card

7. When you remove the T-Mobile SIM, your iPhone’s Settings will pop back to Cellular or General.

8. Place your Net10 SIM into the tray and reinsert  back into the iPhone

9. Wait until Cellular changes from No SIM to On

IMG_0558 IMG_0559

10. tap Cellular Data Network


12. Delete any values currently in  Cellular Data or MMS


13. Enter the following values into the appropriate fields exactly as shown


14. tap CellularGeneral, Settings

IMG_0570 IMG_0572 IMG_0560 IMG_1010

15. Turn off your iPhone – down the top button, until Slide to power off appears and slide

16. Turn on your iPhone on by holding down the top button until the Apple logo appears on the screen

17. From the Home Screen, tap Settings,  Wi-Fi, Tap Off

18.  Press the Home button.  From the Home, tap Safari.

20. Load a web page, and test that your Data connection works.

21. Press the Home button. From the Home Screen, tap Messages

22. send a picture message to a friend or other iPhone user

23. Ask the friend to verify they received the picture message

Once you are done, place your T-Mobile SIM in a safe place. If you update iOS on your phone, you may need to repeat these steps.

If you have questions.. please feel free to leave a comment as I am working to improve the guide.





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